I thought that I'd include Bush's speech according to the Hereinreality tagboard!

c: I never thought that this idiot would have a chance but that Is why this country has to be so careful that it wont happen again...it is scary how they are taking over the countryc: he contined to say progress about 20 times!@
c: he will probably try to give some excuse to invade Korea before the next election so his brother will continue while we always stay at war
c: that is so true about how Karl must have realized how the antiintellectual would win the votes of most americans!
LOL: This president, becaue he keeps the public dialogue on such an abysmally low level, and defends that with his smug anti-intellectual attitude, has done more to polarize America than other president since Nixon.
LOL: Pathetic, this president is a disgrace: inarticulate and unable to think AND,m worst of all, a little bully
*beep*: i despise republicans. they are actually fun to laugh at, because the only reason they believe what they do is because they can't think for themselves. you see republicans are mentally retarded *beep* who believe all of the *beep* about traditon and morality, which they never actually stop to realise isn't legislated anyway and just happened to crop up. it could by all means have been pulled out of some joker's ass who fancied a laugh.
c: Im sure that even the repukes that visit this site speak and write better than him...How did he get through Yale ...there is only so much a very rich powerful father can do??
c: we have become bizpolarized...how can any body be happy that they voted for someone that is so stupid ...no wonder he has had only 4 press conferences!
c: Karl and the whole tribe have a wonderful into turning this country into haters
c: It is amazing that only in this country can some incompetent fool become president!
Stammer On: Darth = drug addict who feesd on this kind of stupidty and anger
Stammer On: I like to keep the intellecutal level and the level of dialogue so low that the two sides can't do anything BUt yell at each other , and that will be the legacy of my preesidency: i kept Americans frightened and angry and polarized. I will go down in history as the Stupid Polarizing President who brought the tExas bar/brothel mentality to WAshington DC.
c: its sad how the people love how stupid poor george is
JealousAssclownLibs: Whitehouse:Republican, Senate:Republican, House:Republican, Dependocrats have nothing=Priceless!
Stammer On: I like to keep the intellecutal level and the level of dialogue so low tht the two sides can't do anything BUt yell at each other , and that will be the legacy of my preesidency: i kept Americans firghtened and angry and polarized. I will go donw in history as the Stupid President.
c: no child left behind only puts a strain on the schools and they are not funding it because of the war. That is why the states are protesting.
Stammer On: Tiem to get smug and arrogant, these *beep* Northeastern egg heads are starting to ask quesitons I can't even understand. Uhhh... right .. time for a folksy joke, God it's hot in here ... uh...
Jealous Assclown: Liberals:
Stammer On: We're teaching the kids the reading and the adding and subtracting
Bush: hey i got to finish before 8 cuz i was tired from workin hard and makin progress!
Bush: we spend lots of money in raq but none for monkeys left behind..absolutely ...I dont about my unwinding...U better like it when they can do better in mulitple choic...i graduated from high school and yale and I was still illiterate...lets change our attitude...even a child brain like me can learn how to do math...preciate my deficienies and its working...Ok...I was so great!
Bush: measurement is showing progress...i can even spell that word...state will be able to do math and read and write better than me ,Richard
Bush: preciate that john...small bidness pay more for gas and that makes people spend more money..higher gas is like a tax on everthing in american it effects the economy...I learned that in college economics...asssbestos reform...positive noises likes farts from capitol hil...I m a strong believer in geopoliitcs...reduce regulation...atax system will be more fair..john..im optimistic but im not an economist...lets see richard
Bush: u bet...we will uuhh detain them if they hurt us...we still at war...uuuh...we will be relaxed,,we cant be relaxed...look mark how constipated i am
Bush: he ...hypothetical...hehe..I learned that word in my frat..heheBush: i preciate that question fletch...russian and everyone works together...we can do this diplomatically...kuim jung ill need to not be nucular...we will work with all my issues...we will work hard with chinese and my addminisitration ...uh mark
Bush: we work hard ...class action assholes need to quit,,,house got energy...we are working hard...we will get them resolved...we are making progress...next question ..we hadnt learned anything in 20 years..hehe...serious bidness if there is anyone worse than me for your grandchildren...iii pledge to stay on this issue
Bush: bolton is not delay!
Bush: I like steaks and 2021...i will still eat steak and continue to eat them until i have a stroke and im in a home
Bush: im proud of my party ..we got ideas to fix things
Bush: im sure people dont like me but im dissapointed that they dont like me and so they wont cooperate with me
Bush: rumsfeld is precisely the reason you brought up..uh ed yeh
Stammer On: Now it's time to start insulting reporters, especaillyt he ones who don't look like us hearty tExans.
Bush: nucular is dangerous ...china has influenc...jang ji me...i said these names so well...chines came to my ranch ...they are kind a cute like my prince...we can do this diplomatically
Bush: kim jung ill is dangerous person like saddam...lets a start a war to get rid of this tyrant and be diplomatic
Bush: .we are making good progress...we are stepping up to working hard the answer is no..you mentioned korena peninsula...let me talk about north korea..i studies this one!
