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Buffy meets Muffy!

So it finally happened. My blonde, sharpe, chow, multiracial bitch meets my lady and everything goes as predicted!
It is like sky rockets in flight
afternoon delight!

They connect the way Thelma and Louise connected!
They had an instant telepathic interconnecting of thought so much that I could see Buffy leave me to go on some wild road trip with out me!
Girls only!

It was when Muffy fed her that rice and Chinese brocoli from her favorite drive thru oriental restaurant. Buffy scarfed up her food while nestled in her maternal lap and realized that this women can feed her better than this bald giant who never satisfies her apetite.

Muffy is a female of the animal species also and understands the female gender so much better!
She knows how to take care of a daughter.

Buffy knows who the alpha female is of the household and sees how the bald giant much bigger than her, cowers under the power this woman can have over her pack.

Garvald has good taste with women and he knows how to pick out beautiful …

White House Propaganda

The White House Stages Its 'Daily Show'

Published: February 20, 2005

THE prayers of those hoping that real television news might take its cues from Jon Stewart were finally answered on Feb. 9, 2005. A real newsman borrowed a technique from fake news to deliver real news about fake news in prime time.

Let me explain.

On "Countdown," a nightly news hour on MSNBC, the anchor, Keith Olbermann, led off with a classic "Daily Show"-style bit: a rapid-fire montage of sharply edited video bites illustrating the apparent idiocy of those in Washington. In this case, the eight clips stretched over a year in the White House briefing room - from February 2004 to late last month - and all featured a reporter named "Jeff." In most of them, the White House press secretary, Scott McClellan, says "Go ahead, Jeff," and "Jeff" responds with a softball question intended not to elicit information but to boost President Bush and smear his politi…

Peace talks at Garvald's

The social chairman, Dave rang the door bell while Garvald was drying off from his daily shower. Now, there is more in his daily morning or noon ritual now that he has to take care of Buffy. He has the instant Java, evaporated milk, Okie honey, and a tablespoon of ground flax seed to activate his constitution before visiting his bathroom library. Garvald wondered if someone had rang his doorbell earlier. He has to get up relatively early to let Buffy out to pee; 8:30 this morning. It was at least sunny while he also helped fertilize the back yard cedars in his "fantasy forest". He had a feeling that it would be Dave. He opens the window with only a towel around him, predicting a peace offering from his western neighbor.

"Did you know you have a big black crow in your backyard? I shoot birds except when they are really colorful."

Besides the neighborly gossip that had been missing from their relationship for the past several months, there was mention of some extra ta…


I'm listening to this song so full of hate and then I really feel that I need to escape this country!
This bloke was bragging about his 22 acres, his 15000 ft. mansion with elevator, his lake stocked with different fish for him to fish and "slice up himself" looking at his host the way Tupak for Shur would look at his victim of drive by shooting with no remorse or conscience ....

He talks down to his host, Jimmy Kimmel who is an asshole anyway...Then rolls his eyes almost mocking the host...what a total asshole!...and then I worry about the way scum rises to the top...
the way Dubya at the other end of the spectrum rose
with no credentials other than being from a very rich powerful family of powerful ancestors..
they are both rich, power hungry and appear to have little conscience...
that is the natural way
the way we killed without conscience when wiping out other species of naked ape
or strangers from another klan

I am tired...I know that I sound a little bitter but this jerk r…

Who is that bald giant?

That giant just took me outside after he was staring at me pee. It's getting cold not like when that big yellow thing was out and kept me warm. He was outside with me sitting on a chair. He would occasionally blow into this small skinny thing about the size of a small white bone. Sometimes when I was trying to get on his nerves for attention he would blow smoke from it into my face. I would have to put my paw in front of my eyes to stop it. Then I would feel very tired and not want to play anymore. I just wanted to take a nap. So I lay out and felt the warmth from that big yellow thing in the sky.

