Have you seen her?

Yuk: when the wind blows in from the west, it kind of smells around here. at least I THINK it smells, but then again maybe it's just a figment of the liberal media's imagination.

I wonder about these bloggers that have no life. Should I say that I have a life?
It is so interesting when you finally meet them.
They have a personality on the board and then a different one on the phone.
We hope that there is a connection

Like mixing stepford juice with Tequila. The kind with the worm. hmmm I wonder how that would taste...

like old ripe fish

nothing ventured nothing gained
you are happy Garvald
in the state of exploration
and now you have a mission
where will the wind take y0u?

will the warm air rise into the mountains
will you find her or happiness?
will it take both

He bids adieu or better to say "Auf Wiedersehen"
"au revoir"
un till we meet again

at the moment
there is no chance of happiness with her

you are sad like the face on your puppy
but she teaches you
and learn from her

she teaches you happiness
she sees each new day
with her tail wagging

she is happy to see you'
she is happy to walk with you
she wants to please you
treasure her

I will!

Pax and happiness to Garvald and to all those that he meets.

puff puff pass

I have been having some relaxing days in Boulder. Obviously, the cat is out of the bag as far as my favorite site. www.hereinreality.com . I had a nice time staying with a Republican"friend" until her dog bit my dog. She was very cold after that even though I did not blame her. We obviously had no mutual attraction for each other and so nothing happened. This nice Christian lady does not want me to bash Republican Christians and has threatened or already written to the webmistress, who is a good friend of mine. She was upset and so she started bringing up Muffy and now she is wanting to blackmail to not leave comments on the site. I have posted some of the conversation. It is hilarious.

Well, It is a gorgeous day and I'm ready to travel and see the mountains and hot springs!

I am having way too much fun with this site..so hopefully I will be out of here by noon. I hope that Muffy and La are having a great time in Pa. Apparently the Christian lady must have contacted them because she is angry that I enjoy making fun of the so called Christians that want to bother LA's site.


  1. News...: Muslims do not eat pig
    muslims hate you!: pigs....... what we should be dropping on our muslim friends over there in Iraq!
    News...: There is something called a FREE LUNCH!
    right wing new media: pigs
    right wing new media: We care about not smelling in america. Who cares about global warming and us smelling everywhere else as
    News...: Maybe the global warming will change their brain chemistry and get them to work
    muslims hate you!: and muslims didnt hate america before bush stole that there election!
    muslims hate you!: global warming, didnt exist until bush stole the 2000 election!
    News...: Libs don't care! Except about global warming.
    muslims hate you!: liberals see a koran in the toilet as an outrage, but jesus in a container of urine, wel that is modern art! TDF!
    muslims hate you!: ever heard of the P*I*S*S C*H*R*I*ST?
    right wing new media: We smell clean except everywhere else in the world they think we stink. thats not fair!
    muslims hate you!: in 2005 a false report of an america putting a copy of the Koran in the toliet spared myslim rage! People died! People were injured!
    muslims hate you!: in 2002 radical muslims took a religious compound in bethlehem hostage. For over two weeks! They use the holy bible as toilet paper, they stored weapons in a christian place of worship...they desicrated christian icons! Where were the christian protests! Where were the killings?
    right wing new media: We are offended by how cruel and mean these liberal comics can be. They should be ruined as far as their careers.
    News...: Libs need new material
    right wing new media: Yuk: when the wind blows in from the west, it kind of smells around here. at least I THINK it smells, but then again maybe it's just a figment of the liberal media's imagination....too funny!
    News...: Hopefully you are making sense to yourself!
    right wing new media: It is important that we mention God now in our various spins.
    right wing new media: I have no life but I am working hard and making lots of money.
    right wing new media: We will think of something to distract them so these common people will forget what is really going on.
    right wing new media: I enjoy getting news from these blogs so I can inform them to my masters in power!
    right wing new media: Forgive I was brought up in a fantasy.
    News...: You are just another complainer aren't ya?
    rigt: the fantasy ...its pretty good! u neo cons have made half of the country believe in a fantasy
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  2. Slots-o-War Profits

