I kinda miss my tagboard so I copied some material from another board!

My good friend has a plug for my site on her site. I wished that Muffy and I could have visited them today..oh well...I love " www.hereinreality.com "...There are some real characters that sound the same as the blokes that harrassed my site....
I guess they are too afraid to register...Muffy is mad that I don't let these perverts write their necrophilia on my site...I will probably take this off in a little bit if it upsets the church lady too much
You have to understand that the tagboard reads backwards..I will include a few of the other statements left on the site....It caused me to be motivationally inclined to write ...i guess that there is a full moon coming up and if I don't speak up then I should just forget about her..(that's another post)

Mr. G: does our great pres use spermface in his vocabulary when hes trying to talk dirty to his good christian wife, Laura?
Mr. G: when she falls into narcolepsy on the computer her fat ass is attached to?
Mr. G: she ought to get a laptop so she can keep up with this tagboard or hire a monkey to print her verses on the board??
Mr. G: maybe she suffers from constipation and irritable bowel syndrome??
Mr. G: or is it diareah when she keeps repeating her verses like she's really a christian..
Mr. G: waht happened to Julie Constipated?
Mr. G: Ohannity looks like he will be as fat as Rush when he grows up...right now he looks like an adolescent at a roman catholic prep school
Mr. G: Oreilly looks like he was fired from the IRA for trying to blow up a bus and was sent to emergency for smoke inhalation!
Mr. G: Orelly looks like he suffered too much when he was tied up by anne coulter!
Mr. G: Bush did too much coke and it shows when his veins pop when he laughs
Mr. G: have you seen how sickly Bush and his wife looks lately from a fat midwestern diet and too many addictive pain pills
Mr. G: have you seen how sickly Rush looks lately from a fat midwestern diet and too many addictive pain pills
Mr. G: I have a theory that the democrats will take over after the fat ass repukes die of strokes and cirhosis of the liver!
g: like Mr. Bush after we finally fire his ass after Delays!
g: i like that Mr. G
g: thanks for agreeing monk!
g: any peaceful people left on this tagboard?
g: wassup?
The Flying Monkey: Drinking that cheap vodka or is it the cheap gin?
The Flying Monkey: How is your buzz. Good? Got a nice snootfull?
The Flying Monkey: is Crap.
The Flying Monkey: Typo. Your spelling is still crap.
The Flying Monkey: Touche'.
The Phuck You 2: Do you have a new spelling for wisdom?
The Phuck You 2: I'm a sharp as a tac!
More --> There are hundreds of these pages....

Phuck g sideways: You ( g ) are an asshead spermface.
The Flying Monkey: Hmmmmm.
The Flying Monkey: I'm sure you don't. What part of that am I not supposed to like?
iRuLe: I dont like you
The Flying Monkey: Finds your racist humor sophmoric at best.
g: as long as there are folks with low intelligence there will be idiots like Rush and Ann Coulter
g: why do racist redneck so called Christians like to visit this site?
g: How is everybody?
the COON man: Where is the (tough guy web police,maggott)smafty.?
the COON man: is here and is DOWN with drilling in the anwar.The COON man gives his approval.The COON needs to fill his diesel S.U.V. for less than a $100 bucks.
hellow drilling in: the ANWAR,what a great move by our awsome president.I thought all the right's power did not matter,ummm,strange.lol lol lol lol lol
FACT IS : The liberals on this site are unemployed
Fact: The leader of the Neocon Noisemakers on here is a drug addict. Need we say more?
the COON man: oh SMAFTY,you little butt-buger where are you.Ohi see under WILSONS desk,good job for a liberal.
The Internets: I'm sorry, misspelled my name.
The Internet: Hey, he is powerful, he invented my ass.
The UN: just imaging the power we would have today if Al gore actually stole the election from George Bush!
Tony Blair: In the end, good always comes out on top.
Canada: We did too.
France: We supported that dishonesty.


