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I thought that I'd include Bush's speech according to the Hereinreality tagboard!

c: I never thought that this idiot would have a chance but that Is why this country has to be so careful that it wont happen is scary how they are taking over the countryc: he contined to say progress about 20 times!@
c: he will probably try to give some excuse to invade Korea before the next election so his brother will continue while we always stay at war
c: that is so true about how Karl must have realized how the antiintellectual would win the votes of most americans!
LOL: This president, becaue he keeps the public dialogue on such an abysmally low level, and defends that with his smug anti-intellectual attitude, has done more to polarize America than other president since Nixon.
LOL: Pathetic, this president is a disgrace: inarticulate and unable to think AND,m worst of all, a little bully
*beep*: i despise republicans. they are actually fun to laugh at, because the only reason they believe what they do is because they can't think for themselves. you see republicans are…
I miss my counter. I was eager to change the template of the blog from the less hostile red to a softer blue since I am tired of angry people.

I am actually realizing that I am kind of feeling depressed. I try to understand my feelings.

Since coming back, I've been motivationally disinclined to write. Monday, I was lazy going on the hereinreality blog where I was very motivated to insult Republican so called Christians. I even went to poetry but I wasnt very excited or psyched to get up and read.

Buffy is lethargic probably from getting a bite on the nose. I am not feeling very witty especially now that the exitement of being a free available man is gone and I almost miss the comfort of knowing that my best friend is by the phone.
I want to be honest with her and myself.

Ok, I have a little buzz and somtimes I notice how it accentuates the melancholia. The weather is colder and the moon has passed its peak. All of these things affect your libido.

I have all these thoughts on my future, …

In and out of a state of Limbaugh?? And Happy Mother's Day, Muffy!

The wind is coming in strong and cold from the north so it would be easy to put up the sail and breeze back to Jesusland and ever expanding posteriors...where men are men and bar seats are afraid!

It is wonderful to make up. Muffy gets mad (totally volcanic) when I say that women become angry when they are not fed soon enough, Aunt Flo might show up or they haven't had a good stupping in a while.

I decided to avoid the confrontation last night and only wrote my own thoughts on why we are in a relationship when we are both such opposites??? She was nice this AM and I wanted to chauffeur Ms. Daisy to Longview and downtown to pick up checks. Everything was ok until Muffy said I could go to the plaza to look at eye candy but I wanted to treat her to a buffet somewhere in Westport. She started shaking her head and insisted on putting down the visor.
She didn't believe that it was blocking my field of vision for cars in the right lane.

The volcano erupted and I decided to walk Buffy rat…

I kinda miss my tagboard so I copied some material from another board!

My good friend has a plug for my site on her site. I wished that Muffy and I could have visited them today..oh well...I love " "...There are some real characters that sound the same as the blokes that harrassed my site....
I guess they are too afraid to register...Muffy is mad that I don't let these perverts write their necrophilia on my site...I will probably take this off in a little bit if it upsets the church lady too much
You have to understand that the tagboard reads backwards..I will include a few of the other statements left on the site....It caused me to be motivationally inclined to write ...i guess that there is a full moon coming up and if I don't speak up then I should just forget about her..(that's another post)

Mr. G: does our great pres use spermface in his vocabulary when hes trying to talk dirty to his good christian wife, Laura?
Mr. G: when she falls into narcolepsy on the computer her fat ass is attached to?
Mr. G: she ought t…

Second cup of Joe leads to this late night writing!

Ok, so maybe I shouldnt have had that 2nd cup of the large coffee...:(
Now I have the energy but I've been prograss tinating on the last little bit of schwag
I've been watching the Renaissance fair from my camcorder and my life the past couple of months since our last trip in the beginning of March???...time flies by so fast so we have to realize how we can fit more adventures on this ever dwindling tape of life

I was realizing how others could see my life filmed on video from Alene to the other very fleeting relationships
I see the results of how I
ve developed a wry sardonic very dry sense of humor that many don't appreciate how biting and under the skin the sarcasm can be....
rather than get angry it is much easier to make a joke about what was traumatic...
ie...the slamming of the door after being orally spiphlicated with threats of bodily injury...going downstairs to take Buffy in my arms and be consoled while flipping through the boring channels of her cable TV....

