Shade's of Skippy Shy

It's a shame some "humans" have nothing better to do than act like middle school students that have severe emotional problems. They would be cruel about anything just so they could have their way. If someone very dear passed away they would store it in their memory as ammunition for when they were having temper tantrums.
These children grow up often with little empathy or even conscience for others that cross their path or desire for what they want. They said whatever they could just to hurt and cause pain. These kids were often abused or separated from their parents at an early age. They often grow up very angry at the world and they grow up with not an appropriate way to vent their anger. Very often they go to jail but sometimes they actually get work but still will do things without a concience when folks cross their path.

I wonder what Bubba/Billy Bob/Virgil/Martin's excuse is. It is sad. Sometimes they grow up to be just wasted space at the corner of a bar enlarging their liver barking orders at the bartender or bending fingers back of innocent victims. This doesn't satisfy their desire to show off their insecure spot on the "pecker" order. These humans can more have fun being bullies as sexual predators on the internet. Very sad.

So this is his sophomoric reply:

Hi there just your local corner of the bar bully here. Let me translate his crap. "I entered the bar began picking arguments and tossing insults. Then for no reason at all everyone hated me."

Lets be fair JOHN I did not bend your fingers back what I did do was say if you hit me again there would be a problem.

# posted by DAYWALKER : 9:23 AM

This is an example of how this creature enjoys twisting words and rationalizing his behavior. The first step on his recovery is to realize that he is a bully. Congratulations Daywalker/Martin! The next step is to start accepting the truth about his sick twisted perverted behavior. The biggest step is for him understand why he enjoys hurting others. When he understands empathy he might be less likely to bother others. Maybe he can look deep inside his childhood when he was bullied or abused to find out his anger.

Here was another one of these comments that looks very familiar,,,your behavior reminds me much of an assistant principal in dire need of the 12 step program and serious deep therapy to get through his layers of issues and his closet perversions:

One more thing, I don't want to go to another website. I am having way too much fun on this one. I just love reading about the sick bullshit that your mentally ill mind concocts. It is also really funny when you use some unknown persons posting as a reference to your conspiracy theories (I think you call them essays). Do you think a piece of chewed gum is art? Just asking. Do you stay up all night thinking of really cool adjectives to use the next day for your comedy routine on this site? When you pray at night dose it sound like this "Dear God, please let me think of something really clever to say to those nasty repuklicans. I keep having to use the same tired phrases over and over again. My stoned, feeble, selfdiagnosed ADD mind can't think of anything better than "pios hippo potasses". I know that it was lame, but that was the best I could come up with against the morally superior Repuklicans. Please help me because I keep having to write the same shit over and over again. Democrats dont even visit my site because, except for the funny but true postings, my content really sucks. I don't even believe half of the shit that I write. Please HELP. AMEN". By the way, Muffy, I still have not heard from you. Please write. Garv, Your assignment is to respond to each and every statement (sentence)that I wrote.

He would love to interupt with sick jokes similar to the above whenever he was losing arguments reminiscent of the learned behavior of disturbed middle school bullies that kept their behaviors and violent tantrums into adulthood...

© 2004 Canada Safety Council
Bullying in the Workplace
Psychological Violence Workplace Policies Needed Perpetrators and Targets
Profile of a Bully The Burden of Bullying Prevention

Employers are beginning to take steps to make bullying as unthinkable as sexual harassment or drunkenness in the workplace.

Schoolyard bullying - the torment of one child by another - is often compared to workplace bullying. Both types represent a grab for control by an insecure, inadequate person, an exercise of power through the humiliation of the target. School bullies, if reinforced by cheering classmates, fearful teachers or ignoring administrators, grow up to be dominating adults. When they join the work force, they continue to bully others.

Psychological Violence
A 1999 International Labour Organization (ILO) report on workplace violence emphasized that physical and emotional violence is one of the most serious problems facing the workplace in the new millennium. The ILO definition of workplace violence includes bullying:

"any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work. These behaviors would originate from customers, co-workers at any level of the organization. This definition would include all forms or harassment, bullying, intimidation, physical threats/assaults, robbery and other intrusive behaviors."

