Mary J

It's been 4 days since I've made it a point in my daily schedule to talk to you. It's been very cold and was amazed to see the gas bill $145 when I was gone for 17 days!
I wonder how we will survive in the future? Everything is changing so much from drastic changes in government taking away our freedoms and forcing fundamentalist based morals down our throat. Bush and large corporations want very cheap labor but we are paying for it increasing the burden of debt to the expanding working poor. They are deliberately freeing open our borders to appease big business to over supply labor so that we have to work at slave wages to compete for work.

I go everywhere now from OKC, to KC to Chicago and see that we are swamped by an invasion and a significant culture change. Maybe some of it will be better? I know a lot of our "invaders" to the south love Mary Jane!

We will be forced to learn "Spanlish" as the evolving American language or is it devolving with our grammatically incorrect president at the front lines of this "bastardization of the English language"? My father has frequently complained about the Americanization of the language.

Are we afraid to address the invasion for fear of being called a racist? Can we address that our dwindling government resources have to pay for free medical and schools available to them when they are hurt or sick? They cannot pay for the medical so we indirectly pay for it with increased costs in hospitals. Immigration has been always been part of our culture but never so significant that soon 50% of the country will have a significant Spanish ethnicity and culture.

Can we not somehow limit the illegal migration as other countries especially Australia and Canada limit the immigration of illegal folks because it is too much of a burden to these countries?

I have always been a fan of ZPG , zero population growth, but we are supposed to be "fruitful and multiply" but we don't have to be the way of the lemmings who keep expanding until they all jump over cliffs to cut down their population.

I would like to open this topic up to my 5 readers and invite them to leave their comments. At the moment you may even do anonymously!

Sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed that we want to just smoke some stuff that is probably from Mexico. It would be so cool to legalize it and therefore we could tax it but it would be hard for them damn "revenuers" to find all of it just like they went after moonshiners! Now that is a whole 'nother topic.


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