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I can't believe I can access my blog. I played around with the security and somehow, the settings were preventing me from getting on.
Now it's 2:24 am and wondering what to say. I've been enjoying reading the Artist's way. Next week, I need to decide on my plan of action!

Now it's 12:24 pm...woke up at 10 am to find snow outside and can almost pretend that I'm snowbound in the country when I see the snow accumulating on the thick evergreen brancehs of my cedar forest in the backyard...watching Trump and his 20 something young bride talking about having kids!...isn't he aproaching 60...more power to him...if I was rich like him, I guess I could to afford kids and hiring a hispanic maid and even afford to pay their social security
unlike the blokes that Bush tried to hire for his administration...

so now I'm letting you be involved with my stream of conciousness
the pagan girl used to log everything in our notebook together as part of her own stream of really captures the moment...when you see what you wrote 3 years later or when I wrote about my travels in my diary when I was 10 years old...

It brings back exactly the way I viewed the wonderful large world back then....I was in Thailand in 66, while Vietnam was rife with civil war and seeing soldier hanging out at the hotel pool on R and R... I remember my older brother and I were somewhat oblivious to the war but when I flew over it, I knew that there were bombs going off down in the jungles below. We were singing,
"It's been a hard days night and I been workin' like a dog."
The beatles were famous for a few years...

Hope you all don't mind this stream of conciousness but nobody out there in cyberspace or any of my 5 loyal readers, wants to give me constructive criticism on what they want me to write about???
Here's another essay among other essays schwaggers from theschwag site about how they are trying to sneak by a bill to draft our young American youth for the dicktator's war for "freedom" when it's really about oil! :

I was a senior in HS when Nixon pulled us out so I didn't have to worry about "running for the hills", Canada or maybe trying my luck with the coast guard.

I just don't like the idea of us being over on the side of the world fighting communism or "terrorism" (Bush and his administration have become the terrorists)

when I would have been much happier servicing the country doing volunteer service somewhere where we really needed help, helping youngsters find out that they can have a life instead of a fat administrator or chicken hawk telling me to die for oil

We dont need to die for oil...We existed without oil 100 years ago...we walked , rode the horse or took a train run on coal...

we could make ourselves independent of is a finite resource that will run out when your grandchildren get tired of paying $100 for a gallon of gas!

it's interesting that a name after our worst institution, MCDs, call liberals "pukes"

probably from eating to many big macs

who has watched that DVD about folks getting sick from having a diet of only MCDs?

MCDs is another one of the ugly America's embarassments....the rest of the world laughs at us or worse, despises us because of this ugly Americana that is not wanted in so many countries..

when we blow ourselves up we will think that we worshipped the big mac! when anthropologists (if there are human remains or any human left) they will
see the mcd's styrofoam that have not degraded....they will see these ugly golden temples and think this place was for worship of the Holy bigmac cow!

"run for the hills "....
where there are no MCD arches to aesthetically pollute the scenery
those hills free of MCDs and the madness will be few and far between
places like schwag might not be around anymore as we subdivide our country
into homes, parking lots, MCDs and walmarts
just imagine walmart being in the center of what is now schwag 100 years from now!

they are all over see a beautiful little town in the country to be blighted
by these ugly yellow M arches

I am hoping that most of the folks from schwag form together to stop the mindless ravages of civilization or what we repukes like to call progress

There are many of us that want a much more ecological friendly civilization. The greens party has these ideals. I know most folks love places like schwag where we walk around rather than drive cars....
We will lose it unless we really speak up and decide to not tolerate shitty administrations, shitty closeminded attitudes and shitty processed food



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