Blue State beats Red State or Trojans (condoms) 55 beat Sooners(premies) 19

I think what would be funnier? Condoms beat out premature ejaculates (sooners). The football team at OU is red and was beat out by USC, the home of Hollywood and so many liberals! Isn't that ironic justice that the blue states have beaten out the red states in football and baseball, America's favorite sports! Boston won the world series. Is that the home of the liberal senator from Massachussets?? I thought it was even more ironic that I had bought a hat just by chance only for the express purpose of keeping my head warmer or preventing skin cancer not even realizing that the hat represented USC when it was only a buck at the salvation army store! Imagine making a bet back then for USC would be like 100 to 1. I bought the hat in KC too! I am realizing more and more strange coincidences in life that seem to be signs from somewhere....This afternoon while watching that cool new movie with Kim Bassinger and Jeff Bridges with Charles, I found out that his birthday is the same as my father's , February 7th. Maybe that really reinforces, how badly I need to see my father for this 89th birthday. As far as coincidences, Alene's birthday, October 18th was the same as the daughter of the pagan girl. I think what are the chances of all these coincidence. The significance of 7's and how I'm 49 too...
(she rolls her eyes)
"Where do you come up with this bizarre stuff? Are you the wierd guy at the bar?"

Seriously, I think that great good will come out of this awful tragedy in Asia, where there are empty spaces of what were once villages and towns. This was the world to all these people and it was wiped out in was all natural with no one to blame ...We can't predict the forces of the nature and the universe...Maybe there will be great good coming out of the world together to save lives instead of us killing innocent people. Our soldiers are now helping these people who are mostly Moslem. Maybe this will put aside all this hatred that we have built up inside of our species. I hope that all the energies of these lost souls were not lost but their energies will be for good and world peace that can be possible if we evolve to that higher plane of existence that I see can happen. I see this love and energy when I visit schwag and hopefully will see other communites in Australia where the strongest energy is love. I have visited Nimbin and other folks where you could only feel positive energy and not the negative energy that has infected this country.

After visiting with Charles, about 4:20, I noticed how beautifully the sun was shining through my crystal cedar forrest in my backyard forest. The icey rain had formed this gorgeous sculpture making love to the sunlight. I wish that I had bought the camcorder so that I could pull it out and record this moment in time that will never come again.

It is my new years resolution to buy the laptop and camcorder so that I can record these moments with my writing and photos while on this brief stay on the earth.


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