I thought this comment of yours was hilarious too BB?Martin/ Sybill

Apparently you have a reality that is just as abstract as most Democrats have. If someone sticks his finger a half inch from someone’s face, that is technically assault. So if someone proceeds to “assault me” then I will absolutely assault them in any way possible. You say that I had friends to back me up in case of an altercation, yet I was the one all alone standing by the door telling him to take it out side. So now you call me an alcoholic because I meet with friends after work for good conversation and laughs, when all you talk about is the last bar you were in. The only difference between our bar activities is that you don’t have a neighbor hood bar with friends you can shoot the breeze with because 99.9% of the people you meet can’t stand to be near you for any length of time once they have to listen to your ramblings. Ever notice how most people move away from you as soon as you open your mouth, especially women. Now you say that I threaten you, which I have absolutely not done. What I did do was ask you to sit down next to me and call me an “alcoholic” to my face. You seem to be better at bashing people on this web site that don’t agree with you far left political leanings, then saying the same things to them in person. That just makes you a spineless coward. The answer to your quote below is your right, it’s not safe.

”If that is the case, and the establishment condones your violence and loud mouth then maybe it is not safe for people with different views to go to such an establishment.”
Have a nice day

# posted by Anonymous : 2:59 PM

this was your funniest comment that was in our memorable archive...
I'm glad when your questionable reputation is at stake, how you come out of the closet but prefer to make up names on the tagboard
you show the world what gutless invertebrates you truly are
...when will you do it again??...
by the way, how are your fingers??
or your health...
is your only workout 12 oz lifts or are they only 10 oz. at your place of inebriated worship.??
does your fat ass ever workout??
I'm worried that you might have a stroke the next time you lose an argument and keel over on the barstool with your ass engraved on it...

I have a question Martin, (because I know you are one of the only redneck readers but have enjoyed my site more than any just as you have given me much more material to write about)...
Are you a better Liar than Powell (who was really told to lie) or Bush?

but you never answer the questions...
You are too funny...
I enjoyed Hudson's until your ugly face with the goofy glasses and loud grunts came along...

When were you born?

..I was in Michigan about 30 years ago and met some nice coeds there at the University...

Do you know who your Daddy is or were you adopted and seperated at birth ?

There was another bloke that looked like he was a "good fellow" from Detroit, smothering Amberly the way Martin muscled in on the triathlete,,,,

his face was full of crevices and almost as ugly as Martin...He kept staring at me either because he was jealous or wanted to hit on me instead???...I was thinking that if I asked if he wanted a picture, he would go ballistic the way most inebriated monkeys act at redneck bars...

You have been ouplayed and outmaneuvered frequently..... as I have checkmated you many times on this site ....you cannot answer the questions as to the incompetence and lying of this administration... so you are continually checkmated... as a last resort you make comments about dead people that were very precious to me...so you bully and I want the cyber world to see what a bottom dweller you are...even worse than your mentor, Karl

is there intelligence in outerspace or in the lying lunatic right wing power addicted Nazis?

you start distracting or trying your best to discredit the source ...
you start making jokes about France like Rush or Fox News instead of why the president lies so much and is not held accountable, but he can't be anonymous
He and Delay will have their comeuppance and I can't wait to see you eat your words if you liver doesn't burst first

other ignorant folks want to believe you and I congratulate you for brainwashing some of the undereducated customers and staff...
maybe because you have alot of money to waste so the bartender wants to kiss your behind!

You have a nice day, too, Martin and all the closeminded fools

oh by the way, Happy Martin's Day!

You are too funny, I wish that I had a picture of you to show everyone how stupid you look :)

Pax and Love,


  1. Martin, the ugly has decided to leave his neighborhood asylum to come to Mikes...This person has enjoyed leaving sophomoric assinine comments on the site since last summer..I tolerated his comments especially when they were distorted and lies, but he has made it a vendetta to trash this site...I feel sorry for him...I wonder how his boss lets him waste time on the computer...

    He makes asinine comments about my wife who passed away over 10 years ago
    He cannot win an argument so he wants to feel better trying to really hurt way below the belt

    but Martin or whatever piece of shit you are, I am used to very mentally unstable children that use the same words before they are sent to time out..often they can't control their tempers and they become violent...there is sometimes hope for them before they grow up to an angry adult alcoholic that cannot sustain a decent relationship because of their anger management problems

    I truly feel sorry for you and anyone that act like they are your friend

    for some reason he thinks that his so called friends like his very sick sense of humor...I almost feel sorry for the folks that have taken on the task of humoring this pathetic loser that maybe has never really
    been bitch slapped

    so the tag board will be closed...you are not invited to leave your angry comments ...you are a very sick person...so don't come near me or bother me again

    I have lost my patience with this very sad ugly person inside and out...

    It is dangerous place at Mike's unless the only competent bouncer, Brian is working...He is able to see someone harassing another person before it escalates...Unfortunately it is difficult to find a safe place

    Mikes and many other bars have become dangerous

    they let
    violent customers and female bartenders that start cat fights come back

    Red Rooster is the best...the owner loves Buffy and most of the folks are friendly...They are like family and the bar staff is nice...

    it is hard find bartenders that don't have something stuck up their ass for years of dealing with assholes like Martin, Billy Bob or whatever he wants to call himself...they are vermin

    There are still many nice people at Mike's
    but there are some that should never have been let out of prison or their Juvenile detention center!


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