Hail the the Thief and Cocaine Snorter!

Today is so gorgeous feeling the sunshine. It is wonderful to have someone to share the walk without much wind! On our walk to have brunch this morning, Muffy and I noticed chemtrails in the sky. She was mentioning how chemtrails are used to help the powers that be see everything better especially since today is the inaguration of our great dicktater!
I thought you might wonder why presidents with ADD might like the lift they get with Coke!

by the way, I've never touched the stuff....adderall works fine and is not addictive
enjoy this essay:

The Republican Cocaine Candidate
Did GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush use Cocaine?

Republican Cokehead leads the GOP Pack
Republican GOP candidate for president Texas Governor George W. Bush refuses to answer the question about his prior use of Cocaine. Every other Republican candidate have all said the never used cocaine except George W. Bush. Why does he refuse to deny he's used cocaine? Probably because George W. Bush actually did cocaine. If Bush didn't use cocaine he'd say he didn't use cocaine.

The Republican party has always positioned themselves as having the moral high ground and saying that character counts. The look down their noses at the morally inferior knowing that the judgement of God is going to send the sinners to hell. But in spite of the Bush cocaine connection, the GOP still backs Bush as their leading candidate. It would appear the the Republican moral convictions and the character issue is so much bull. These issues only apply to Democrats. If you're a Republican you can be a drunk cocaine using womanizer and that's just dandy.

Why I can't support a cocaine user for president
Unlike Marajauna, cocaine is a highly addictive drug that has ruined the lives of millions of people. Cocaine is almost as addictive as Cigarettes and is highly illegal. America is trying to crack down (excuse the pun) on cocaine productions in Columbia. What are the Columbia drug lords going to say if we elect a president who's been snorting coke? Are they going to laugh at us? You bet they are!

A president who has used Cocaine sends the wrong message to the Columbian Drug Lords

And what kind of example does it set for kids growing up in poor neighborhoods? After all, if the president is kool then why isn't it kool for them to do it too? This sends the wrong message in a big way. I wouldn't vote for a cigarette smoker for president let alone someone who does coke. The president is someone who should not be into dangerous drugs, and cocaine is a dangerous drug.

If he would just admit it
Texas Governor George W. Bush shouldn't hide this from the voters. Do we have a right to know? No we don't. Does he have a right to keep his drug use private? Yes he does. Do we have a right to vote him out for not talking? Yes we do. So George, if you didn't use cocaine, just come out and say it and put this issue behind you.

There is a posibility that if Bush admitted he used cocaine that I wouldn't exclude him on that point alone. First of all it would have had to have been a long time ago. He would then have to totally denounce its use and explain why he did it. He would have to make me feel confident he was never going to do it again. It's like Betty Ford and her alcohol treatment center. It didn't count against her because she turned it around and made something positive out of it. But we can't begin until Bush admits he has had a problem.

Republican's just talk morals
The GOP is setting a bad example for the youth of America by endorsing a coke freak for president. It sends the message that winning is all that matters and that even though he abuses drugs, he's better than all the other Republican candidates. If this is the best the Republican can offer, they're playing an empty hand.

The Republicans get all high and mighty about their moral values and the character issue. during the impeachment of President Clinton they thought what Clinton did demanded he be thrown out of office, and Clinton didn't even actually go all the way. But where was the moral outrage when it was uncovered that Henry Hyde not only went all the way, but broke up a family. Or when Helen Chenowith had an affair? Or when Bob Barr paid for his wife to get an abortion? Dan Burton had affairs with about 20 women. Newt Gingrich was doing one of his staffers and was charging hookers on his credit card. And Bob Livingston had so many affairs he made a deal with Larry Flint not to publish it if he resigned. It looks like the Republicans are having more sex and doing more drugs than the Democrats.

Republicans don't insist on morals when it's one of their own. Their higher standard applies only to other people.

But God forgives Republicans and you don't hear the cry for these sinners to step down. That's because the only thing that means anything to the GOP is winning the elections, no matter what they have to do. They'll shut down the government, deny us health care protection, squander out tax money but cutting taxes for the rich. Whatever it takes to win is the Republican platform. Even if it means embracing cocaine.

"There are few clear areas in which we as a society must rise up united and express our intolerance. The most obvious now is drugs. And when that first cocaine was smuggled in on a ship, it may as well have been a deadly bacteria, so much has it hurt the body, the soul of our country. And there is much to be done and to be said, but take my word for it: This scourge will stop." - President Bush in his 1989 Inaugural Address

This is going to be an interesting election year indeed. Al Gore, although dull, is squeaky clean. Where George Bush is more charasmatic, but has quite the past. Will Christian Republicans turn their backs on Jesus, their morals, and their convictions and support a cocaine user for president? Sure they will.

Cocaine Connection not new to Bush Family
In spite of President Bush's 1989 Inaugural Address, during the Reagan/Bush administration Oliver North secretly used the CIA to ship arms to the contras. In order to fund this operation they imported crack cocaine that was distributed in the Los Angeles area and was responsible for massive drug addiction and resulted in increased gang activity. Although Bush has always claimed he was "out of the loop" I have a hard time believing that neither he nor Reagan knew what was going on.

"Dark Alliance" was originally the title of a series of newspaper articles by San Jose Mercury reporter Gary Webb (August 18, 1996). It had a strong lead, a powerful introduction, and it's still an accurate summary of the story.

"For the better part of a decade, a Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to a Latin American guerilla army run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, a Mercury News investigation has found. This drug network, federal records show, opened the first pipeline between Colombia's cocaine cartels and black neighborhoods of Los Angeles, a city now known as the crack capital of the world. The cocaine it brought into the United States fueled the crack explosion in urban America and the simultaneous rise to power of the murderous gangs of black L.A."

Did the Nicaraguan Contras really use cash from cocaine sold in the US? Did CIA- sanctioned Nicaraguan drug smugglers flood the inner cities of America with crack cocaine? The answer to both questions is Yes.

In its new book-length incarnation, Dark Alliance by Gary Webb is a heavily referenced history of how the CIA engineered the high-volume U.S. cocaine invasion in the 1980s. This is a classic market study. Saturate the market with low-cost cocaine. Produce mass market "crack" in South Central Los Angeles. Make big bucks. Go to jail (if you're not protected by a high-level CIA coverup.)

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