Leaving Las Vegas

I have a theory that prescribed herbs or even the unprescribed plants that I often mention would definitely help students of writing or at least definitely help their motivation to write and express themselves! (The gift of the gab or desire of eloquence according to the ancient Irish legend was caused by kissing the Blarney Stone. Garvald,a ten year old precocious child, was held upside down over the high precipice of Limerick Castle while putting his lips to the cold large(at least a few feet long) marble stone.)

Leaving Las Vegas
Putting this into bold italics might emphasize the feelings that I have and I'll try to put some Hunter S Thompson gonzo journalism into these posts in memoriam to his exploits in this sinfully tempting town.

This trip and the daily roll of the metaphoric dice has been very interesting and a total contrast to the calm of Colorado. I could not yet get a feel for Vermont other than how happy all the teachers and administrators appeared to be there. I had wonderful vibes from both states. Coming to LV has been a burst of sensory input and very agressive impatient angry drivers! Especially the taxi drivers who appear worse than NYC! And of course Buffy had a first hand experience with these angry autos.

Buffy had pulled free of the leash poorly tied to my pants loops so I could concentrate and ran out towards the traffic. By the grace of this universal energy that I sometimes feel especially when the dice are on my side pass or no pass, the traffic had stopped so pedestrians could walk across the Las Vegas Blvd of death and angry petroleum monsters. She ran or slid into the tire of car that was waiting at the light. She was shocked and a nice middle aged tourist helped grab her leash. He was very nice and told me briefly about his dog while I held her dearly as if she were my own child and so thankful. I took her over to one of the many fountains in front of Caeser's palace to thank the pagan gods (Neptune? and Bachus among the several looking over my gift from heaven while I bathed her bruised legs.

I have enjoyed myself most of the time while always trying to win the money back . I was down $ 200 on my current obsession of craps mixed in with Bailey's and coffee! I have to be careful not be tempted by all these temptations. I am careful not to increase the bet and learning to walk away from tables and casinos with bad vibes, i.e the Sahara and EL Cortez while sometimes winning my money back at the minimal 2$ tables of Slots of fun and Casino Royale.
"I gamble for food"
Seriously, all of these places have lots of comps so playing for several hours of craps might earn you 10 to 20 in food at the neighboring restaurants that are almost part of the casino (Denny's, Slots of Fun, and Subway) while getting all the free drinks. I would lose all my profits getting 20 drinks while giving the waitress a dollar chip every other time. Maybe I could find a rich intelligent some what attractive waitress that works at the Venetia or the Wynn and clears 80ok in tax free tips a year! We could pay for all of 8 kids college and grad school for all of that moolah! But people are afraid of being a cheap bastard so their insecurities cause them to show off throwing on 100 chips to these servants that don't even have to have a high school degree or even speak more than broken English! AAh the land of the free, the brave and the insecure men intimidated by mean alpha female waitresses that give you a mean look when you put 35 cents on the tray for some water! She rolls her eyes.

Oh by the way, I'm glad Colorado Springs military school is in the news about how they are forcing their on ward Chistian Soldier mentality on the recruits! Shades of Christian radio. Don't get me started!


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