Grand theft election alla the criminal genius:

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Grand Theft Election: Karl Rove's turd droppings all over this one

By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer

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November 5, 2004—Karl Rove, the political sorcerer who is called "Turd Blossom" by his political master, George W. Bush, has his nasty fingerprints all over the 2004 Election in a scam that can best be called "Grand Theft Election."

There was something very wrong in Ohio, which Bush claims he won handily. Not only had the head of computer voting machine maker Diebold and Ohio's Republican establishment of Governor Bob Taft and Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell conspired to suppress registration and voter turnout in heavily Democratic precincts, but the Ohio Secretary of State’s web site was only reporting results from nine counties as of 11:30 a.m. on November 3, just three hours before John Kerry conceded the election to Bush. Totaling the results from the nine counties (Fayette, Fairfield, Geauga, Jefferson, Portage, Mahoning, Trumbull, Richland, and Washington), John Kerry was clearly ahead. A tenth county, Columbiana, suspiciously showed up as "NO RESULTS."

The totals from the 8 Ohio counties reported on the Secretary of State web site were: BUSH 267,771, KERRY 294,648.

There has to be a way for those of us who voted for Kerry and Edwards to sue Diebold Chief Executive Walden O'Dell and Diebold board member W.R. Timken for conspiring to deliver Ohio's electoral votes to Bush. O'Dell and Timken are also top fundraisers for Bush, so-called "Pioneers." O'Dell told the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 2003 that he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year."

The fact that Diebold machines were used in the Ohio rip-off should make O'Dell and Timken the subjects of criminal investigations. Of course, that will not happen in a GOP vassal state like Ohio. But why not a civil suit by those of us nationwide who voted for Kerry and had our presidency stolen from us as a result of racketeering and corrupt practices by a cabal of Republicans and fat cat corporate types? In a civil suit, through the process of discovery, O'Dell's and Timken's emails, letters, and other records could be ordered open by a judge. They could also be deposed as witnesses before plaintiffs' attorneys.

Then there were the strange hiccups with the official election websites reporting results in states and counties across the nation.

During the morning of November 3, attempts to access the Pinellas County, Florida, election website were met with the following:

The page cannot be found.

The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

At 11:52 a.m. on November 3, the St. Lucie County, Florida election website showed no returns, long after the polls closed:

"Welcome To St. Lucie County Live Election Returns

“Election results will appear shortly."

Attempts to access Miami-Dade County's election website during the morning of November 3 were similarly unsuccessful.

On the Florida Secretary of State website there appeared some verbiage about a link to the Marion County election website. But there was no link. Ditto the same for Nassau County, a county that saw widespread voter intimidation and suppression of African-American votes in 2000.

Indian River County, Florida election results were also of interest and indicated fraud:

Registered voters as of October 4, 2004 included Republican: 41,866; Democratic: 24,515 ; Independent: 15,262. Votes on Nov 2 were Bush: 36,744; Kerry: 23,850

Democrats had almost complete turnout if you match turnout to their registered voters. Republicans were down some 4000, but what happened to the Independents' votes? There were less than 1 percent for the third party candidates. We were told Independents were breaking for Kerry. Even if 23, 850 for Kerry included a majority of the Independents and even a few moderate Republicans, the results from Indian River don't indicate that.

In pivotal New Mexico, by mid morning on November 3, the state election website was missing several returns from areas with large Native American populations: Cibola and San Miguel Counties were missing in addition to one precinct in Dona Ana County with the following close returns listed: Bush: 26 072; Kerry: 25,608

One precinct in McKinley County with the following returns listed: Bush 7,132; Kerry: 12,725

One precinct in Sandoval County with the following close returns listed: Bush: 22,482; Kerry: 21,215

Fifteen precincts in Socorro County with the following close returns listed: Bush: 3,197; Kerry: 2,638

New Mexico was eventually declared for Bush in a close election, even though it went for Gore in 2000.

There were also missing returns from a very close race in Nevada.

Clark County (Las Vegas) had 271,465 people vote early and 220,501 vote at polls on election day.

Kerry received 279,575 votes to Bush's 253, 432 in Clark.

If, as we were told, early votes were breaking 60-70 percent for Kerry in areas he won, it looks like he should have had more like 300,000 votes in Clark County, which would have tipped the state to him. Kerry lost Nevada "officially" by only 21,000 votes. This does not include the 50,705 absentee votes in Clark County (which also likely broke for Kerry). There were also 10,000 undervotes and write-ins reported statewide, which seems very high for a small population state like Nevada.

