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The Paseo, one of the very few intellectual havens in OKC

There is little to do in this town where you can safely criticize this administration. You can talk about subjects a little left of center or even deeper than OU football or the weather without fear of physical violence. On Wednesday evening it's open poetry night at Galileo's. Afterwards one can sit outside on the sidewalk patio to have an openminded discourse of ideas. Generally the poets are very young but there are a few middle aged poets along with poet virgins up for the first time. I like to go there and bring my dog for others to admire after listening to the variety of poets spouting their angst.
There are some artsy and hippyesque shops on both sides of the street. There should be more benches for folks that just might want to visit without feeling the need to buy something. One of the shop owners said this would lead to more spontaneous activity on the street. Last night I walked across the street and chatted with a shop owner of tie dyed clothing and a few others wh…

When will Bush fire Rove?

Bush Adds a Qualifier to Stance on CIA Leak
President Now Says Anyone Convicted in Connection With the Leak Will Be Fired

ReutersKarl Rove was named as a source for the identity of a CIA operative by a Time magazine reporter.

WASHINGTON (July 19) - President Bush qualified his pledge to dismiss any White House official found to have leaked the name of a CIA operative, saying Monday that ''if someone committed a crime'' he would be fired.

In September 2003, the White House had said anyone who leaked classified information in the case would be dismissed. Bush reiterated that promise last June, saying he would fire anyone found to have disclosed the CIA officer's name.

Democrats said Bush in his new comments had ''lowered the ethics bar'' for his administration.

Bush would not say whether he was displeased that Rove, the deputy chief of staff, told a reporter that the wife of administration critic Joseph Wilson worked for the CIA on weap…

Friday at the Beach with Muffy

It is so wonderful when we have reached an understanding. We both get a chance to yell. I can only take so much yelling before I realize the best thing to do is to deescalate. I have learned to walk away before it further escalates. Buffy was eager to go out into the neighboring park with this barefoot barechested middle aged man with a hairy chest full of white hairs in the center.
After I came back about 10 or 15 minutes later, M had calmed down. She understands me more and how I feel hurt when I'm disrespected. Her respect for me had waned as I took a voluntary year leave from working. This was a chance to devote to the dream of writing a book,documentary, website.

Along comes Buffy at the end of winter. She gave me motivation to wake up and absorb the world the way she does when she is let off her leash to run after squirrels, birds and chipmunks. Her excitement helps me the see the world again and she is so refreshing to take for a walk.
When I am feeling down, I can seek the…

Rove takes a leak.

Plame’s identity marked as secret
Memo central to probe of leak spelled out information’s status

Updated: 5:32 p.m. ET July 21, 2005
A classified State Department memorandum central to a federal leak investigation contained information about CIA officer Valerie Plame in a paragraph marked "(S)" for secret, a clear indication that any Bush administration official who read it should have been aware the information was classified, according to current and former government officials.

Plame -- who is referred to by her married name, Valerie Wilson, in the memo -- is mentioned in the second paragraph of the three-page document, which was written on June 10, 2003, by an analyst in the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR), according to a source who described the memo to The Washington Post.

The paragraph identifying her as the wife of former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV was clearly marked to show that it contained classifie…

Vanishing Summer

I am excited about the future but have so much trepidation. Part of me wants to hold onto my youth, but Muffy gets impatient while she has to think about going back to the real world of work while I need to head back to the okiezone to take care of business.
I am enjoying my time with her while she takes a nap. I only have a month before I go back to work and my mind needs to go into that reality. I have to call my father while some of my judgemental readers think my dad hates me. Sometimes, it is just tolerating myself and I know my differences were only cute to Alene. I want to talk about my deepest feelings to you but sometimes I think that only a few out there might understand. I have these dreams of writing this book and making this incredibly funny, yet serious dogumentary. But I know that realistically, my most immediate hope is that I have a succesful year working in a new place and culture. I want to immerse myself in this rebirth of my other career that puts bread on the meta…

This pig has been running the country

Witnesses Claim GOP Strategist Participated in 'Gay Orgies'
Report; Posted on: 2005-03-20 19:19:27 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

Sexual misconduct and homosexuality "trendy" on Capitol Hill.

by David Mullenax

Barnes Review News editor, Walter Storch, shocked the nation recently alleging chief Republican strategist, Karl Rove (pictured), participated in homosexual orgies in the Washington D.C. area.

”Karl Rove was seen by one of my people entering a private homosexual orgy at a five-star Washington hotel over the Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) weekend last year," the respected editor commented.

In a written statement Storch detailed the activities of the GOP strongman, and noted that homosexual activity is "trendy" on Capitol Hill. "Karl used to hang out at JR's, which is on 17th between P & S streets, before he became so well-known. This is a respectable gay bar for discreet people...," adding, "there is an expensive apartment.…

Back to the Bullneck Zone

It was sure nice in a way coming back to my own home and the mower did an excellent job mowing the lawn so it was great at least coming back to my own home. The local social troll was making his rounds in the neighborhood the way a bully would trying to round up others to join his gang so that he could be the boss and the center of attention. Anyone that disagrees with him will be on his list to be the victim of his continual tirades. When you look his way, he almost wants to stare you down, Mano a Mano, and then show everyone how tough he is. I wonder how long it will before his new neighbors will see through him and will quit wanting to play with him. I wonder if they realize how hard it is to have a conversation without him being the center of it or with him going off on a lecture trying to show to the world how intelligent he is.

I try to think that he won't start off from where we left off with his explosive lecture on how great he is with computers. Sure enough, he holds a gr…

The Turn of the River

There was a beautiful river with a sharp turn or meander with a hill overlooking the view as it also converged with the main river. So there was traffic of boats going by. A castle was built on the crest of this hill. After it had been built it was abandoned or rented out.

Finally a warrior that was fighting in the crusades takes over the castle. He was a legend in his own mind. He immediately sets up a toll as soon as he and the trolless have established their fortress.

Everyone on the once peaceful river now has to pay a toll by listening to this troll. He even invites others to dine on his words. Had anybody heard of the charisma and charm of Genghis Khan, Atillah the hun, or the first redneck troll?
He is full of hot air and anger but has his little army of soldiers sworn in blood. His charm often works on those that believe in his mouth that would easily keep all the lawns along the river fertilized. Instead of only little amount of the manure, the river becomes over polluted wi…