Medical Marijuana

I actually think that it has helped me as far as my immunity. I have had far less colds and often feel more strength and confidence since I have taken the prescription religiously most evenings the last few years.
My writing and creativity have increased 10 fold. It also adds some sensous spice to the lovemaking!

It will be wonderful when they cannot stop us from
really legalizing so we can grow it and then put in our cereal for brekkie before the morning swim the gorgeous surf! mmmmm! Then there will be less harm to the lungs or just put in a vaporizer while sitting in in the hot tub after a cold swim in the deep blue Pacific Ocean in the the "Land of Oz".

I'm sure it's not gonna happen anytime real soon unless we impeach Bush (bloody hypocrite was smokin it and passin it to his parents at the ranch in 89. Watch SNL.)....But who knows??
They can't claim it as interstate commerce when it's home grown!

You know that the silver lining to all these clouded neoconservatives temporarily taking over the red states and trying to force their own type of morality down the rest of our throats is the fact that they are doomed to fail. What goes up, must come down and the fact that he's fooled half of this country with his new born again Bubbamentalism, the country will eventually become wise to his shenanigans about starting a war for no valid reason and this McCarthy type of scaring that he and Karl have gotten away with for so long. I wonder what the real reason the national scare chairman, Tom Ridge(?), decided to resign or was it forced on him when he and others of the subministration were tired of all the grey hairs from all the lies that they were forced to spew out and scare us?

The other silver lining is that I will have lots to bitch about until Conneticut boy gets impeached.


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