Irresistibly gorgeous day to come out of hibernation!!

Nice chat with the Muffster after she's had a good sleep. She is in the top ten percent mood after her good night sleep and coming back early from her work when the her work place at Long View lost power. All this tasty salmon that was left available for the help, so she brought it back for her and her older sister to consume. I know how felines especially alpha ones love fish. :) It is so nice to talk to her when she's happy . She likes to listen to me when I'm not "hyperactive". Maybe the weed makes me get hypermouth and that it is so important to say some deep profound wisdom!

" You need to express yourself in some way that won't irritate her or anyone that is not necessarily in the mood to experience the diarrhea (I had to look it up in spell check again) while you're on a soap box ."
My conscience points this out to me when the therapist in my brain goes into overdrive.

I was telling her how the little beads of "addaboy" help so much just to lift me out of this lethargic depression which is often accentuated by the creativity herb....
where I find that the only pursuit that would motivate me would be
writing with my favorite "liquid gel ink" pen or
knowing that the immediate gratification of being out there in the world of cyberspace will stimulate these words of wisdom to be enscribed.

(wow, that only took 2 hits of creativity earlier while waiting for a computer to free up at the Belle Isle library.)

Lately it seems that I'm getting only about 10 to 20 hits a day from maybe 5 (??) faithful readers that might tune into this mad diary....I suppose it's not controversial enough, or maybe the gratification of seeing their anonymous comments was taken away?? (I brought it back for the holidays and maybe until I go to OZ!)

I have about 45 minutes to finish this essay before the library closes at 5. I like to reserve about half hour on the puter that lets me cut and paste interesting articles from other sites. I also love to browse the messages on to see others that might have a similar Garvaldian philosophy. I get sidetracked as you can obviously see when I write these essays sometime on purpose....
that's part of the ADD and stuff :) and my dry bizarre sense of humor that many might not apreciate..

The point that I was getting to after the nice conversation with Muff was to make this week productive. I told her that I'll get a laptop, a refrigerator (used, or new but not a tiny one). I'll visit the college center and maybe even visit with a counselor about job prospects for next year all across the nation. I get paranoid sometimes that an angry person might try to say to the "powers that be" in education that I have a controversial site, but I want to let everyone know that this is purely fictional so there!

I will look at laptops tomorrow morning from various stores and talk to sales reps about all the things that the items can do. I will use my income tax refunds to purchase these. I will also take care of some of the debts incurred by the visit to Mercy's emergency room after being attacked by a customer and Conan, the bartender that used to work at Lumpy's. I happened to see Mike Dawkins a month ago at an oriental convenience store and he told me that he would pay the bill. That was a month ago and nothing has been paid.
Lumpy's has the bill so he can see it...Check out archives for the summer to read the account of the assault because he didn't like the way I was looking at!

I will make a list as far as what else to do. I will avoid the stuff until I have accomplished at least one or 2 things on the list.

Everyday, in every way I will get more and more organ azized!

If any one has any constructive criticism of these essays, tell me. Tell what you want to hear about. What adventures or tales can be the material for the evolution of my elusive book ?

I want the most out of this site is for you and me to see the transformation of someone coming to grips with his life and shortcomings. I want to realize all the potential that I have in this journey. "Sucess is in the journey!"
I have a wonderful feeling sometimes that when this book is finished and published, the plane will have taken off and on its upward journey to the stars where there are no limits.

Now insert "The man of La Mancha" music.
"To dream the impossible dream" I have only 5 minutes left to tell you that I will going on a walk to see the Lake Hefner sunset and give myself thoughts of seeing the sunset on a beach on the opposite side of the world!

Sometimes I feel like Scrooge all excited about doing good in the world while he still can! I want to get over my own mortality so that I move on with my life and enjoy every little bit of it like it is my last. It sure would be nice to know that we can still have another chance like many pagans believe


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