Setting up a plan! (fictional essay)

Being that I am on this sabbatical from teaching and wondering if my teaching certificate might survive the barrage of misadventures and blackmail (even the fictitious neighbor yelled about calling the Okie state board of education), I need to set up a plan for this venture of writing a novel where the names have been changed to protect the guilty or the bloke serving papers will have to reach me in the "Land of OZ". I wonder what the obese one would say to the board..
I can just imagine the conversation,

"He's a stoner and shouldn't be teaching children!"
speaking in soto voce knowing that he's one himself ("glass house")

I don't even want to dare think why he would threaten that, except that he loves to read this site about the fictious characters in my life and then have one of his friends or roommate write the comments anonymously..this website is the only way to adress them without threats of bodily harm or just over the intolerable decibel level of mad screaming...
At least know I am not so intimidated by him coming over and harassing me (I say that and he'll read this and come over in angry tantrum...

Hopefully, my garbage can will still be there after writing here in the library.. when I know that thieves have alreay burglarized the 'hood.

From now on, so the blokes in the novel don't get upset . These characters often have traits of many people put together to help one imagine it....I do use creative licence so if you are taking it too personally then chose another website...if you do not want personal attacks yourself from your own glass house, then to do a rank amateur job of spewing out pscyho babble like its vomit...

Ocassionally someone of the opposite view can write intelligently about the topic of the site or why they like or dislike it. When they want to make a personal attack then don't get upset when you set yourself up for analysis.


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