    News...: You are just another complainer aren't ya?
    rigt: the fantasy ...its pretty good! u neo cons have made half of the country believe in a fantasy
    Lib on vacation: the fantasy ...its pretty good! u neo cons have made half of the country believe in a fantasy
    News...: This is a politics board-not a fantasy board
    Lib on vacation: the fantasy shattered by the cold hearted reality of a female on a mission!
    Lib on vacation: puff puff pass
    News...: BORING
    Lib on vacation: and she walks on by smiling at the combination of young and old in perfect harmony
    Lib on vacation: But his puppy sees her too
    Lib on vacation: is she a fantasy??
    Lib on vacation: She wags her tail nearer as she approaches
    Lib on vacation: the sad look on her face brings out the empathy and warmth in the beautiful part of the female gender
    Lib on vacation: or at her
    Lib on vacation: she smiles at him as she comes nearer
    Lib on vacation: she has dark shades and her music is in her ears
    Lib on vacation: He is lying down on the well manicured lawn in the cool shade by the strong current of the mountain fed brook...
    Lib on vacation: she is off in the distance walking towards him..his dog is by his side, wagging his tail
    right wing media: Women should be only barefoot and pregnant. How dare one of my gender become president!
    News...: USJF believes that I have a good chance of bringing Bill and Hillary Clinton to account for civil charges of fraud, coercion and conspiracy
    right wing media: It is important that we crucify Hillary.
    News...: rmer Clinton confidant *beep* Morris has openly said that this case may be the only thing that can derail Hillary’s planned 2008 presidential race – one Morris believes she will win unless she is stopped.
    right wing media: We want to spread colonial kansas philosophy
    News...: If Rosen is convicted of lying in federal election records, I believe that he will spill the beans on Hillary’s involvement. I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton knew that her campaign had hidden from its election reports more than $1.2 million in expenses contributed to the Hollywood gala fund-raiser I produced for Hillary in 2000
    News...: As you may know, the federal government is prosecuting Hillary Clinton’s finance chairman, David Rosen, at a trial now underway in Los Angeles, in a case based on my allegations.
    right wing media: Christian radio

    Sing Along with Dubya

    right wing media: we are tuning into and turning on to
    right wing media: its our job to lie for the right wing status quo
    right wing media: I love rush and sean, they are so cute...I wish the libs would turn me on more often...I feel so frustrated that i cant tell the truth but Jesus will forgive me...
    right wing media: wassup
    News...: Liberals are cheaters
    News...: 875 more absentee votes were cast in King County than there were absentee voters 95 more ballots in King County and 50 ballots in Whitman County were "found" after both recounts, and have never been counted At least 660 provisional ballots were improperly counted in King County
    News...: 943 felons illegally voted 49 dead people voted 3 people voted in Washington and another state 2 illegal aliens voted 12 people voted multiple times 174 provisional votes were counted but later found to be cast people who had already voted or were unregistered Also, at least another 1,600 ballots are still in question:
    News...: The new result? Dino Rossi "lost" by 129 votes. But consider the following facts in Washington state;
    News...: Then Democrat-controlled King County "found" 566 new votes just in time for the second recount, enough to overturn the results of Election Day and the first recount.
    News...: Our Republican candidate for Governor, Dino Rossi, actually won the election. Then he won the recount.
    Libs: obsessed with Repubs
    Jules: NO, that's me sans pantaloons.
    Yuk: when the wind blows in from the west, it kind of smells around here. at least I THINK it smells, but then again maybe it's just a figment of the liberal media's imagination.
    Grow Up: Children
    Jules: Dishonorably.
    Jules: I'll do you one better, I'm working AND discharging.
    Working: Do you want some coffee?
    frustrated Republica: I havent had any in a long time but I have a picture of Sean. He is so cute!
    Working : like you should be
    where: are the neocon losers today? No GWB, Darth or Dishonorable Discharging?
    awol: where is George? Later
    awol: so basically our press is afraid to tell the people the truth...thank God for bloggers to really find out the truth...no wonder the neocons want to shut down NPR and BBC radio that really is unbiased
    awol: funny, i was looking for gub...
    Steve Wilson: Sorry - that's "smoking gun memo".
    Steve Wilson: If you go to google and do a search for "smoking gub memo", you'll get a LOT of hits.
    awol: funny, i was looking for gub...
    Steve Wilson: Sorry - that's "smoking gun memo".
    Steve Wilson: If you go to google and do a search for "smoking gub memo", you'll get a LOT of hits.
    awol: Have we thought about the real reason for the war and the Bush's Arab Connection? Im sure the Saudi family will profit also when we take over the oil fields...
    April: hey, i'll be right back
    Steve Wilson: It must be because oftheir liberal bias. And I'm SURE Clinton had something to do with it. Probably Kerry, too.
    April: i heard something about it, but that was on Monday, and i haven't heard anything since, it was not very detailed, mostly just a quick headline summary and that was it.
    awol: Why does the press not cover this very questionable relationship? The press was alot less intimidated when they were not afraid to dig up everthing about Watergate!
    Steve Wilson: Or the FACT that Bush told Blair evidence was being "arranged" to justify a war in Iraq - since the real evidence didn't support it. That's a fact - confimed by an official British memo, but I've yet to hear about it on ANY of our so-called liberal news outlets.
    April: yeah, 'Bandar Bush'
    awol: We probably could have found Osama if we spent a minute amount of the money we wasted in this war. The rich Saudi family does not want us to find him. Thats why the Bush family, father and son,have been in the arab pockets for 20 years
    April: i had no idea that Afghanistan was so advanced in medical technology that dialysis machines can now operate fully inside the many caves found throughout the country, WOW.
    awol: the neo cons do an excellent job of diverting news away from the administration'blunders in this war to make a big deal about press...when will FOX go under the same scrutiny?...Love live Bush and the American Empire..When will the truth come out about Bush's daddy helping to avoid the draft and cover up his absence
    Steve Wilson: As is the hitleresque neocon agenda.
    April: how hard could it be to find a 6'4" man, with a long beard, walks with a cane, has kidney ailments, has to undergo dialysis (!), and who LOOKS LIKE OSAMA BIN LADEN ??
    April: ....which is crazy as he11.
    April: yeah, for real...now it's like, Osama who?
    Steve Wilson: and we're smart enough to realize that if a failure in execution of supposedly SOP resulted in thousands of deaths on 9/11, the sensible (besides a lot cheaper and MUCH more effective) thing to do would be to simply ensure that standard operating proceedures are actually followed, but that's just common sense - and facts. Neocon wusses have something much more important. They have hillbilly drug addicts.
    Steve Wilson: Liberals are dumb? Well, we're smart enough to know that we ought to be fighting the people who attacked us - not a totally different country,
    April: Sean Hannity: "The war is over--and we won." (Hannity & Colmes, Monday).
    Bush's Safer Iraq: Clinton's fault.
    Bush's Safer Iraq: In an Internet statement, al-Qaida in Iraq, the group run by Jordanian terrorist mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, purportedly claimed responsibility for the attack, describing Khamas as ''one of the heads of apostasy, and one of America's tails.''
    Bush's Safer Iraq: Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Khamas was shot and killed by four gunmen in a four-door sedan as he drove through Baghdad's southeastern Zaafaraniyah district, police Col. Nouri Abdullah said. Khamas' wife and driver were wounded in the attack, he added.
    Bush's Safer Iraq: The attack came after Iran's foreign minister pledged to secure his country's borders to stop militants from entering Iraq, and as Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari prepared for his first foreign trip to neighboring Turkey.
    Bush's Safer Iraq: BAGHDAD, Iraq (May 18) - Insurgents purportedly belonging to an al-Qaida affiliate gunned down a brigadier general in Iraq's Interior Ministry on Wednesday, the latest killing in an escalating campaign against the new government's administration and security infrastructure.