The turnout in Virginia was an all time high, especially in heavily Democratic counties and cities. Early on election night, NBC said it could not call Virginia because the returns were close. Yet, an examination of the vote count as compared to 2000 reveals that the massive 2004 turnout, especially with African Americans, young people, and Hispanics was not reflected in the final vote counts and percentages.

I personally witnessed two-hour-plus waiting lines at polling places in Arlington and Fairfax Counties. This was unprecedented but it is not reflected in the vote count. This could be the result of both tampering with computer machines and voter suppression.

Arlington County; Kerry 63,705 (67.57 percent); Bush 29,545 (31.34%), versus, in 2000: Gore 50,260 (60.15%); Bush 28,555 (34.17%).

(Only a 7-point jump for Democrats from 2000 to 2004. That does not reflect the huge turnout countywide).

Fairfax County: Kerry 215,223 (52.58%); Bush 189,371 (45.61%), versus, in 2000: Gore 196,501 (47.49%); Bush 202,181 (48.86%).

(Where is the huge Democratic turnout reflected in these numbers, considering a mere 5 percent rise for the Democrats from 2000 and a 3 percent drop for the Republicans).

Henrico County (Richmond suburbs): Kerry 60,810 (46.26%); Bush 71,765 (53.85%), versus, in 2000: Gore 48,645 (42.58%); Bush 62,887 (55.04%).

(An obvious Democratic surge is not reflected in these numbers.)

Prince William County: Kerry 56,234 (46.25%); Bush 64,431 (52.99%), versus, in 2000: Gore 52,788 (44.52%); Bush 44,745 (52.52%).

(Bush jumped dramatically in numbers from 2000 to 2004 but remained almost the same percentage wise. Democratic numbers barely increased even though the county had a huge turnout among minorities, particularly African Americans and Hispanics.)

Alexandria City: Kerry 40,807 (66.77%); Bush 19,764 (32.34%), versus, in 2000: Gore 33,633 (60.93%); Bush 19,043 (34.50%).

(This does not reflect massive African American turnout in Alexandria. The Democratic percentage budged upward only 6 percent)

Richmond City: Kerry 51,703 (70.02%); Bush 21,633 (29.30%), versus, in 2000: Gore 42,717 (64.80%); Bush 20,265 (30.74%).

(Republican percentage of the vote went down in the state capital, yet Bush’s statewide percentage was 53.90 to Kerry’s 45.23. This is mirrored in other counties. Gore received 44.4 percent and Bush 52.5 percent in 2000. The slight uptick for Kerry does not reflect Democratic turnout statewide. Voting in 2000 was 68.51 percent statewide in 2000. It was only 68.54 percent statewide in 2004. That just does not make any sense considering the massive numbers of newly registered voters and the huge turnout in northern Virginia, Tidewater, and the economically-depressed southwest part of the state).

When Diebold machines were forced on Prince George's County, Maryland, the country's election administrator, Robert J. Antonetti, bitterly complained about them. He told the Baltimore Sun in 2003, "I feel very uneasy about it. There are too many loose ends."

On November 2, Prince George's County election officials reported a number of problems with Diebold encoders. The Prince George's County Gazette reported that a number of polling places opened up to 45 minutes late because the wrong Diebold encoder had been delivered to polling places and voters could not vote until a new encoder arrived. It is not known how many records the Prince George's County maintained on problems with Diebold, but it is very interesting that early in the morning of November 3, the Associated Press reported:

"UPPER MARLBORO, Maryland (AP)—Fire broke out Wednesday at the Prince George's County courthouse, engulfing a large section of the ornate building.

“About 100 firefighters were at the scene, fire and emergency medical service

spokesman Chauncey Bowers said."

And Washington, DC News Channel 4 reported: " . . . pictures from Chopper 4 shows that almost the entire building is completely ruined and a section could be in danger of partial collapse. Thick billowing black smoke can be seen for miles."

Early reports were sketchy on what records may have been destroyed by the flames in both the old courthouse building and an adjoining newer structure, but one report on Channel 4 stated that records had definitely been destroyed. Later reports claimed no records were stored in the burned out building.

But next time you see a Diebold employee, you may want to ask him, "Hey, pal, gotta match?"

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based journalist, author, and commentator. He is the author of the forthcoming (but suppressed) book “Jaded Tasks: Big Oil, Black Ops, & Brass Plates.” He served in the National Security Agency (NSA) during the Reagan administration and has written extensively on intelligence and national security issues.