Bush: turdly fundamenatalist problem is portray is please with the progreesss..we a re working hard...mymessage is to keep stable..we are making good progress...we are stepping up to working hard
The Flying Monkey: Nope. But the puppet masters left over from Bush 41 got what they wanted. Someone smart enough to read a teleprompter (Barely) and dumb enough to do exactly what they wanted.
Bush: aamzing iddnt it?
g: i am so embarasssed to be american when this idiot is trying to explain math
Stammering Monkey: Have you ever seen a stupider president in all your life??
Bush: you will get one percent in bonds or you can flex your self and then there wont be any money for a lot of workers
Bush: i believe in Jesus and encoourange asssets..here my mix..all for wall street...and they have affairs...
Bush: return gets on my ass..and a person acan build a nest egg with feathers from my brain...pay as you go...
Bush: gudenough for congress is good enough for me
The Flying Monkey: George Bush coudn't find oil in the pimples on his ass.
Bush: investor class i got and lumber
Bush: we got debt because clinton started this war
Bush: iiii u hh ffeeel myself strongly about social securtiy
Bush: iiii u hh ffeeel myself strongly about social securtiyStammering Monkey: I talk to Vladmir all the time, so much that I call him Vladdy now
Bush: are u stretch..he he
Bush: wee need reform in my intelligence..very important to have intelligence with france play9ing roles in syria and uuuh lebanon...hes impressive and will work hard
Stammering Monkey: He's a well seasonsed diplomat, a little salt and little pepper a little Old Bay sauce.
The Flying Monkey: ...a harrasing ass hole?
The Flying Monkey: ...a harrasing *beep*?
Bush: scuse me
Stammering Monkey: Embarassing! You see the UN is this building in new York, and they need reform, and so it seems to me if you want to get that, you need somebody who is blunt, and ...
Bush: is important and my twins neeed to be reformed
The Flying Monkey: You sure you didn't smoke a little "blunt?"
Bush: u n needs reform by being skilled and now how to speak
Bush: i am a littl blunt...but laura said I was soft
Call Boy: Has anyone asked him about Jeff Gannon?
Bush: he seasons his diplomat and hes before 6
Bush: were makin progress ...john bolton handles his pecker very well
Nucular: If he says nucular one more time I'm going to be smashed!
The Flying Monkey: Hey.
Bush: pootin recognizes me when he looks deep in my eyes
Nucular: and another
Nucular: another
Bush: merit of mocracy...were workin closely mouning vehicles when our wives are aoround nucular plants
Stammering Monkey: Yeah, I done had a long talk with Vladmiir there in that thar Slovakia, and we talked about democracy, yes we did, and he said he'd ship nuclar weapons pretty much any where he want,s he did.
Bush: I talke with vlad about mocracy
<-- Back Bush: I saw his soul when I looked into his eyes...he was almost as cute as my prince hheeheBush: let me finish Bush: trroops and assets spread freedom and mocracry..were makin progress were relentless Bush: we will off their testicels...we make progress slowly but surely terry! Bush: welll...we feed the terrroist with broads...were relentless and like steaks Bush: hopefully i will have the capacity to be a consumer when i retire Bush: im im terminally mentally ill and we have coal so i wont need depends Stammering Monkey: LOL! Where are the words? Where are the ideas? Where am I? Bush: i have a lot of gas reserves up my ass Bush: im a conserfvor of energy...i go to sleep at 8 Stammering Monkey: Where are my notes? Where is my speech? LFOL! Has there EVER been a more inarticulate president than me? LOFLO! Bush: l ate lunch and had gasoline Bush: John i said i have add..i courage more crude people on the market...main factor is bein crude in theoil Stammering Monkey: LOL! I can't speak English! LFOL! Bush: i can onlyu play with myself....my view of religion is personall...i am an idiot and im patriotic for worshipping..thas the wonderful of being in amerrrica Bush: faith pays a part of me becoming prsidnet Bush: my religionj...is her life Bush: i deserve being up and down with laura Bush: um they dont like me or my view of a proper judge Bush: tirany to democracy is good Bush: curageous people in rak Bush: merica makes commitment to tranistion for when im im0peached for stupidity and uhh Bush: great conversation with uhhh Bush: region of world dmocrcy takes hold of my monkey Dubya: My gay call-boy visited me at the White House on three dozen occasions when there were no press conferences. Bush: process of isoltin terristsBush: raki military work hard Bush: they they want tyranyy and darth vader Stammering Monkey: We're really just starting. Huh? Yu been at this four five years you idiot! Bush: social security will work hard...my message is do our duty and go to bed Stammering Monkey: Where am I and how did I get here? LFOL! Bush: monkey chasing my tail Bush: i will sit down and fall asleep with both parteys..i am optim istic? Bush: we have a problem because I dont know what im doing...were making progress All Hail!: The Stammering Monkey is looking mighty old, mighty fast! Bush: I am frustrated cuz i wanna go to bed so i can do some hard work Bush: repuklican and democrats will do what is rite Bush: I will save my nest egg for laura and g's twins All Hail!: The Stammering Monkey! Bush: I look tired...Ive been workin hard... Bush: i have real assssets Bush: i am looking really old...this math is gettin to me Bush: a matter of ferrrness Bush: he obviously didnt rehearse his script g: the math has changed...no monkey left behind...Im an add baby boomer g: Ive trravelled the country to talk to the people..what a liar!,,,, g: he is is reallyhaving difficulty saying some of these words...pri or ity g: he need s to be a conservor of energy, shutup and resign g: He always looks bowlegged when he walks ...lol...what an idiot! g: Ill have a smoke everytime he says nucular

