Peace talks at Garvald's

The social chairman, Dave rang the door bell while Garvald was drying off from his daily shower. Now, there is more in his daily morning or noon ritual now that he has to take care of Buffy. He has the instant Java, evaporated milk, Okie honey, and a tablespoon of ground flax seed to activate his constitution before visiting his bathroom library. Garvald wondered if someone had rang his doorbell earlier. He has to get up relatively early to let Buffy out to pee; 8:30 this morning. It was at least sunny while he also helped fertilize the back yard cedars in his "fantasy forest". He had a feeling that it would be Dave. He opens the window with only a towel around him, predicting a peace offering from his western neighbor.

"Did you know you have a big black crow in your backyard? I shoot birds except when they are really colorful."

Besides the neighborly gossip that had been missing from their relationship for the past several months, there was mention of some extra tasty coffee that he would like to to share. It was a premium blend that later accentuated our almost exhilarating meeting of the minds.

"I want to apologize but you've been a shithead, too!"

Garvald didn't respond to the backhanded part of the apology, but apreciated Dave's sincerity in his apology. He invited him to come over in 10 minutes after he puts on his "furs". Dave went across the street to borrow a rifle from Charles to shoot crow excited about the new peace and "burying the hatchet."

Garvald thinks,
"I don't have any hatchets to bury"

Garvald and Dave renew their relationship and have good conversation about Buffy and their world travels while he shows him the map of the world with photos from around the world pasted to the map. Dave mentioned all the places that he travelled to all over South America and part of Asia.

Garvald in his cannabized state actually thought that this neighborly experience was just a microcosm of his solutions to all the hate and anger fermenting in this world of greed and selfishness....

Garvald and Dave are happy about the release of all the thick negative vibes that had permeated the neighborhood for the last several months. It was a breath of fresh air flavored with the magical herb

(to be continued with great relish but I am hungry and I'm enjoying Millissa Milano in "Poison Ivy 2". Don't actually has some good poetry and I could empathize with the heartbroken art professor who has his heart broken by the tart with such delicious mammary glands...)


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