How do you stop the diarrhea of more crap and more crap?

Flax seed, more vegetables and avoid chicken fried steak and Oklahoma beer!

I've had all sorts of bad luck and so I think what is the point of getting out of bed when the day would have been better, if I never left the house, and just deal with the depressing paralysis of couch potatoism feeling guilty about not getting anything done. I wake up to an angry phone call from Muffy yelling at me about not having my cell phone with me all day. She apparently gets mad everytime I forget it. Maybe she forgets about my own ADD, but she said that she worries when I don't because of all the card carrying NRA male and especially females who would feel justified in killing me with their weapons of mortal destruction. She is upset that I hang out in bars with angry testorone and steroid, Stepford Repuks and rednecks filling the bar regurgitating Rush or Fox propagandized one liners. I go to clubs and still get haunted by their taunts of how we have to bow down and kiss Bush's ADD dumb ass! Would it have been nice if George actually got stuck in jail after his DUI in the northeast (where he's from) after partying with John Newcomb (former Australian Wimbledon champ). It would have been funny to hear about him being humbled after being some bloke's bitch.

"How dare you be disrespectful belittle our sacred president with his Holy Mandate!, the angry female redneck screams at Garvald!"

So I was waking up with the post traumatic stress of realizing another 4 years of getting closer to the 4th reich! HEIL GEORG (German way to say the name. I was getting very down and wondered whether to veg on the matress and watch TV. I should be happy about at least staying out of jail and then get paranoid that I'm heading for a downward spiral. It is so easy for me to be overwhelmed and then I think just one step at a time after a little Addaboy and I'm better focused, not so overwhelmed and my favorite mocha coffee with the hot chocholate adds to curing this hypoglycemic low accentuated by the bud. It's funny how herbs and drugs affect people with differing constitions and mental states differently. So then I get in my car and hear one of my favorite Beatle songs about "Good day sunshine" so I think that it's a good day after passing the 13th day of the month without more trauma making sure to visit a club less than 2 miles from my house paranoid about getting stopped with any stuff again. Shit like that happens in pairs or in triplets with my luck of Murphy's law. I avoided any arguments last night with the cowboy security head of Mike's. Fred has read bits of my site and likes the style but not the content, so we can always have intelligent conversations about politics without fear of getting barred. He thought that it was ridiculous to be kicked out because of the topic and that this is a free country and one should be able talk about it unless one gets personal and violent like the angry rednecks at other pubs.
I had a fun evening feeling the positive vibes of Patch, Mark, Emily and Susanne just dancing and nothing more than harmless flirtations. Mike's has a younger clientele so they have not been so indoctrinated by this red state of intellectual drainage yet but will soon be brainwashed by the corporate slave owners and fundamentalist preachers shoving their "gospel according to St. George, the savior and hero of Jesusland" down the throats of innocent young sheep (Like the children of the corn from Chickasha who protested the 2 pages of the science textbook disagreeing with their scary dogmatic beliefs)

about all the negativity and then think what worse could happen so I bump a car in the library parking lot. I know it's my own fault so the elderly oriental lady is all panicking with the worried look of never being used to the country talking in a thick accent. I tried my best to alleve her worries because I still haven't gotten around to get my insurance certificate. Then


  1. Attention Deficit Disorder is nothing that a
    solid kick in the ass can't cure.

    Attention Deficit Disorder is bullshit and anyone that "has it" should be shot. You have a kid that misbehaves? Smack the little shit up side the head and tell him to shut up. I'm tired of all these pussy parents that are afraid to discipline their kids.

    There's a fine line between child abuse and discipline. Take my dad for example; when I screwed up, my dad would electrocute me. And look at me today: flawless. Electrocution builds character.

    All seriousness aside, the real reason ADD exists is because executives at pharmaceutical companies need to make their Lexus payments. Companies that produce Ritalin, Dexedrin and Cylert make billions of dollars every year selling their shit to lazy/irresponsible parents that want an excuse for letting their kids become the stupid, obnoxious, spoiled bratts that they're growing up to be. When I was a kid, all my parents gave me was a brick to play with. If I complained about the brick, my dad would drop kick me in the throat and I'd realize how ungrateful I was being.

    I bet all those wimps diagnosed with ADD when they were kids are the same dipshits that still pay with checks in grocery stores. NOBODY PAYS WITH CHECKS ANYMORE. Get out of the stone ages. Seriously. People that pay with checks drive me up the wall. Might as well pay with foreign currency. Some old lady was paying with a check while I was in line at the grocery store the other day, so I dislocated her hip. Old lady had nothing on me, I kick ass!

    blow me.

    Back to how much I rule...

  2. Muffy says: To Garvald: Now I'm confused, was the phone charging like you said, or did you forget it, like you said? Maybe I'll go out tonight and participate in a little not-so-harmless flirting of my own. Learn how to spell DIARRHEA and limit the run-on sentences that are like DIARRHEA. To the anonymous, sadistic freak: Garvald wasn't diagnosed with ADD as a child, he was in his forties and thankfully, had a MUCH BETTER, HAPPIER childhood than you did. Blow YOURSELF!

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  4. Wow, those were both hilarious... sometimes, I wish I could give the kids a harmless little zap everytime they talked back or would be attached to the chair...or good sensations when they were listening or at least acting like it and taking notes...
    Maybe, If i had enrolled, I might have become better conditioned to not forget things ...but I still would not have learned common listening to the beatles and worried about getting into a parking space while someone is right on your tail and then you hear a light bump.....oops....another expensive add momen

  5. M, i was charging the phone and I forgot it...I know that one with add should make visual he does not forget things...

    what was that nursery rhyme about "one shoe on and one shoe off...little gitty gout with his shirt tucked out"?? im not sure how the lyrics went but the boy of the nursery poem was a poor young bloke with add before they even knew what it was

    who is this wild man nuts about electrocution??

    He is funny in a macabre sort of way...

  6. freakshow watchers of pompous gluteus maximuses...I didnt know you were so anal that you want to watch this "freakshow" when you have no life and are fat and ugly...get ur stomach stapled Madamme le Bubbetteer!



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