Buffy meets Muffy!

So it finally happened. My blonde, sharpe, chow, multiracial bitch meets my lady and everything goes as predicted!
It is like sky rockets in flight
afternoon delight!

They connect the way Thelma and Louise connected!
They had an instant telepathic interconnecting of thought so much that I could see Buffy leave me to go on some wild road trip with out me!
Girls only!

It was when Muffy fed her that rice and Chinese brocoli from her favorite drive thru oriental restaurant. Buffy scarfed up her food while nestled in her maternal lap and realized that this women can feed her better than this bald giant who never satisfies her apetite.

Muffy is a female of the animal species also and understands the female gender so much better!
She knows how to take care of a daughter.

Buffy knows who the alpha female is of the household and sees how the bald giant much bigger than her, cowers under the power this woman can have over her pack.

Garvald has good taste with women and he knows how to pick out beautiful alpha females.
He has picked out the cutest most charismatic, golden, alpha puppy that he has encountered in his life. He sees her as his canine soulmate and is well worth having the 204$ major medical for her.

He brings her up her knowing that she will also be a shu in for the adoration of Muffy's daughter!
The daughter finally talks to Garvald asking for her to play several times!

Muffy, Buffy and Garvald all snuggle up on the couch to laugh at Chris Rock doing an effective
ridicule of Bush. Imagine Bush running the Gap the way he has put this country into debt.
Then lets start a war with the the Banana Republic accusing them of tank tops when they don't have them.(Don't get me started!)

March 3rd

I finally broke down and invested in a camcorder so that I could film Buffy and interview folks throughout the world about the ever increasing power of the most dangerous president our country has had in history! With the history of Bush and all the dirty tricks directed by Rove and all the new Neo Nazis, it would not surprise me that Bush had Hunter Thompson assasinated when he started investigating about the government actually knowing about 9/11 and wanting to cover it up like #Watergate!


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