I love you Schwagstock!

Since I'm having difficulty with my blog on my computer and have to go to a library, I am writing many of the essays on the comment section. I cannot even sign my name so it has to go into the anonymous section.
Here is this post that i wrote to all my friends (no Anonnette, not everyone hates me:) at theschwag.com (:(i'm almost afraid to give this site out cuz alot of rednecks might go invade this wonderful utopia):


Thanks guy and gals for all your support and kindness...I love this place so much even after being stopped by the gestapo...I got a lawyer and will try to find that guy to call in the norml chapter...i missplaced his number

I try to keep a sense of humor about all of this and maybe this can be a stepping stone to legalizing marijuana and or at least loosen up the laws for the stringent penalites when it does not effect the reflexes like alcohol

I enjoy the stuff esp because of the creativity that it engenders and great discussions with folks esp schwaggers..
this place was so awesome with 99% friendly folk , with the exception of an ocassional redneck or a rude staff member (it was only one and everyone else of the staff was warm,friendly and helpful)

I do a lot of writing and this website is rough draft for a magazine or book...I love this spirit that I encountered here so much that I was inspired in July to start this personal journal with several essays about the 4 visits to schwag this year!

Schwagland is like a girlfriend that I long for...
She is always warm and comforting...
she is understanding...
I love her company...
she always gives me support
and most of all, I can be myself

Some of the essays on my site might bore you, but in most I try to keep a dry sense of humor about living among rednecks with my own self diagnosed ADD

Ive been teaching for several years and decided to take the time off to write a book or fictional novel with the names changed to protect the guilty... :) and less chance of papers served to me in "Oz".

I love input and folks that want to write to me about their own feelings of schwag or anything else and put it all together
I feel that your energy (the positive vibe that I feel when enter your sanctuary) will evolve into the muse for my novel/book/magazine

check out the website www.escapetheokiezone.com
and please tell me what you think...If I know you're a schwagger, I promise that I''l be nice in my replies

I love you, schwagstock!


  1. The northern lights will be out tonight!

  2. it will be nice when im able to write on my blog without having to go to the library... I already miss the folks in kc and muffy

  3. Now this is the third day that the blog was not able to publish but at least they are there and are waiting to get published. Lillian says that this happens a lot when many are blogging. The news today was saying how many bloggers are contesting the voting in Florida and Ohio. This comment will be cut and pasted to a regular post where it can be edited.
    It is depressing after talking to the lawyers about the worst case scenario and then wonder if my "enemies"
    ( I know you might think I'm paranoid but it's hard not to when you are burglarized and the next door species screams louder than his emotionally disturbed dog that he's going to the state dept. of ed) will use the material on this site to say that this author does not deserve to be a teacher. I almost feel like asking him but that would just lend itself to the person's inferiority complex to make it feel better knowing that he thinks that he has control over my career.

    It has become very cold and wet the last couple of days and after the scare from the police being handcuffed when I was not drunk has intimidated me from going outside when my future is at stake with this major incovenience. 20/20 hindsight wishes that I left during the day time when I was fresher and the weather a little better. It almost reminds me of this saying that I think I've heard, no good deed is left unpunished.

    The horoscope haunts me with an explosion or something if I do not make amends with everyone. I'm sure that I misinterpreted his very often eccentric or most from this American culture would just call it "wierd" like Muffy's daughter calls me "wierd". Why cannot we say different instead of "wierd" like insane or off in la la land.

    Now I want to cut and paste from Bob Bresny's horrorscope before Halloween so you all can see it.

    Im going to see if this will be posted as comments have been censored to?

  4. The blog said that it would be posted. I guess I'll just continue this as a diary for the posessed or obsessed to make judgements about my most personal struggles.

    They always make complaints that no one wants to hear this, yet the same angry people want to leave their $.02 with almost regularity or rather like irritable bowel problems. They sometimes sound constipated and other times like diareah with an overwhelming amount of loose feces coming out.

    It is fun that I can always have the last word unless they sabotage this site. Who knows the evil of Karl Rove and his Repuklican henchmen or maybe someone that had access to the puter while the house was burglarized.
    Maybe we could turn this into an "OKIEGATE" !

    The other funny thing is that these "haters" actually take this fiction seriously except I wish that Karl or Empreror George were just fiction! At first, it was fiction when they made the movie "Wag the Dogs" about a close adviser to the president recommends starting a war since the polls are down and this will help with the reelection.


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