  3. Sing Along with Dubya

    George: until next time...au revoir, Jules
    Okie Zone: I have been sitting here for about an hour haven't I? Why would I want to listen to someone who is angry at me for no reason?
    George: you didnt seem to want to listen before...read my site and tell me how bad the site is with an email...
    Okie Zone: Could you tell me one thing?
    Okie Zone: Do you want me to listen?
    George: then dont get in the ring, Jules.
    George: thats typical about Republican so called Christians not wanting to listen. bye
    Okie Zone: Keep the Jbashing to a minimum please. I do not deserve that.
    Okie Zone: bye Garv
    George: I suppose the fact that so many of you represent what is going totally wrong in this consumer society. by Jules
    Okie Zone: Whatever...I am going to leave so you can get your anger out.
    Okie Zone: Oh ok
    George: You so called Christians dont really care about others but try to use Jesus to convince the american people other wise.
    Okie Zone: Why are you so concerned about my life and what I think? THere are some things in your life that are terribly wrong and I am not going there.
    Okie Zone: Oh now I am a good person
    Okie Zone: Whatever-you are making no sense
    George: Because I think that inside you are a good person but misguided.
    George: You are born again sinners and rationalize your Christian behavior....Maybe, J, You might really see the light some day!
    Okie Zone: Am I deserving of that?
    Okie Zone: But why are you taking it out on me?
    George: I just represent all the lunatic left that is not gonna take it anymore from your sick party and what it is doing to this country!
    Okie Zone: Explain that one to me because you are so far left field right now
    Okie Zone: gluttony?
    Okie Zone: What?
    George: You get angry just like the rednecks that I am trying to escape from because they cant look at themselves and their own gluttony>
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