Definition: \Pomp"ous\, a. [F. pompeux, L. pomposus. See {Pomp}.]
1. Displaying pomp; stately; showy with grandeur;
magnificent; as, a pompous procession.

2. Ostentatious; pretentious; boastful; vainlorious; as,
pompous manners; a pompous style. ``Pompous in high
presumption.'' --Chaucer.

he pompous vanity of the old schoolmistress.
-- {Pom"ous*ly}, adv. -- {Pomp"ous*ness}, n.

3. Going to church on Sunday and buying a gun the next day to kill heathens.

4. Boasting about the size of their pickup truck when wife chastizes the size of his ding a ling.

5. Still making jokes about Clinton on the radio and same stepford repuke DJ gets upset if caller is "unpatriotic" making scatological jokes about the Fox News President.


  1. Oh yea, I forgot to put the word "pious" in my rant. Also, I already used the word "obnoxious" to describe you so you cant use that word on me. It's mine, all mine. You also mentioned some garbage (what's new?) about the vocal minority on this web site. Correct me if I'm wrong, but besides us fine, upstanding, and job holding Republicans, sweet sweet precious Muffy is the ONLY OTHER PERSON who posts to your comical web site. One more thing, I don't want to go to another website. I am having way too much fun on this one. I just love reading about the sick bullshit that your mentally ill mind concocts. It is also really funny when you use some unknown persons posting as a reference to your conspiracy theories (I think you call them essays). Do you think a piece of chewed gum is art? Just asking. Do you stay up all night thinking of really cool adjectives to use the next day for your comedy routine on this site? When you pray at night dose it sound like this "Dear God, please let me think of something really clever to say to those nasty repuklicans. I keep having to use the same tired phrases over and over again. My stoned, feeble, selfdiagnosed ADD mind can't think of anything better than "pios hippo potasses". I know that it was lame, but that was the best I could come up with against the morally superior Repuklicans. Please help me because I keep having to write the same shit over and over again. Democrats dont even visit my site because, except for the funny but true postings, my content really sucks. I don't even believe half of the shit that I write. Please HELP. AMEN". By the way, Muffy, I still have not heard from you. Please write. Garv, Your assignment is to respond to each and every statement (sentence)that I wrote. Blow Me.

  2. For some reason the essays since Wodins day have not been published. Sometimes I actually think its some Repuklican brain nerd like Karl thats a puter hack and messes with the "doteasy"...doing his karl rovian best to ruin someone ....
    Karl is a classic case of doing everything and running over everyone to get what he wants and win at all costs

  3. "PUTER". Are you too freaking lazy to spell out the word. You stupid ass.


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