Karl Rove does not want me to publish this and anyone disagreeing with his view of the world being only black and white!

I know you might think I'm nuts if you don't already, but you never know??

Here is a website that I found by pushing another blog on my site. It is what I'd like to do more with mine:

When I learn to blog better, I might be able to create sights with all the photographs included except for me.( right now for anonymous purposes and all the enemies of intellectual thought and discussion in public drinking facilities).
There is so much life to live, so many places to see, so many wonderful connections that have similar feelings about learning how to enjoy life.

Garvald wakes up at noon to his daily ritual of hot chocolate and cains instant coffee. It tastes so much better when he breaks down and buys some distilled water to make these elixirs and treats so much better. He has wierd kinds of youth elixirs added to his daily menu such as green tea, kava Kava and ground up ginger root juice. The Kava Kava helps alleviate some of the depression and keeps him mellow. (He tries to make it daily, but his ADD prevents it from being an organized ritual before escaping the confines of his 1660 sq foot hovel of hibernation.)
This alleviates some of the paralyzing worry or anxiety that often paralyzes him into inactivity. He has a little bit of stuff left to give him a little buzz before he ventures out for a Saturday drive wishing that the sun would peak through all these melancholic clouds that have settled in for a long period of stifling depressing blah since November 2nd.

So now for the past couple of weeks, the library has been his creative outlet for the world of cyberspace. How many souls will enter Garvald's daily world?? The tag board shows 6,028 all from word of mouth and maybe the ocassional ADD blogger looking for someone that might process in a similar way to him. He has a 90 minute time limit at the library for access to this world that he shares with friends and haters.


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