He/she who is without sin.....get stoned and chill

Here is an amateur shrinks choice of words:

"Let me ask you something. Have you taken a step back to try and figure out why everyone hates you?"

Not everyone hates me, just contolling folks or bullies that won't get their way or upset when someone else questions their behavior or want to be the loudest on the street or on the pub. Even Muffy did not want to hear my problems when I called her today. I am just so tired of angry people, but I suppose I have to expect this from certain people.
I have made a lot of friends and as far as enemies, take a number, Anonette, or from whatever glass house you reside in. I know that you will deny connections with some angry neighbors or alcoholics that get angry when they have a different view of things and want to make personal attacks. I do get personal with folks that get personal with me without having to make senseless epithets. Today is a gorgeous day and you or I will do my best to not take your nasty comment personally but I will reply to you. This person made it a vendetta to get the DVD and TV to the point of robbing my place. He will deny this but then incriminates himself when he comes right over after I had called the police to ask what the case number was and that he was "sorry about the incident in Kansas."
He then asked if anything else was missing and that I better not mention his or his "brothers" name to the police.

"If you have a problem with someone do you try to figure out why and fix it? Or do you run? Do you try and make peace? You might be surprised that given half a chance you might be able to coexist with people."

I have done my best to fix this problem peacefully but that person only gets loud, violent and angry when they have had walked off without paying the electric bill.
I do not want to open up another can of crap with this whole situation because they broke into my place after I already came back from an unpleasant situation to find my place being violated.

I have lived peacefully with neighbors for 20 years until these angry people moved next door. I have tried my best to get along with these people. I was influenced to let their blood brother move in at an extremely discounted rent.

The gentleman walked out and did not pay rent or 215$ in electric bills, and left with many repairs that I have to do.

Then, everytime, I walk out I am bothered by this bully or whatever you want to call him.
He threatened to call the board of education like other rednecks do from their glass houses. I am not teaching now, but I'm sure in his vindictive state he will do his best to make my life miserable.
The only reason is because he reads my site and wants to censor me, upset that he cannot have the last word unless he barks louder than his angry dog whenever I walk outside.

"You blame everyone else around you for your problems. The world is wrong and you're right. What's funny to me as I read your postings you ask people not to get personal but that's the first thing you do. "Repuklikans", "obese", "bubba's", etc. etc. etc. If you want respect first you have to show it."

But your party and liberal bashers want to give it out but can never take it...

You know I truly feel sorry for you.

Maybe I shouldn't though. Maybe you like to be miserable. Pathetic really

I will edit this some more but I will send it out into cyberspace and leave me alone and analyze yourself first!


  1. I do not need your pity whomever you are. I feel sorry for you that you have so much anger and judgement come out in your feelings. I am sorry that your anger can only cause cancer. Writing helps when things are not going well or you are not happy. Apparently you know me but I dont know you...kinda like caller id and tinted windows or sunglasses to cover the windows to our souls...

    it is very easy to analyze others before we dare look deep into ourselves...

    it is very easy to throw stones and arrows from that safety
    it is so easy to make yourself feel superior when you throw barbs

    you apparently must have an unhappy life too..

    how does the saying go ??

    "miserable people love miserable company"

    but i dont need your ugly attitude or company
    and if you dont like me so much find another website to bother

    I feel sorry for you that you waste your time reading this if I disgust you so much.
    Have a nice evening, smoke something with Kava Kava or maybe its that time of the month,.


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