Alot has …

More terrorism since Bush came into office so let's eliminate the report!

Posted on Fri, Apr. 15, 2005

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Bush administration eliminating 19-year-old international terrorism report

By Jonathan S. Landay

Knight Ridder Newspapers

WASHINGTON - The State Department decided to stop publishing an annual report on international terrorism after the government's top terrorism center concluded that there were more terrorist attacks in 2004 than in any year since 1985, the first year the publication covered.

Several U.S. officials defended the abrupt decision, saying the methodology the National Counterterrorism Center used to generate statistics for the report may have been faulty, such as the inclusion of incidents that may not have been terrorism.

Last year, the number of incidents in 2003 was undercounted, forcing a revision of the report, "Patterns of Global Terrorism."

But other current and former officials charged that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's office order…

What if the evil in humans were to take a week or so off??

I was thinking about that thought where everyone just decided to not hate for a week?? Or at least pretend that they don't hate...We are all together in some schwagatopic community walking everywhere and smiling...letting our dogs sniff each other...we pass the peace pipe...

That would never happen but there can be utopic places that have this...I would like to go there sometime with my writing...

I'm having a relaxing (sort of) time with Muffy before she goes to work on Friday...

Muffy smiles at him
"you would be great in Atlantis!... but I thought you were out getting us some lettuce??"

to be continued

by the man who was from that utopia in another life a long long time ago....

Tuesday :( limbo and boredom cocktail(?)

I'm sitting at the Cass County Library while in this funky point of limbo....the normal indecision of where to drive 2.20 a gallon,it costs more and more to meander costs far more in life when when you don't make the plans...

oy …

Another example of the systematic destroying of this once beautiful country!

Dear Sierra Club Friend,

I am saddened to report that the Timber Industry and the U.S. Forest Service have renewed their attack on the Giant Sequoia National Monument. This most recent threat to one of our greatest national treasures is both serious and imminent.

Nearly half the remaining Giant Sequoia groves left in the world are found in a single vulnerable wild region of California's Sierra Nevada range. President Clinton proclaimed this area a National Monument in 2000, but now, under unrelenting industry pressure, the Forest Service may render this 5 year-old conservation victory meaningless.

The latest industry-driven "forest management" plan (or should we say "forest destruction" plan) proposed by the Forest Service will destroy this natural heritage forever by:

Opening the Giant Sequoia National Monument to commercial logging around and even in the Giant Sequoia groves;

Allowing bulldozers and other heavy logging equipment within the Monument's fragile …

Great Day at the job fair!

It is so nice to know that everyone still wants a male special ed teacher. I now have many choices of where and who to work for! I can go to Georgia, Houston, all over Texas and even work close to my home (still in the okie zone). Won't the Bubbas and Bubbannettes with enlarging livers love that? How do you feel, Randy Necroperv?

Bully Bob/Randy Necroperv or whatever creative name Martin can think of,
You have actually served as the conflict for my novel! I could put your face in many cartoon characters such as a gay blade in tights on a horse, thumping on his ass while the medieval Hudstoners cheer on with grog....They surround the jousting tournament as fattening spectators, the same way they crowd around the square bar of Hudstones...

Or I could see him with his receding hair cut short and be in an SS outfit smokin his cigarette and glaring at you the way he looks at you through his coke bottle size glasses.

"We will make der liberal talk mein Fuhrer!"

