Salem Witch Trials

I thought more like the Salem white trash trials. When you go to court in a small Missouri town of about 10K (?) and see the down and out rural poor of generally young, under 30 folks, there is a great tendency to worry about the future. Most of the folks were awaiting time with the judge for various alleged offenses most having the look of nervous aprehension about what the judge would say.

It was nice to be ahead of the crowd having the benefit of a lawyer meeting him about 15 minutes early to confirm the good news! I had to admit guilt in front of the judge for only paraphanelia but reluctant to say guilty so my lawyer said it for me. I was looking into the judge's eyes just happy to not have to worry about this anymore and for the black cloud to be lifted from the my brain cluttered with the cob webs of time and sadness. I paid the whole charge of $411 for court costs and the police defense fund.(I would love for those out there in cyberville with expendable captital out to help pay for the Garvald defense fund to make Marijuana legal! I was almost thinking that I might be actually be fighting these charges for posession in court with delusions of taking it all the way to the supreme court like Roe did to help women have a choice). Prepaid legal found me a good lawyer who has good communication with the prosecutor.

I was sad for these peoples' lives that probably do not have much future when they get old and lose all their teeth from crank.
No wonder that I get depressed even after coming out of the "trial" with 6 months of unsupervised probation. I told Muffy that she could supervise me!

I was thinking worst case scenario...and being in the news...

Teacher accused of drinking, smoking pot with students

Originally posted on: Thursday, April 07, 2005 by The Associated PressLast updated on: 4/7/2005 12:34:46 PM
VENICE — A Venice high school math teacher is on administrative leave after he was arrested for allegedly giving two students vodka drinks and smoking marijuana with them.
Sheriff's officials say 34-year-old Michael Ziemian also showed the girls how he was growing marijuana in his garage.
He was arrested and released from jail yesterday after posting $40,000 bail.
His wife who is an elementary school teacher is also on administrative leave. She has not been charged.
The students say they went to Ziemian's home in March to make up some school work. He then gave them vodka-and-tonic drinks and smoked marijuana with them from a glass pipe.
A sheriff's report says Ziemian admitted giving the girls vodka and marijuana."

Then I am happy when I think of escaping to our home in paradise!


  1. I put this comment on the message board about weed:

    How come the pages on the last post are harder to read. The essays are longer than the screen at least on this computer?? :blink:

    I was in salem yesterday and it was arranged that I pled guilty for paraphanelia and be on usupervised probation for 6 months. The charge for posession of weed was dropped. I agreed to pay $300 for the police defense fund and $111 for court costs. I paid $700 for the lawyer that prepaid legal found me.

    I am hoping that the Salem police will give us a break this summer.

    check out my website for details B)

    The first step is to lessen the sentence here in Missouri for Marijuana to be the cost of a traffic
    fine like it is in some blue states like Vermont and Oregon
    At the moment the sentence is one year in jail or a 1,000 fine for bud or paraphanelia in this state.

    By the way, when I was in the Salem town square waiting to see the judge, I noticed that the bank lobby had a tree with plastic marijuana leaves. Did anyone else notice that??

    Do you think most in the bank don't realize it or the bank manager might like to indulge??

    Who else has checked out the lobby in the bank on the town square? Are those marijuana leaves?

    That would be so cool if the bankers in Salem smoke weed. Who are we kidding? when so many are closet smokers. Let's make it legal! I'm sure even our dicktator, Bush smoked some in his days when he snorted cocaine and was an alcoholic! :lol: Clinton and Jimmy carter smoked. Maybe Reagan had some with Nancy on his ranch. That would hilarious! Who saw the SNL video of the Bush family, jr and senior all getting high on their ranch along with government officials sharing the bud?

    Watch the history of "Grass" on DVD with Woody Harrelson as the


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