Great Vibes at the Satellite Barrista Cafe!

I read some of these recent essays last night for the Thursday evening poetry at the Satellite(?) Barrista Cafe and felt even more positive vibes from this warm place and very friendly management.There is some construction and one ways so if you're patient you will find it on the west side of the road by 11th and Walker. It has a very intimate setting at about 11th with a view looking down the hill at road construction for a few blocks (I was told by the folks at the barber shop down the road that it should be finished up in a few months with pie in the sky promises of actually having a water fountain in the middle of the roundabout at the plaza court intersection. Blake and Maureen are co-owners. I had nice long chats with both of them about my website and the cafe which opened at the end of the September.
It has mirrors around the windows on the outside as many building had those one way reflecting glass from that time period. From the inside,it has a very a broad panorama of the street. There a windows on the two sides eposed to the street. You can see the behind of the Plaza Court sign. It looks like an older building out of the Jetsons with I believe, late 50's (?) type of architecture. I was looking out the windows and could see the fountain and the neighboring building refinished the way they are in Bricktown. It could add to the section of Bohemian culture that likes to visit arty cafes in the Paseo such as Galileo's.

It was a relatively warm evening so I saw Brad and a friend sitting outside an empty business. The poetry folks walked in about half an hour later. The poets were mainly African American, a different group from the other night at Galileo's.
I met one of the poets from the previous night sharing the good vibes of a positive connection.

These poetry nights are usually giving poets 6 minutes for 2 poems. It is judged for contests by the audience or a 5 member panel to decide on the content and the performance. There was not a "contest" last night but it was a wonderful chance to express yourself to a very positive intelligent audience!

The host started off the evening and chatted with the audience of less than 10. I was not sure up till a minute before being called what essays to read, so I gave the choice to the audience and they wanted to hear about "Wodin's Day at Galileo".
Using the Irish brogue I drew them into the story of going back into my distant memories of James Joyce's Ireland where the soulmate of my previous life accepted me back (don't roll your eyes with my creative license). I have never captivated an intimate audience with the story telling the way I did that evening. I give credit to my father's genes for the "dramatic" and academic and my mother's ADD. (He was a professor at a university.As a nightly ritual, my father would tell my older brother and me bedtime stories while Mom gave us each a cuddle. We looked forward to his new creative stories every night! I even made one of his stories into a several page short story of boys with their mirror reflections coming to life and having to take a picture of them in order to put them back into the mirror. Mr. Zitto, my 7th
grade English teacher gave me an A for it but then I only was given a B for the quarter and I argued with him about the grade.)

I read another essay about the rednecks and they all thouroughly enjoyed it as much as I did, acting out the various characters that often obnoxiously present themselves overbearingly into my life.

There a different types of highs in your life. This natural high of really connecting and letting the audience into your world with such synergistic energy is sometimes better than the best mutual orgasm! But's that's a whole 'nother essay!


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