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Fear of Losing in Las Vegas

So, I have a little more time to write to you on this wild walkabout while searching for my own connections with my inner and outer karma. I was a little perturbed, frustrated(?) at the blog leaving a blank page before going into the prose. Joanne the computer librarian was helpful in changing the template to erase that large space. The Change is cool and shows more prose while being even simpler. Maybe she might help figure out a way to get my counter back? LA, help me!

I have a sense of release and relaxation despite all the tension of losing and winning money back (I lost 30$ at Fitgeralds from about 4-5 am today and lost 70$ at Casino Royale but I was happy to win back 60$ at Slots of Fun before my appointment with you during this cannabized hour at the library after a couple coffees and Kahlua and a Heinekens. I feel like it's happy hour because I get a chance to chat with you uninterupted {as it definitely would be in a conversation with all of you whether you 5 or 60 (?) reg…

Leaving Las Vegas

I have a theory that prescribed herbs or even the unprescribed plants that I often mention would definitely help students of writing or at least definitely help their motivation to write and express themselves! (The gift of the gab or desire of eloquence according to the ancient Irish legend was caused by kissing the Blarney Stone. Garvald,a ten year old precocious child, was held upside down over the high precipice of Limerick Castle while putting his lips to the cold large(at least a few feet long) marble stone.)

Leaving Las Vegas
Putting this into bold italics might emphasize the feelings that I have and I'll try to put some Hunter S Thompson gonzo journalism into these posts in memoriam to his exploits in this sinfully tempting town.

This trip and the daily roll of the metaphoric dice has been very interesting and a total contrast to the calm of Colorado. I could not yet get a feel for Vermont other than how happy all the teachers and administrators appeared to be there. I had w…