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How is our Bipolar Saloon doing?

Now that I have the convenience of the computer in my house, I don't feel the need to go to the library. So it gives me the chance to be more of a bum or recluse. The depression of being alone was alleviated by just stopping off at Mike's pub. It was a serendipitous occasion feeling the positive vibes of most of the young folks and of course babes that momentarily exchange glances.

I hope that this doesn't sound naricissistic but for some reason I seem to attract more looks from the ladies that I used to think were out of my league. I would like to get the opinion from other ladies to know better. What do you think Muffy? She is rolling her eyes>'

Bottom line it was an enjoyable evening seeing friends that I had met earlier in the year, Mike and Emily. I was introduced to their friend, Frank. Mike is really good with computers, photographs, and graphics. We hopefully will be getting together on setting up the website to do even more things. Emily used…

Put this in your teapot and brew it!

Cannabis 'Scrips to Calm Kids?
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
By Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
•San Francisco Ponders the Pot Business•Kindergartner Sprinkles Marijuana Over Lasagna•Art Garfunkel Pleads Guilty to Drug Possession •Police Ordered to Return Confiscated Pot•Priest Accused of Growing Pot at Church•Medical Marijuana Prosecution Confusion •Kerry 'Toke' Draws Little Smoke•Federal Appeals Court OKs Medical Marijuana in Some Cases
WASHINGTON — As a California pediatrician and 49-year-old mother of two teenage daughters, Claudia Jensen says pot might prove to be the preferred medical treatment for attention deficit disorder (search) — even in adolescents.

"Why would anyone want to give their child an expensive pill … with unacceptable side effects, when he or she could just go into the backyard, pick a few leaves off a plant and make tea for him or her instead?" Jensen asked the Drug Policy Subcommittee of the House Government Reform Committee earlier this m…

Freedom to blog!

I can't believe I can access my blog. I played around with the security and somehow, the settings were preventing me from getting on.
Now it's 2:24 am and wondering what to say. I've been enjoying reading the Artist's way. Next week, I need to decide on my plan of action!

Now it's 12:24 pm...woke up at 10 am to find snow outside and can almost pretend that I'm snowbound in the country when I see the snow accumulating on the thick evergreen brancehs of my cedar forest in the backyard...watching Trump and his 20 something young bride talking about having kids!...isn't he aproaching 60...more power to him...if I was rich like him, I guess I could to afford kids and hiring a hispanic maid and even afford to pay their social security
unlike the blokes that Bush tried to hire for his administration...

so now I'm letting you be involved with my stream of conciousness
the pagan girl used to log everything in our notebook together as part of her own stream of co…
It's funny when you are away from the internets you kind of miss them. I finally have my own little portal or cyber door to the universe of must be the stuff that infiltrated my lungs!'s nice to be back at the Warr Acres library and sweet librarian, all dressed in red! :) I only have 15 minutes to say what I need to say and then put my writing and discussion from onto this site. I wrote on various places and my computer at home does not let my password work for some reason. Here is a conversation from the message board of the schwagsite:

Im putting our discussion on the site for others that are interested. I'd like my site to be sort of a chat room and support group for those with ADD and those that want to get rid of Bush rather than just staying in a funky depression! Ithink many of the funniest folks have ADD!

I would like others to be aware of folks that have different ways of processing and to not feel alone…
Lately, I haven't felt like writing as much but I have been enjoying blogging on the internet to see what has been written on my favorite subjects such as Bush, rednecks or marijuana. It's been nice being away from the intellectually starved state of 66.6 % Bubbamentalism. It's hard to find a place with where I could find a good game of chess or cannabis induced conversation.

Today is a gorgeous day, so I hope that Muffy and I will be able to enjoy it for her day off. I have been procrastinating about heading south.

I still need to order my notebook computer from Dell so that I can find my favorite coffee shop and start writing for a couple of of conciousness...and then opening my mind up to all the things that I can do with the rest of my life...

A warm day teasing you with spring ...
like having a taste of a lover that you miss so much
spring fever and it's full moon's eve
the moon energizes your fluids
the way she motivates the tides

I've had a…

What is worse than a reformed drunk?



KATHERINE VAN WORMER, IRISH TIMES - Brain studies reinforce what recovering alcoholics and their counselors have been saying for years; long-term alcohol and other drug use changes the chemistry of the brain These anomalies in brain patterns are associated with a rigidity in thinking. . .

"Dry drunk" is a slang term used by members and supporters of Alcoholics Anonymous and substance abuse counselors to describe the recovering alcoholic who is no longer drinking, one who is dry, but whose thinking is clouded. Such an individual is said to be dry but not truly sober; such an individual tends to go to extremes.

It was when I started noticing the extreme language that colored Mr Bush's speeches that I began t o wonder. First there were the terms - "crusade" and "infinite justice" that were later withdrawn. Next came "evildoers", "axis of evil&qu…

In George We Trust.....not!

"Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war!"

