Another example of the systematic destroying of this once beautiful country!

Dear Sierra Club Friend,

I am saddened to report that the Timber Industry and the U.S. Forest Service have renewed their attack on the Giant Sequoia National Monument. This most recent threat to one of our greatest national treasures is both serious and imminent.

Nearly half the remaining Giant Sequoia groves left in the world are found in a single vulnerable wild region of California's Sierra Nevada range. President Clinton proclaimed this area a National Monument in 2000, but now, under unrelenting industry pressure, the Forest Service may render this 5 year-old conservation victory meaningless.

The latest industry-driven "forest management" plan (or should we say "forest destruction" plan) proposed by the Forest Service will destroy this natural heritage forever by:

Opening the Giant Sequoia National Monument to commercial logging around and even in the Giant Sequoia groves;

Allowing bulldozers and other heavy logging equipment within the Monument's fragile habitat; and

Filling up to 3,000 commercial logging trucks with timber from the National Monument every year -- that's almost a truck every three hours!

I urge you to do the following two things right away:

Voice your outrage over the Forest Service's industry-driven plan that jeopardizes the precious Monument, and insist that its management be transferred to the National Park Service. Sign the petition on our Web site today.

Take this important opportunity to become a Sierra Club Member. Today, you can join the Sierra Club at our special introductory rate of just $25 and receive a free Sierra Club Expedition Pack.

These two actions will make a critical difference to the Sierra Club and its efforts to keep the chainsaws out of the Giant Sequoia National Monument.

Concerned citizens like you and me cannot sit back while industry lobbyists with huge war chests deprive our children of these magnificent natural icons.

As our nation's oldest and largest environmental organization, the Sierra Club has a proud history of protecting America's imperiled wilderness areas. But now, one of our most important and hard-won conservation victories is at risk -- the Sierra Club is committed to preventing this from happening, but we need the help of concerned citizens like you to be successful.

As a Sierra Club Member, you will receive our exclusive benefits package -- including a subscription to Sierra magazine, membership in your local Sierra Club Chapter, access to a wide range of wilderness trips and outings and discounts on Sierra Club publications and calendars.

Become an integral part of America's most effective advocate for our environment, the Sierra Club.


Carl Pope
Executive Director
Sierra Club

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Photos: Courtesy CA Department of Fish and Game; Courtesy National Park Service; Courtesy Fish and Wildlife Service;


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