CUPE's National Health and Safety Survey of Aggression Against Staff, published in January, 1994, mentions verbal aggression and harassment in its definition of violence:

"Any incident in which an employee is abused, threatened or assaulted during the course of his/her employment. This includes the application of force, threats with or without weapons, severe verbal abuse and persistent sexual and racial harassment."

Bullying (general harassment) is far more prevalent than other destructive behaviors covered by legislation, such as sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

A Canadian survey on workplace violence found that physical violence is often reported from outside sources, such as customers, students and patients. Psychological violence is more often reported from within the organization. A U.S. study estimates 1 in 5 American workers has experienced destructive bullying in the past year.

Workplace Policies Needed
On April 6, 1999, a former employee of OC Transpo in Ottawa went on a shooting rampage that left four employees dead, then took his own life. The killer had himself been the victim of workplace harassment.

Among the recommendations of a coroner's inquest was that the definition of workplace violence should include not only physical violence but also psychological violence such as bullying, mobbing, teasing, ridicule or any other act or words that could psychologically hurt or isolate a person in the workplace.

No jurisdiction in Canada requires employers to have a workplace violence prevention program. For that reason, the OC Transpo jury recommended that federal and provincial governments enact legislation to prevent workplace violence and that employers develop policies to address violence and harassment.

Perpetrators and Targets
Over 80 per cent of bullies are bosses, some are co-workers and a minority bully higher-ups. A bully is equally likely to be a man or a woman.

The common stereotype of a bullied person is someone who is weak, an oddball or a loner. On the contrary, the target chosen by an adult bully will very often be a capable, dedicated staff member, well liked by co-workers. Bullies are most likely to pick on people with an ability to cooperate and a non-confrontative interpersonal style. The bully considers their capability a threat, and determines to cut them down.

It's a shame Martian consider's others more intelligent and not ugly a threat, read this before your liver bursts:
Profile of a Bully
Adult bullies, like their schoolyard counterparts, tend to be insecure people with poor or non-existent social skills and little empathy. They turn this insecurity outwards, finding satisfaction in their ability to attack and diminish the capable people around them. Doesn't this bloke sound familiar, Clarence, Martin, Ms. Sanchez?

A workplace bully subjects the target to unjustified criticism and trivial fault-finding. In addition, he or she humiliates the target, especially in front of others, and ignores, overrules, isolates and excludes the target.
Sound familiar??.....You really need to learn some empathy, Snidely Liverworst

If the bully is the target's superior, he or she may: set the target up for failure by setting unrealistic goals or deadlines, or denying necessary information and resources;

Muffy, does that not remind you of Ms. C and her own desire to control the middle school?

either overload the target with work or take all work away (sometimes replacing proper work with demeaning jobs); or increase responsibility while removing authority.

Regardless of specific tactics, the intimidation is driven by the bully's need to control others.

The Burden of Bullying
Bullied employees waste between 10 and 52 per cent of their time at work. Research shows they spend time defending themselves and networking for support, thinking about the situation, being demotivated and stressed, not to mention taking sick leave due to stress-related illnesses.

Think, Mr. Bully, how you cause your place of employment so much wasted time from your harassment and then sickness from lung cancer and cirrohsis of the liver!

Bullies poison their working environment with low morale, fear, anger, and depression. The employer pays for this in lost efficiency, absenteeism, high staff turnover, severance packages and law suits. In extreme cases, a violent incident may be the tragic outcome.

and from bending the fingers back of innocent customers of Henry Hudson's!

The target's family and friends also suffer the results of daily stress and eventual breakdown. Marriages suffer or are destroyed under the pressure of the target's anxiety and anger. Friendships cool because the bullied employee becomes obsessive about the situation.

Moreover, our health care system ends up repairing the damage: visits to the doctor for symptoms of stress, prescriptions for antidepressants, and long term counseling or psychiatric care. In this sense, we all pay.

Workplace bullies create a tremendous liability for the employer by causing stress-related health and safety problems, and driving good employees out of the organization.