I've been with him for about 2 weeks in this new house
(I think that's what they were called in my previous life). That smoke from him makes me think of some weird shit like I might have looked like him or one of those other big animals in a previous life. They are ugly looking without any fur on them except for this fur like stuff that they can take off anytime they want. My young…


I wasn't sure whether to start this off in the eyes of Buffy or do a cut and paste on Dudley Moore's "Arthur",(1981) with John Gielgud playing the classis butler, Hobson. My own version was wondering if this was a bloke with no goals in life until he realizes that he has met the love of his life and any amount of $ is immaterial to him. I am a hopeless romantic and realize that I have these delusions of turning all these essays into some sort of book that will turn into a humorous semi-autobiographical about an adult ADD with his comedic trial of errors finally getting the big score showing his brave heart attitude towards the powers that be (Republicans=the rich Aristocratic English wanting to control the wild (Liberal) Scots!
He gets 6 figures for his book and goes on the lecture tour discussing ADD in schools and in adults while trying to survive a redneck fundamentalist claustrophobic climate. (wow=cannabis all day)

Arthur, 28 January 2005
Author: dfaye-1 from Unite…

Is a Broken Heart a Real Medical Event?

Is a Broken Heart a Real Medical Event?
Researchers Find Evidence of Short-Term Stress Damage to Heart

Suffering from a broken heart can produce real effects on the organ, researchers now believe. (Photodisc)

Feb. 10, 2004 — Is there really such a thing as a broken heart?

A study published today in the "New England Journal of Medicine" suggests there may be. The article claims that an emotionally stressful situation, such as a loved one's unexpected death, may actually cause the symptoms of heart failure in some people.

Love Beats Depression for Women, Not Men

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore examined 19 individuals with no prior medical problems who showed symptoms of stress cardiomyopathy — chest pain, difficulty breathing or low blood pressure — following a stressful event.

A series of exams, including blood tests and angiograms, revealed that all of the subjects had a severe dysfunction of the left side of the heart. The same tests performed …

Bush is a bastard or sinful lethargy?

I'm not sure which essay title for this decidedly very lazy gorgeous taste of the future spring frolicking in my back yard with Buffy the Psychic Vampire! But I'm listening to NPR!

I'm listening to Bush telling folks that he will take care of older folks but he doesn't give a shit and that makes me mad...the American people are being screwed with a strategy exactly the way Lenin took control of the people in communist Russia after removing the imperialist Czar's regime!

Barbara Boxner(?) is such a cool radical liberal! She really tellls it like it is about the right wing agenda that was set up in the early 80s with Reagan and Bush Sr.

I'm gonna go outside and get a little more sun in my windprotected backyar
while I play with Buffy...I love this very erotic warmth given by the sun while my little baby rolls lazily around in the sun and then actually cooling off in a very slovenly and lascivious fashion...wishing Muffy was to experience some "sky rockets in Fli…

Fat Tuesday

It's here now and it's raining...Instead of travelling and really doing all the things that I want to do...I still feel the paralysis even with the addaboy..Maybe I ought to go easy on the stuff because it does cause one to perseverate on silly depressing things

like where the hell my life is going??...
how time is flying by more rapidly ...
Am I just noticing this thought that was brought up by Einstein?...
obsessing over maybe's and what ifs, the guaranteed prescription for depression ...
life is so full of these...
I realize that my own conscience is far worse than any friend or enemy...

the fact that the puppy affected your whole day and you just make a concience choice of being lazy...
and you feel so guilty about another day passing ....
of you being the youngest that you will be for the rest of your life...
you know that there are so many places to see while you have the ability to do so...
why mope over previous happiness?..
you worry that you never will be as happy ag…


Alene was diagnosed by the coroner with pericariditis a couple of months after she went to the other side. It is 10 years and a little over a months since she had passed out in our bedroom. We were watching an episode of the "Simpsons" where Lisa develops puppy love for her substitute teacher that had a voice that might have been Dustin Hoffman's (sounded like it)...

Then she went to our bedroom to take care of bills and closed the door while I continued watching CNN ..
Her mother, who had been living with us for the past 13 years , knocked on the bedroom door while I was sitting in the living room. When she opened the door she told me to come over and I knew that by her voice it was something very serious and there she was passed out by our king sized bed with vomit and all the bills all around her...I tried to revive her and I thought that she had choked on something and not realizing that the vomit often happens after a heart attack

Doris, her mother was talking to 91…

Happy Birthday, Dad, Charles and Horacio!

Dad has done so much and so has Charles. Dad is 89 and Charles is 56! I will go into more detail after a long sleep. I have so much to do. I was crying after talking to Dad thinking that I don't want to lose him for another 11 years! I was hoping for a little tea and sympathy from Muffy but she was involved in a TV movie.