Republicans Push For `In God We Trust' Banners In Libraries
Published: Jan 22, 2005

NEW PORT RICHEY - Dollar bills and many Pasco County government buildings bear the motto ``In God We Trust.''
Pasco Republican leader Bill Bunting and other party loyalists want to extend the message to public libraries.

Bunting recently asked county commissioners to hang banners with the inscription ``In God We Trust,'' along with American flags, in public meeting rooms at the county's seven libraries.

``It's very simple. It's not political. It involves all parties,'' Bunting said this week. ``This country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. If you're an atheist, and you don't like it, you can put a banner over it and take [the banner] down when you leave.''

The late Joe Herrmann, a San Antonio activist, approached the county commission three yea…

Muffy's fireplace....mmmm cozy :)

Yesterday, I hung out in Westport waiting for Muffy to get off work. There's a Mexican restaurant that offers 89 cent beers all day Friday and Saturday. I ate a large burrito and was writing and reading when a Hare Krishna offered me a couple of books on Buddhism. I like a lot of things about their peaceful ways of eating vegetarian and not having the angry intolerant fire and brimstone of the puritanical Baptists and the intolerance of the right wing sect of the Moslem religion.

I gave him a donation for one of his books and offered him to sit down. I felt much happier after visiting with him letting go of some of the losses in my life. It is amazing when you just feel good karma overcome you.

Afterwards I checked out Buzzard Beach and met some of my favorite benchmarks of the place. There were the authors of and Chillicothe Dave and my favorite bartender, Dennis, of Mormon heritage. (He was telling me that Meth and Mormons are strong in Independence, Mo.)

Lately, …

Tight ass Repukes get DC to foot the bill!

Thanks for the anonymous comments. These are the first in a long while. Good to see some Repukes get out of hibernation!

District Should Not Pay For Bush Inauguration Security
Source: The Hilltop (Howard University - DC)
Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Author: Editorial

There are a lot of us who are not very excited about the upcoming inaugural celebration that will bring President Bush into office for another four years. However, the celebration is special because it is the first post 9/11 inaugural celebration. Right now, the D.C. government isn't very excited either because, thanks to this being the first inauguration since 9/11, there is a need for extra security; a need that carries a $12 million price tag that the federal government has passed on to D.C.

Since D.C. is not considered a state, and therefore, does not get the same rights as other states such as representation in the senate. D.C. has a shadow senator. They carry the duties of any regular sena…

Thought you might to look at our born again Prez and his carefree days!

Source: Sunday Times
DAte: 12 September 2004

How team Bush took an airbrush
to the Chosen One’s misdeeds

The public swallowed a story of the wayward president’s son who cleaned up his act to take his place in the White House. Kitty Kelley exposes what really lurks in George W Bush’s past
On November 6, 1997, the exclusive club of America’s current and former presidents and first ladies gathered at a college campus in Texas for a celebration. President and Mrs Clinton arrived on Air Force One to join President and Mrs Ford, President and Mrs Carter, Nancy Reagan and Lady Bird Johnson.

They were there to honour President George Bush, who had raised $83m to build his presidential library at Texas A&M University.

His eldest son, George W Bush, governor of Texas, welcomed the 20,000 guests. With a few words, W smashed the bonhomie of the occasion: “I’m here to praise my father as a man who entered the political arena and left with his integrity intact . . . A war hero, a loving h…

Hail the the Thief and Cocaine Snorter!

Today is so gorgeous feeling the sunshine. It is wonderful to have someone to share the walk without much wind! On our walk to have brunch this morning, Muffy and I noticed chemtrails in the sky. She was mentioning how chemtrails are used to help the powers that be see everything better especially since today is the inaguration of our great dicktater!
I thought you might wonder why presidents with ADD might like the lift they get with Coke!

by the way, I've never touched the stuff....adderall works fine and is not addictive
enjoy this essay:

The Republican Cocaine Candidate
Did GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush use Cocaine?

Republican Cokehead leads the GOP Pack
Republican GOP candidate for president Texas Governor George W. Bush refuses to answer the question about his prior use of Cocaine. Every other Republican candidate have all said the never used cocaine except George W. Bush. Why does he refuse to deny he's used cocaine? Probably because George W. Bush actuall…

Salem Witch Trials

I thought more like the Salem white trash trials. When you go to court in a small Missouri town of about 10K (?) and see the down and out rural poor of generally young, under 30 folks, there is a great tendency to worry about the future. Most of the folks were awaiting time with the judge for various alleged offenses most having the look of nervous aprehension about what the judge would say.

It was nice to be ahead of the crowd having the benefit of a lawyer meeting him about 15 minutes early to confirm the good news! I had to admit guilt in front of the judge for only paraphanelia but reluctant to say guilty so my lawyer said it for me. I was looking into the judge's eyes just happy to not have to worry about this anymore and for the black cloud to be lifted from the my brain cluttered with the cob webs of time and sadness. I paid the whole charge of $411 for court costs and the police defense fund.(I would love for those out there in cyberville with expendable captital out to hel…