Ninety minutes!

All these thoughts running across my brain since I waited before taking care of the tasks at hand. These last few days have been relatively succesful(?) or just much more productive along with the helpful motivation of a human made pharmaceutical. It's funny that the creators of "Desperate House Wives" must have seen my blog or just know the effects of an amphetamine (She rolls her eyes and walks off in total disgust with his delusions and has to have a cigarette!) Just rationing out those little pills with the magical beads of motivation. The mind just clicks on and doesn't seem overcluttered with all the shit that you need to get done. All obstacles are organized by the mind into manageable boxes or packages for this brief journey through life.

After waking up actually before noon today and about to go back to sleep when I looked at the grandmother clock (Alene bought it and I finally got batteries. The other one is not working so I left it on 4:20.). I decided that I needed to talk to the lawyer about this case, but wasn't sure if he might be the best defendant or the one with much more experience in Columbia. I finally get the motivation to call the one that is closer and who sent me the bill that I missplaced or worry that a burglar took it. Who knows? I've lost the number for the bloke in Columbia so I finally just call the secretary of the local lawyer that knows the prosecutor. The secretary calls back that nothing has been filed even though the arbitrary court date is for the seventh.
"It takes them a long time to process things, even tickets"

Well, I am so relieved that everything is taken care for now and the court date will be postponed for hopefully a couple of months so I can take the trip to Australia. Maybe we can all laugh at these ADD "Hunter S. Thompson" "addventures". (She rolls her eyes and says,
"You are no Hunter Thompson.")

I have a great chat with my neighbor, Charles about so many people doing their most creative works when they reached mid-life. Charles loves to do photographs and I can see how his eyes brighten up when he is into talking about pictures.
"You are never really good at something, unless you love it!"

Both of us are in similar situations. He's retired from Tinker in his early fifties, and now with more time than he knows what do with while his wife still works. We are looking for creative outlets for doing what we really love to do. Both of us end up sometimes watching the boob tube when we just wanna veg. ( Women don't seem to understand man's desire to go to his cave and veg or hibernate sometimes.) We are realizing that there are so many things to do in the world before we end the journey. I sometimes have visions of really being happy when this writing or whatever comes of my career will be really fulfilling. I feel that life is so short and I need to be cramming as much into it as I can! We had some afternoon tea together at about 4:20 and NO, we did not do that!
I made the elixir of ginger root juice, hot green tea with a little Kava Kava and a little of the most local honey that I could find at "Buy for Less". We also munched on dried cranberries,dried banana chips and walnuts. I like to explain to my female best friend (I think) that I love to eat well but I also do indulge in the ocassional binge on ice cream or onion vinegar potato chips. She gets upset when I try to lecture her on what is good for you in your diet, but I was eating chips the way she does I would have an 8 month paunch!

So I'm onto the public library after my fix of the national news while listening to NPR have about the movie "Alexander" and the reality of his life. It made me think about the destiny of a man like him where he does have a vision of really changing the world. The man was despised in Greece but was great in the rest of his brief empire. He had a vision as many that conquered.
I'm having delusions sometime of these words being found somewhere and making an impact with these thoughts and ideas that will help evolve the human race to a higher level. (Uh oh, she's really rolling her eyes into the back of her head!)

I'm not saying that we should conquer the world with force but with reaching a level of understanding of our differences. When we learn to accept folks that believe and have different lifestyles that do not harm your own, we will be in a much safer and loving world instead of being human lemming racing towards our cliffs of extinction.

So I'm walking into the Warr Acres Library and see the oriental lady on one of the puters and I do a 360. Is that a bad sign when I'm wanting my luck to change?

I drive on through the rain and the redneck drivers on their giant bubbamobiles to get to the Belle Isle Library and write for 90 minutes! Sometimes I miss being on this computer like a love that I can't stay away from.. Is that why some people have affairs so that they will find someone that listens? I worry sometimes that the only folks that want to leave comments never emotionally got out of 8th grade.
I would love to hear from folks that have a college degree, enjoy reading good books, realize that there is a life outside of football, and just enjoy deep conversation over the peace pipe or not. Just a friendly cuppa?

Maybe I'll just check into the Jesus House for Thanksgiving and hang out here in the land of disenchantment.
Or maybe I should research pagan thanksgivings?


So he visits her house and knocks on the door not sure of who will answer it. He prayed to God that he would actually meet her. He sees her but she doesnt aknowledge, telling him while breast feeding her new infant as coldly as she can,
"Oh its you! Go away!"
giving him even less conversation when he wanted to talk to her while she was bartendressing one customer a few years ago. For some reason he felt better at least seeing her briefly jealous of the new father of her 4th child?? What kind of life does she lead now living on a very busy street in a tiny house? Her talents are now wasted except for being a mother and maybe doing some artwork. He wished that she had his child and could have been with her when she breast fed their kids!

He wonders too now about God answering so many of his prayers and finally at least being able to see her. He had written out notes to God asking that they be back together. The spell hasn't been totally lifted but he has knowledge of what she looks like now and she's still beautiful but very bitter . There is a note on the door to tell everyone to go away almost like a curse.

He wonders about sending her at least a christmas card from his land far away?? That will probably only make things worse, but he always does thing out of hopeless romanticism before common sense!


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