Who is that bald giant?

That giant just took me outside after he was staring at me pee. It's getting cold not like when that big yellow thing was out and kept me warm. He was outside with me sitting on a chair. He would occasionally blow into this small skinny thing about the size of a small white bone. Sometimes when I was trying to get on his nerves for attention he would blow smoke from it into my face. I would have to put my paw in front of my eyes to stop it. Then I would feel very tired and not want to play anymore. I just wanted to take a nap. So I lay out and felt the warmth from that big yellow thing in the sky.

I've been with him for about 2 weeks in this new house
(I think that's what they were called in my previous life). That smoke from him makes me think of some weird shit like I might have looked like him or one of those other big animals in a previous life. They are ugly looking without any fur on them except for this fur like stuff that they can take off anytime they want. My younger sisters and one brother have plenty of fur and aren't bald. I'm the only white girl in the family so I wonder about who the bastard is that is my father! There were 5 of us together. My father never showed his face. Typical male just gets some and then runs away when the mother gets pregnant!

I was the top bitch of the family until this asshole came along and took me across to his place across the street. How come there are no laws against keeping a beautiful bitch like me cooped up in this messy house ? I mean I much preferred playing and pissing on a much newer carpet with my own family. They didn't mess with me or I would bite their little butts off! My teeth are sharp, man, so don't fuck with me!

This bald monster just grabs me and gropes me whenever he wants and then doesn't even have the decency to feed me or at least get me a drink.
He just kicks me out of his house for me to fend for myself in the cold.
He always seem to do it after I piss but when I shit, he sometimes leave me outside for hours!

Then he comes back with other big monsters and they pass around that white bone and out comes smoke. They all start barking more and making this high pitched sound in unison. I guess they thought they were funny.

They looked really goofy and I wonder about this bald monster that I am living with. He takes all of his fur off and walks around the house furless! How disgusting! I wasn't as weird as him in my previous life as one of these bigger animals. No wonder he lives alone! I hope that some one else takes me sometimes but then he smiles at me and gives me the sweetest hugs. I look into his eyes and I know that he loves me! Now he's opened the door and he's smiling at me. That asshole better let me in. My ass is getting very cold! I can't wait to take a nap in his warm house. I might talk to you more tomorrow, but I sleep most of the day. I'll see if I can fit you into my schedule.

love, Buffy
P.S send me some bacon...This honky always keeps me hungry!


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