12 days till St. Pat's and maybe we ought to name a day after our counter culture's martyr to the cause, St. Hunter Thompson Day?

I would like to do some more blogging to find out about the questionable suicide of Hunter S. Thompson. Knowing the alleged record of our wonder full of it neo Nazis, it makes me wonder how powerful administrations even under a democracy such as ours, can get away with murder?
I know you will want to question Clinton putting a way some people. Maybe he did and maybe Frank S. , Giancanna, Peter Lawford and the president all had gang banged Marilyn and had to shut up so they made it look like a "suicide" with an overdose of sleeping pills?
Maybe there are aliens?
Maybe there is a god and George might not have the red hotline to God?

All I know is that many bloggers want to know the truth. More than likely in less than 20 years there will be enough leaks about this overly corrupt and power hungry administration to show many movies about all the injustices that have truly been done. It will be interesting to see how he (GW) really comes out in the history books and the movies. How did we view Stalin and Hitler back then as compared to now with the results of their addictions to power?

Well, it is such a gorgeously orgasmic day!
I'd love to go out and body surf in the positve waves of KC, Mo., Belton, Lees Sumitt Harrisonville, Independence, Grandview and outlying caucasian flight towns
in the serendipity of the warm tasty winds of spring and global warming???...

I will have a date with Buffy, find a park with lots of tasy soccer/volleyball moms
in one of these burbs. Maybe some bloke will want to discuss the maverick of Harrisonville who has bought up property in downtown historic Harrisonville
while the stores were cheap when the megaconglomerate, Walmart, consumed the downtown businesses in about 1996. He had robbed a bank and went to prison. Now he's rich and laughing all the way to the bank while the patriarchs of the town are out to get him.

I love that kind of rebellious spirit that is part our human race from the ancient picts fighting the Romans that dare come over Hadrian's wall to the trailer trash that gets tired of the barbarians from the south taking away their jobs!
(that is not meant to sound racist but it is true!

well, while
I am in this cannabized state with the adrenaline of excitement and Java,
I need to go out with my favorite toy, the camcorder and interview folks of both persuasions and parties and genders!....

I cannot wait to get out in the world but I feel just the need to tell you much I am learning to be in love with this gorgeous moment of temporary exhiliration called life....
I am about to take this very powerful wave that could take me a way to a new more exotic and enriching place of existence....

it is all in the state of mind of how you will let your true self come out
when you feel the zone,
the curl
the feeling that I'm unda
yea darlin
gonna make it happen
take the world in a love embrace
fire all of your guns at once and


mmmmm, baby, I am feelin so eroticized and self actualized that I was wishing that I was reading poetry to the horny intellectuals of the Okie Land for the "erotic artist's Festival in downtown Okc"

they are inviting that erotic Hispanic singer, Fellatio Fenandez!

Samstag March 12th: 5 days till green beer!

It's nice to be able to accomplish one or two things that have been weighing on your mind for a long time. Walking into "Henry's BudisStoned" after hibernation and buying the smallest refigerator to keep your opened evaporated milk and beer cold!
So I take Buffy for a brief walk until realizing that I had forgot the camcorder and underestimated my desire for a little more bud>

This morning I felt like revelling in the temptation of a warm spring with the flowers all starting to blossom and I am in love with Buffy, Muffy and the inner child that can be sweet and within everyone, even the insecure bartender
that doesn't know the word, utopia.

I decided it might be best to avoid him and his attitude, so I decided to read for a couple of drafts and the 2$ chicken special. The waitress was nice and I was fine until the bartender turned down the lights so that I couldn't read anymore.

It is cool to walk and face the embarrassment or pains in the past and be able to move on. I was reading the intro about how our critics within ourselves are our biggest demons. Walking into a place like that and to be able to breath is like a sigh of relief like a girlfriend that you never really liked but just the fact that you saw her fat and a psycho helped get over the trauma of the relationship.


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