I can understand her situation when she doesn't have the time to feel sorry for herself when she has to bring up a family! She doesn't know how to help the situation as far as my own limbo. She wonders why I have not left this state. I don't know. This is my only home for right now :(

Dad isn't eager to see me unless I go "Down Under" with Muffy. Ron says that I need major medical and he is right. That will be thing to do when I wake up with Buffy yapping and whining in her fecal matter. She is in the kennel while I sleep so I don't have to look out for scheisse every where!

. I hate shit and I've been stepping in it. How can I ever…

"Denounce the pacifist for lack of patriotism".... Did someone say that today or yesterday?

Herman Goering said it at the Nurenberg! That quote almost would sound like it was a typical statement Hannity or the other asshole, O'Reilly. Both are serious members of the Neonazi party's propaganda department, Fox News.
The world is only 50 years years after the holocaust and the persecution and attempted genocide of a group of very smart folks that thought and believed differently than the mainstream citizens. The government was afraid of any sect that would think differently that anyone that might hinder mass fervent patriotism.

Seriously folks, I would love to chat with you "but there are drinks and sheilas all over Okc and I've got just a few more hours to track em down"
(Garvald's aussie version of Eliza Dolittle's philosopher street bum father who becomes rich and famous writing his hedonistic philosophies!)

Today is so gorgeous that I am almost giddy with the bloomin spring spirit
and be teased into falling in love with the day

Groundhog Day

I was going to make this post into a literary event... kind of in the same vein as Bill Murray repeating each day until he finally gets it right. When he gets it right he gets the girl.

There I was in Galileo's waiting to read some old love poems for the open poetry night. I sat at the bar and ordered the vegetarian pizza with bacon bits. They did it the way I asked but it was no better than the pizzas they make for me at Cici's.

So I saw this attractive lady sitting at the bar gulping down shots. We would occasionally exchange glances as if she was trying to figure out where we had seen each other. I sensed the negative vibes of a venamous but curious female cobra(like the beautiful looking snake that bit Cleopatra after her affair with Richard Burton). She aproached me after about an hour with the question. After I started talking to her I realized that she was the heartless date that had been amused with me a couple of years ago, laughing at me thinking I was way out of her…

Ned Flanders has a spot reserved for him in the Bush Administration and will be chairman of the biblical half time show for the Superbowl!

Homer's next-door neighbor, Ned Flanders _ a highly valued member of `The Simpsons'
FRAZIER MOORE, AP Television Writer

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

(02-01) 14:43 PST NEW YORK (AP) --

Good heavens! Ned Flanders has come into his own.

A zealous instrument of God, Ned has long been instrumental to "The Simpsons" as it lampoons organized religion (that is, when not mocking virtually every other human institution, from business to democracy to its own TV network).

But lately the ground has shifted beneath the Simpsons' hometown of Springfield, U.S.A., along with the rest of the nation. The new term has begun for a president whose re-election was clinched by the "moral values" ballyhoo. The current climate finds faith synonymous with patriotism, while "secular" is code for un-American.

Before on "The Simpsons," Ned was a secondary figure -- Homer's cloyingly pious next-door neighbor. But the values he embodies in exaggerated form now mon…

When will I be "Delivered from Distraction"

Thank you, Soliloqy, for the tag. I was glad that I was able to give you more insight to your husband's behavior. It sounds like you are patient and want to help if you have been reading books about it. Have you read books about ADD and relationships?

Delivered from Distraction (Hardcover)
Getting the Most Out of Life with Attention Deficit Disorder
Author: John J. Ratey M.D.
Our Price:$18.06 Retail: $25.95 You Save: $7.89! (30%)
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Part Number: 034544230XBT--Release: 01/04/2005

-- Notes:
Dr. Edward M. Hallowell is considered one of the top experts on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). His ground-breaking 1994 book DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION--a diagnostic list of characteristics identifying what was then a relatively unknown condition--is on virtually every list of essential works in the field. In DELIVERED FROM DISTRACTION, Dr. Hallowell updates and adds to his earlier work, synthesizes current research, and focuses again on not merely how to live with ADD but how to li…