The business case for strict anti-bullying policies is compelling. Potential benefits include a more peaceful and productive workplace, with better decision making, less time lost to sick leave or self-defensive paperwork, higher staff retention, and a lower risk of legal action.

Identify bullying in your staff handbook as unacceptable behavior. Establish proper systems for investigating, recording and dealing with conflict. Investigate complaints quickly, while maintaining discretion and confidentiality and protecting the rights of all individuals involved. It is important to understand fully any incidence of bullying and take the problem seriously at all levels.

Organizations who manage people well outperform those who don't by 30 to 40 per cent. Development of strong interpersonal skills at all levels is fundamental to good management and a healthy workplace.

There is no place for bullies in a well-run organization.

Or in a well run pub or restaurant even when the bartender is insecure.


  1. Hi there just your local corner of the bar bully here. Let me translate his crap. "I entered the bar began picking arguments and tossing insults. Then for no reason at all everyone hated me."

    Lets be fair JOHN I did not bend your fingers back what I did do was say if you hit me again there would be a problem.

  2. congrats on making the first step, Martin to admit you are a bully.
    Now admit the truth. You bent back an innocent victim that disagreed with your far right wing views.
    I did not know you from squat. You made it a point to villify with success at a place where originally I felt comfortable.You interupted a conversation I was having with someone with more hot air than Rush or Oreilly. Your saliva spewed across our conversation with about as much zest as you have had in making more juvenile comments on my site.

    You are a disgusting ugly individual but others see the scum that somehow wants to surface.

  3. I believe I did admit the truth. You were not an innocent victim at all you came in to find a argument. You went from person to person till you got a fight. I told you many times to leave me alone. Did you? No you pushed it and pushed it. You went from that to bumping me and pushing what did you expect to happen? Admit it you wanted a fight.

    See you around.

  4. Daywalker/Martin?,
    You did not bend back my fingers but a union worker that actually voted for our Furhrer. Do you want me to cut and paste your comment about it or do you love spreading half truths as Delayed, George and Karl...But thankyou for being civil for a change. I do not expect an apology from a creature as yourself.Maybe You can act civil on this site except when your fragile ego gets in the way.

  5. "Sooner or later someone is going to catch you unaware, such as in the men’s room or putting the key in your car to go home and put a serious hurt on you. I believe you would find the world a much friendlier place were you to heed this very good advice. But then again, maybe not"

    was this a threat of yours too?...way back when??... exhibiting the need to exhibit violence to make up for waning testosterone, Virgil/Day Walker?

    but you have become adept at lying gossip ...does this help you flourish with other codependents at your favorite Stepford bar?

  6. My name is not Martian And I think you have my missunderstood with another person that dont like you> Come to the BTBR. Tuesday see you there k?

  7. for what reason?... You seemed to have a deep seated animosity

    and being that you are in that field of work, you seemed to enjoy hurting others from the conversation

    sorry that I mistook you for someone would not be so cruel as to mention my wife
    sorry for the misunderstanding

    I have been teaching angry students for several years

    I do not need to be around angry adults, but thank you for the invititation...

  8. by the way, can't the angry waitress let this go about a diary/notbook that I left at the Brewery about 8 or 9 years ago
    instead of bringing it up to all the customers and new employees

    besides reading a private diary is an invasion of privacy, let alone passing it around for others to see...

    This happened a long time ago but apparently some people have no life
    and want to keep bringing up dirt and gossip.

    There are a few nice places to go in town where you are not kicked out for writing your own personal thoughts but they are hard to find in OKC, the capital of Jesus Land.

    Just make sure you don't leave it in a bar where the employees will all read it and talk about it for years to come.

    Will this waitress still be working at the same old job and spreading gossip twenty years from now?? This was almost 10 years ago!

  9. Thor/Daywalker, were you the person making nasty comments about Alene?...This low-life misspelled her name...You misspelled Martin...just curious?

    Now are you threatening to do something Tuesday night at Bricktown? Do I need to bring a body guard or my lawyer with dangerous angry folks doing your line of work?


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