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I 'm an escaped lunatic from the Okie zone

I had some fun prograss tinating on the internet giving a hard time to all those bloggers but they seemed to enjoy attacking me after Stella let the cat out of the bag continuing to mention Muffy and my website. So I went out of the closet and went ahead and told everyone of my website so they could confirm their opinion of me being nuts...crazy like a fox...Don't they realize that George and Laura get information from this site for their own material for roasts, etc. George even went so far as talking about a liberal and a Neo con finding romance. Pleasantly plump chance of

They all think my website is boring but they don't realize that it is a journal of each day and meeting boring internet dates doesn't help. Oh well. She went ahead and threatened me several times of emailing Muffy. I just love people sometime.Not. But I love Buffy. Buffy's nose is better healing from the angry Republican cur.

I stopped off in the middle of a mountains in Georgetown and the…

Have you seen her?

Yuk: when the wind blows in from the west, it kind of smells around here. at least I THINK it smells, but then again maybe it's just a figment of the liberal media's imagination.

I wonder about these bloggers that have no life. Should I say that I have a life?
It is so interesting when you finally meet them.
They have a personality on the board and then a different one on the phone.
We hope that there is a connection

Like mixing stepford juice with Tequila. The kind with the worm. hmmm I wonder how that would taste...

like old ripe fish

nothing ventured nothing gained
you are happy Garvald
in the state of exploration
and now you have a mission
where will the wind take y0u?

will the warm air rise into the mountains
will you find her or happiness?
will it take both

He bids adieu or better to say "Auf Wiedersehen"
"au revoir"
un till we meet again

at the moment
there is no chance of happiness with her

you are sad like the face on your puppy
but she teaches you
and learn fro…

Who has last seen Garvald?

He was last seen at an interview for teaching in a Navaho community and was very excited at that prospect. He then was reported to head into the Rocky Mountains to find his magical schwagmaiden in some magical hippy topia hidden in the hills.
He was told that he misses Muffy but he enjoys the freedom to meet new friends and connections. He said that he was looking for his magical muse.
He does not know how long he will be gone in his search.

Garvald was sighted in Nederland visiting with the cool residents of the town. He was reported to be with a blonde mutt with the sweetest face and wrinkles. The poor dog looked like it had been in a scuffle and had the worst of it. Her left cheek was swelled up. I had a chance to visit with him and he asked me to write on the computer since he doesn't have access and his phone is not working in the hinterlands of the rockies.
He seems to be very sad despite his gregarious ways of meeting strangers and interesting people. He knows th…


I only have a few minutes of prograsstination, making sure that I have enough stuff for the trip to New Mexico. I have an interview set for 2pm tomorrow. I hope that I don't get lost and can get in touch with the now Eastern Social Chairman's mom. I left my sandals at his new eastern fort over looking 3 streets after I spilled chocholate all over one of Muffy's favorite t-shirts (Goofy and family); the queen of the new castle was generous in lending me a tee shirt that I have since washed and need to return, if I can tell which one it is. (The crossroads of the community!).

So I have my suit, I'll need to get some black socks at the dollar store, Muffy's green pants, and green shorts that somehow got a tear over looking my left ass cheek! I'll have the cooler filled with water, hot chocholate mix, instant coffee, crunchy peanut butter, bananas, carrots, a delicious red apple, and what else?
I'll turn off the portable frig and close fort for a couple of weeks.…