  1. This is Muffy and I think you're full of crap but I love you.

  2. Top Humor Sites

    question?: When will folks of chosen ignorance decide that they would be better off going to Jonestown and start a revival there?
    question?: When will Neo cons ever be accountable for their disasters or even answer the questions to honest reporters?
    question?: In what religion does the preacher tell who to vote for and what websites to harass?
    question?: When did spectating at sports bars become the way for the common rednecks to brainwashed into voting for a president with low intelligence?
    question?: When did college football and basketball become the recreation for expanding asses?
    question?: when did drinking 3.2 beer and playing pool become the recreation of inbred rednecks?
    question?: When did poor grammar and loving nascar become the way In JesusLand?
    question?: How come Baptist fundamentalists and Dixicrats took over the "conservative" movement..
    question?: How come the silent majority bred such loud mouths as George Jr and Hannity???
    question?: I apreciate honesty in a woman about her rear end but Hannity, Oreilly and LImbo ought to be truthful that their brains are in their posterior or their shrinking members...
    question?: Would Hillary win by 10 points?
    question?: Jules =contender??
    Fat Bottom Girl: And so is the bottom end of your spectrum...
    Jules: am way a head in the polls.
    Jules: New Poll: If Sean got to choose between me and Flipper, nine times out of ten he's choose me. Why? Cause I ....
    Fat Bottom Girl: New Poll: If Bush and Clinton could run in 08, Clinton wins by 10 points.
    NotBuyingUrCrap: Learn the truth about how Al-Qaida pulled off the 9/11 attacks, not the propaganda from freaks and traitors. [LINK]
    Jules: Hey Flipper, that's my job!
    Flipper: I likes to slurp what his moma gave him.
    Fat Bottom Girl: Shake what cha' moma gave ya!
    Flipper: I give Sean Hannity good head.
    Clemtheloser: Turn the radio off you idiot
    g: i guess no one is listening repukes or liberals!
    g: arent you even gonna say hello, danielle?
    g: Hannity looks like hes in a roman school prep talking back to the teacher!

    I thought that I would add some of these questions that I wrote wehn I was on a roll?
    Ich liebe dich!

  3. Let me know if anyone else is able register their comments...You dont have to really say who you are?

    I know that Karl Rove will not be able to track down who you are or maybe not?

  4. g: i agree, liberal/clem? that this add ministration wants us to have large gas guzzling suvs and bubbamomobiles in the stepfordburbs! lata mates...before this puter has a stroke...lata c
    g: i agree, liberal/clem? that this add ministration wants us to have large gas guzzling suv and bubbamomobiles in the stepfordburbs!
    g: this frickin computer is so slow...it pis ses me off more than clem gets
    g: baby steps
    The Contender: You can do it
    g: could you pass the poppies, please?
    g: if i dont get sidetracked by the humor on this soap operatic tagboard, I will make some phone calls and connections to some addministrators hopefully that can empathize with disorganized teachers!
    The Contender: They are doing such a great job fighting opium! LOL
    g: eastern opium...I heard that we actually condone the growing of opium yet spend more $ fighting against weed than the vietnam war!
    g: hi clem...i was wondering why he had such animosity towards me and keeps calling me a phoney?
    Bush's Safer World: The military said warplanes also joined the five-hour clash with about 25 insurgents on Sunday evening in Laghman, a province of an eastern opium-producing region where U.S. forces have regularly fought with militants. Acting on intelligence about the rebels' whereabouts, U.S. Marines ''located the insurgents and an engagement ensued,'' a brief statement from the U.S. military said. ''Two U.S. Marines were killed.''
    Bush's Safer World: KABUL, Afghanistan (May 9) - U.S. Marines tracked down a band of insurgents in eastern Afghanistan and sparked a battle that left about 23 rebels and two Americans dead, the U.S. military said Monday, in the latest sign of a revived Taliban-led insurgency.
    The Contender: Liberal is Clem not Smafty g
    A Liberal: If nothing else, this Adm stands for the Suburbanization of America.
    A Liberal: Otherwise, it was good to see where we had about five more murdres in the city I live near here back in New Jersey. The unemployment rate in Trenbton NJ has never ben higher in my lifetime and the economy there is at an all time low. If you live in Trenton and you want to buy a book and go see a movie you have to drive out to the suburbs. The Bush economy has been deadly for inner cities, but that's figures doesn't it, since that's the way he wants it?
    g: happymonday c and liberal smafty
    A Liberal: It was good to see that George W and Vlamir made up and were back making sweet yesterday. I guess George will be able to refer to VP by his first name at W's next press conference. Meanwhile, the dead pile up higher in Iraq. I don't mean to pry, but do we have an exit strategy there yet or is W still thinking about it?
    g: happymonday c and liberal
    The Contender: Why are you here? You certainly do not talk politics! Can you-just for ONE day...not talk to me and not mention me. Let's see if you can do it.
    A Liberal: Correction: Contender comes on here to talk to ANYONE who will talk to her.
    A Liberal: Contender comes on here to talk to her. Sad, pathetic. In constant need of attention and affirmation due to insufficient nurturing in childhood.
    The Contender: I don't come on here to talk to you!
    The Contender: Keep it up
    A Liberal: Contender = intellectually challenged and also a phoney, and obviously very, very bored.
    The Contender: You know I would watch what comes out of your mouth today A Liberal. g is not a phoney and he happens to personally know the webmaster...I am sick of your filth and plan on getting you banned if you continue..


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