When will I get a laptop??? Quit procrastinating!

I will be going to Salem for the charges of weed and paraphanelia that apparently will be dropped with just a 6 month probation. I will not have access to the puter unless I visit a library out of town. It will be a long car drive and maybe I'll visit Muffy for a couple days to get away from brain drainage in the red state. It will nice to hang out with folks that like intelligence for a few days.

I should even plan on going south just to get away from this depressing coldness here while I'm still unemployed. I think that I should learn to enjoy myself and explore the country and the world but I still need to get a short term major medical. Eventually, I will have to go back to the real world of work so I should take advantage of this freedom isntead of being a couch vegetable and expert on DVDs. It's nice to know that I won't have to worry about this court date anymore. I hope that the Salem police don't bother anymore while I'm driving through the town. Maybe they will be following close behind me when I'm driving in and out of town. I will have to only drive in the town during daylight. It's hard not to get paranoid sometimes so I better not bring any thing with me.

Speaking of freedom, I need to get a laptop to write to you anytime that I want to. It's like getting on the phone with a best friend that I feel safe to confide in anytime I want to. They will be accepting of my views and can listen with non judgement. The redneck readers have decided to write much lately. I almost miss them a little bit, but then I don't look forward to opening my heart when they will leave some juvenile comment.

I have been reading the "Artist's way" upon recomendation by an ex gf from a few years ago and I never had access to the book so I went to the library and checked it out. An artist needs to write about 3 pages per day in order to release all the demons or blocks out of your system that are preventing him/her from doing his most creative work. I have not been able to write 3 pages at one sitting but I'm trying to at least write almost a page with all the crap that is going through my mind. I can see how it might be blocking me.

I'd like to do some browsing more often. It will be nice to look something up when I want to. I look forward to seeing you all in a few days hopefully. :)


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