It's almost 4:20!

I'm feeling so much better and freer but still often have the bouts of depression that this is the last year of my first half century! I will be younger than 50 for less than one year! Does that mean I am too old to still act immature or goofy and take on the so called responsibilities of Repuklican Puritanical Pukedom where I'm supposed to grow old gracefully? I am discovering my way to flower so that I feel that my best years are ahead of me where others will want to share in similar philosophies of hedonism that I have! I love to tune into schwagdom on the net and in the same feeling or vibe that other stoners of all ages tune their spiritual radio stations to.....There is so much to do and can almost empathize with ole Ebenezer having visits from 3 ghosts to really live and go for all the gusto while you are on this earth! Maybe 50 years sooner or later you hope your obituary will be filled with love...
Maybe your life will be like Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life" and you will really see how others have benefited from your visions of this utopia that you envision... maybe you will still be alive a healthy old man to see the wonderful ripples of your wake!

I was so happy yesterday to see the letter from my lawyer saying that I will only have to pay nominal courts and $300 to the "Law Enforcement" fund. I will appear in court on the 18th. I will be on probation for the next 6 months. It's was like a black cloud was released from me. Now I feel free to go see my father for his 89th birthday in the "Land Of OZ" as we Aussies affectionately call Australia, Mates!

I only have an hour left to talk to you. Sometimes, I feel that my blog is my soulmate and that I like to talk to her like you are out there somewhere and can understand me so well and accept me for who I am. I have not had the hate mail in some time so I'm feeling the audience out there has been much more receptive to liberals trying their best to come out of their various depressions. When I am talking to you it is like I am talking even to myself hopefully 50 years from now. You might be reading this with the love that you have learned.... when you have learned to love the vulnerable child deep inside of are wanting to be loved and accepted by most of all are a good person....
"GOSH DARN IT! I AM A GOOD PERSON". I was thinking of Al Franken playing the gay therapist on SNL.

Some uninvited guests have entered my journal, my views of the world around me, and not accepted my opinions.... We are different but if we understand that we are so close to each other in the way we think we would no longer see the need for war and dominance over other human beings.... the fundamentalism here is almost as strong as the fundamentalism in the Middle fundamentalists want to force your defintion of morals the same way the Moslems want to take away our freedoms to enjoy ourselves want to stop us from enjoying a good doobie when we want it...(Do you realize that many Repuklicans also love THC?)...relax and enjoy yourself instead of being of being lemmings on civilization's treadmills .... working yourself to the grave to pay for your huge bubba truck or whatever the corporations and greedy advertiser tell you to buy so you have no are always in debt...Poor Old Scrooge had the best ideas for fiscal conservatism! Save your money so you don't have to be someone's slave...Save so you can have the freedom to tell someone to take their job and shove it!!! Then relax at 4:20 with your homegrown when you tell the Repuks to shove it when they don't want you to smoke your own plants that you grew yourself!

"How about if we eat the plants and put it in our oatmeal the morning?"
(she rolls her eyes)

Serioulsy folks, we can let go of many things that we have no control over....
The Tsunamis waves are still gonna come!

American has been dominated by the Puritan ethic since folks became tired of Oliver Cromwell who forced his fundamentalism on England and was the "George W" to Ireland. Cromwell goes down as evil as Hitler in Irish history just as "King George the Crusader" will go down as evil in the Arab world and most of the world's history books. The Irish have hated the English for 500 years. How many years will we be hated as American Imperialists? I'm sure that I will deal with a bunch of shit as an American even in Australia, our ally! I will have to mention that my parents are Australians from a continent SOUTH of here, not Yanks (as Aussies call anyone from the US, north or south ) and that I never voted for either generation of Bushes!

Now our country has the chance to make good helping the folks from the tidal waves and we can get out of the new "Vietnam" as quickly as possible..... before we brand the hatred so deeply inside these folks where the continuing hatred for the West will go on for another millenium...if we don't blow ourselves up!

It's amazing how time flies when you are having fun! It's Friday evening so I'm not sure about going to the Red Dog, or dropping off my puter that was messed up by AOL to the nice bloke in charge of security at Mike's. He'll help fix it. There are very nice conservative around sometimes here in Oklahoma. Brian is the most open minded and intellectual conservative that I've met down here! I dropped by at 1am to play a game of chess with his friend, a Republican with long blond hair in a pony tail. I was hoping that the match might have been more challenging but it still was fun almost wishing that it was Karl Rove that I was checkmating!

Speaking of polite conservatives, Charles and I enjoyed watching the end of the movie, " The Door in the Floor". Kim Bassinger is so beautiful as the very sad wife who has lost her two wonderful sons. Jeff Bridges plays her husband who shared the happy family with her and invites a high school boy that looks a little like his dead twin sons as a summer boy toy for his wife. The high school boy from a prep school is only a pawn to be used by both adults that we forgive because of what they have gone through and we realize how hard it is to cope with the loss. Bridges goes on with his life with his "sins" of womanizing , alcohol and moral decay while giving his wife the needed love that she does'nt have from him anymore in the form of this boy to only be used and discarded by her.


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