Sunday 24 minutes to say a few things now that Im able to finally connect. I have no idea whether there are 10 readers or a thousand. Maybe I need the instant gratification knowing that some of it will be erased.I Part of me is so frustrated at my own motivationally disinclined periods. Yes, it is sometimes so hard getting out of my house each day unless there is something that I cant wait to do.

I think about the genetic reason for ADD. I wonder about famous inventors, artists , explorers with this "affliction". Edison was able to overcome his own deep thought that was going on in his brain where he was able to to sucessfully convey his multitude of ideas for things into amazing inventions way ahead of his time. Einstein was the same deep in thought while doing poorly in school. He had the beginning of the universe and the speed of light all explained to himself before exposing them to the astounded public.

Ok so where am I going with all of this? I see the synchronicity of all the interesting people wether conservative or openiminded, they seem to be coming into my life for a reason. Why did Buffy come?

Now it's 11 pm ...still in limbo with no real plan..Tomorrow, I will go to Edmond for the interview and I need to fill out the other local school district aplication to fall back on . I am afraid to say the places for fear of Bubanon/annette will call the schools.

It us so easy to feel overwhelmed with just the tediousness of filling out all the information on the application. I almost need a secretary/slash/coach/agent to check out all the possibilities of places to work. The fear of not taking care of the little stuff overwhelms me.

Last night while speaking with the gods in her van outside of Galileo's, this nice young (31) waitress was telling me of her own ADD and the difficulties in her own life from school to relationships. I understand that people like us that have this disability to focus hampers them until they set up a systematic discipline for themselves to take control of their lives.

I often think of my mothers younger brother, Uncle Ron, who from what my mother told me about him being just an average student that started just following steps. The Dale Carnegie book made a big influence on him. He took an interest in me to help me I think because maybe he saw himself in me when he was young. He started writing down the things that he needed to do the next day. he would accomplish those things and helped him groom himself to become the manager of his father's meet factories.

I see so often how there is little time left to become that self actualized person that would make your mother and father proud. I am asking the universal energies to give me the strength to pursue these dreams and to take the steps to reach that position.
The first thing to do tomorrow is put on that suit with the intent of looking the best possible for that interview. I might even stop at Border's for an hour to look at job interviewing techniques just so I will look even better than the inexperienced candidates that are lookikng for the same spot. I will have the attitude that they need to sell me on the job.


  1. Ml, it concerns me that this site and so many make fun of "pot heads or their ganja use" yet Marijuana has many pain relieving qualities that are very effective for cancer and leukemia sufferers. It is not addictive like many of the man made pharmaceuticals that flood the highly lucrative legal drug market.

    We need to look at alternatives to man made drugs that have so many side effects that plants do not have. We need to look at how our government (of both parties) is in league with the very powerful drug industry. We need to question who is behind all the wasted money on this "drug war".

    They do not look at holistic alternatives that can actually help the body rather than let it become dependent to a pharmaceutical.

    Unfortunately there is much more money in helping sick folks rather than keeping them healthy. Think about it


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