Then Hitler angrily …

Another reason we should have freedom to write and heal

One person was polite but did not think that I should continue writing this blog. Instead I should just focus on my students. I am focusing on the students that might want to learn or at least learn to question their own angry behavior and needless violence...
I wonder why this state just wants everyone to conform and just be good sheep?
So many bartenders have told me that I should not write in a bar. Bars are only for pool, watching American sports, and getting fat. You should not write or talk about anything deeper than the weather or sports.
No wonder this state is 43rd in the comfort zone and how it scares away anything cool or creative. I have been reading this book about writing helps you heal.

Writing from Within: A Guide to Creativity and Life Story Writing

Yes, you have stories to tell about your life and experiences, your parents and siblings, your friends and enemies, and you can write the stories of your life with intimacy, depth of feeling, and astute obser…

Ruby Tuesday, and the eve of getting back to the real world of work!

Sometimes, the best revenge is to just ignore the folks that are jealous.
You walk with your head held high knowing that you are a survivor. You will find happiness. They will just continue negating you and cutting you down. They continue in their downward spiral before they get their final D.U.I. Maybe they will learn humility when they do some introspective thought about what they have accomplished in their own lives. Or they will get bitch slapped.

I had returned a movie to Blockbuster and I was in a good mood. I was hungry and was not afraid to walk into a place filled with animosity. All I recognized was the bandana twin dressed this time in a stocking cap. I greeted him when I went to the restroom. He responded with a grunt, "fine!". He still seemed to filled with hate. Maybe he has not get over me "belittling" the bartender when I tried to explain what a bar "utopia" was.

Several months ago,
Before the elections of the our Thief in the White House,the …

Neighborhood Bully in the corner of the bar makes pilgrimage to Mike's Tavern!

I would love to continue this inspired by the educated monkeys that can read and write about necrophilia on the internet!.....leave some educated comments...but BB Queen, you are too afraid to show the cyber world your registered are afraid to show everyone how really undereducated you are....
Have a great day...I will....thanks for reading....when you come out of the closet, Billy,(don't be a hero), I might even autograph a copy of the book for you....I doubt you will ever do that....
you are the type to sucker punch when no one is put on this show on the tagboard because you don't want to admit that you are a computer nerd that enjoys porn
and no one except the ladies on Lincoln Blvd. would want your money that you don't spend at Hudson's.

News flash:
Internet stalker still using work time to promote his perversion,
hoping his sick comedy will be published on the internet!

The problem is that blokes with his symptoms the sad cases that have no …

Renaissance Fair in Norman, Jesusland

Just after the middle ages when the Pope was in charge of the western world, along came alot of creativity inspired and financed by a wealthy Florentine family, The Medici's. The pope was even more powerful than the fundamentalists that have taken over the government today. The difference between the pope back then and ignorant fundamentalists is that he apreciated art. What a shame that George and his favorite Baptists want us to be back to the middle ages where art and freedom of thought was not allowed.

They believed that the world was flat and this earth was the center of the universe.

Now the church won't be happy until we all believe that we came from Adam and Eve. They don't believe that our ancestors were monkeys with the names of Billy Bob or Martin.

A glorious day in Jesusland!...I better make sure to put some strong sun tan lotion on my head. It's about 30 miles to Norman to see all the knights and ladies pretending to be in the middle ages long before there we…

I thought this comment of yours was hilarious too BB?Martin/ Sybill

Apparently you have a reality that is just as abstract as most Democrats have. If someone sticks his finger a half inch from someone’s face, that is technically assault. So if someone proceeds to “assault me” then I will absolutely assault them in any way possible. You say that I had friends to back me up in case of an altercation, yet I was the one all alone standing by the door telling him to take it out side. So now you call me an alcoholic because I meet with friends after work for good conversation and laughs, when all you talk about is the last bar you were in. The only difference between our bar activities is that you don’t have a neighbor hood bar with friends you can shoot the breeze with because 99.9% of the people you meet can’t stand to be near you for any length of time once they have to listen to your ramblings. Ever notice how most people move away from you as soon as you open your mouth, especially women. Now you say that I threaten you, which I have absolutely not don…