Neighborhood Bully in the corner of the bar makes pilgrimage to Mike's Tavern!

I would love to continue this inspired by the educated monkeys that can read and write about necrophilia on the internet!.....leave some educated comments...but BB Queen, you are too afraid to show the cyber world your registered are afraid to show everyone how really undereducated you are....
Have a great day...I will....thanks for reading....when you come out of the closet, Billy,(don't be a hero), I might even autograph a copy of the book for you....I doubt you will ever do that....
you are the type to sucker punch when no one is put on this show on the tagboard because you don't want to admit that you are a computer nerd that enjoys porn
and no one except the ladies on Lincoln Blvd. would want your money that you don't spend at Hudson's.

News flash:
Internet stalker still using work time to promote his perversion,
hoping his sick comedy will be published on the internet!

The problem is that blokes with his symptoms the sad cases that have no life so they stalk celebriites. They need to have contrlol over who they are harassing or seeking. They make posters of their targets. Maybe I ought to get a hold of u
Uncle Vinnie to see what folks will be in need of good major medical coverage?

Maybe someone could sell medical coverage to protect from inebriated customer that have 70 iq from killing too many brain cells and they have only one pair of grandparents.
What another gorgeous day except that I have not even really left my neighborhood. It would be cool if there was a pub within the actual "neighborhood"!
Lata Mates, Maybe I'll check out the bitches at the dog park with my favorite bitch, Buffy.

Pax ubiscum in Oklahoma!
Garvald :)
I had so


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