  1. Candidate Electoral States Won Vote % Votes
    Bush 286 31 51% 60,367,521
    Kerry 252 20 48% 56,939,420

    99% Precincts Reporting - Fri Nov 12, 4:59 PM ET
    270 Electoral Votes Needed
    U.S. Senate - U.S. House - Initiatives - Gubernatorial
    State Bush Pop. Vote % Kerry Pop. Vote % Electoral Votes Winner
    Alabama 63% 37% 9 Bush
    Alaska 62% 35% 3 Bush
    Arizona 55% 44% 10 Bush
    Arkansas 54% 45% 6 Bush
    California 45% 54% 55 Kerry
    Colorado 52% 47% 9 Bush
    Connecticut 44% 54% 7 Kerry
    Delaware 46% 53% 3 Kerry
    Florida 52% 47% 27 Bush
    Georgia 58% 41% 15 Bush
    Hawaii 45% 54% 4 Kerry
    Idaho 68% 30% 4 Bush
    Illinois 45% 55% 21 Kerry
    Indiana 60% 39% 11 Bush
    Iowa 50% 49% 7 Bush
    Kansas 62% 36% 6 Bush
    Kentucky 60% 40% 8 Bush
    Louisiana 57% 42% 9 Bush
    Maine 45% 53% 4 Kerry
    Maryland 43% 56% 10 Kerry
    Massachusetts 37% 62% 12 Kerry
    Michigan 48% 51% 17 Kerry
    Minnesota 48% 51% 10 Kerry
    Mississippi 60% 40% 6 Bush
    Missouri 53% 46% 11 Bush
    Montana 59% 39% 3 Bush
    Nebraska 66% 33% 5 Bush
    Nevada 50% 48% 5 Bush
    New Hampshire 49% 50% 4 Kerry
    New Jersey 46% 53% 15 Kerry
    New Mexico 50% 49% 5 Bush
    New York 40% 58% 31 Kerry
    North Carolina 56% 44% 15 Bush
    North Dakota 63% 35% 3 Bush
    Ohio 51% 49% 20 Bush
    Oklahoma 66% 34% 7 Bush
    Oregon 48% 51% 7 Kerry
    Pennsylvania 49% 51% 21 Kerry
    Rhode Island 39% 60% 4 Kerry
    South Carolina 58% 41% 8 Bush
    South Dakota 60% 38% 3 Bush
    Tennessee 57% 42% 11 Bush
    Texas 61% 38% 34 Bush
    Utah 71% 26% 5 Bush
    Vermont 39% 59% 3 Kerry
    Virginia 54% 45% 13 Bush
    Washington 46% 53% 11 Kerry
    Washington, D.C. 9% 90% 3 Kerry
    West Virginia 56% 43% 5 Bush
    Wisconsin 49% 50% 10 Kerry
    Wyoming 69% 29% 3 Bush

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  2. Now this is funny, well actually the guy blowing his head off was the best.!!!!!!

    Kerry supporters seek therapy in South Florida
    Boca Raton trauma specialist has treated 15 patients

    Published Tuesday, November 9, 2004 at 1:00 am
    by Sean Salai

    More than a dozen traumatized John Kerry supporters have sought and received therapy from a licensed Florida psychologist since their candidate lost to President Bush, the Boca Raton News learned Monday.
    Boca Raton trauma specialist Douglas Schooler said he has treated 15 clients and friends with “intense hypnotherapy” since the Democratic nominee conceded last Wednesday.
    “I had one friend tell me he’s never been so depressed and angry in his life,” Schooler said. “I observed patients threatening to leave the country or staring listlessly into space. They were emotionally paralyzed, shocked and devastated.”
    Schooler’s disclosure comes after the weekend discovery of a Kerry volunteer’s corpse at Ground Zero in New York City. Georgia resident Andrew Veal, 25, reportedly killed himself with a shotgun blast to the head due to Kerry’s loss and a girlfriend problem.
    Some mental health professionals in South Florida said Monday they have already developed a new category for the Kerry-related stress reactions. Because Palm Beach County voted heavily for Kerry, the therapists said, many residents hurt themselves by so anxiously expecting the Massachusetts senator to win – especially those who maintained unrealistic recount hopes after their candidate’s concession.
    “We’re calling it ‘post-election selection trauma’ and we’re working to develop a counseling program for it,” said Rob Gordon, the Boca-based executive director of the American Health Association. “It’s like post-traumatic stress syndrome, but it’s a short-term shock rather than a childhood trauma.”
    Gordon, the first American Red Cross psychotherapist sent to Ground Zero after the 9/11 terror attacks, said therapists’ main concern is to prevent the recurrence of Kerry-related suicides like the one in New York City.
    “There are definitely people depressed by John Kerry’s loss, and this can easily lead to suicides like the one we saw up in New York this weekend,” Gordon said. “Luckily, it can be treated if people seek help. We’re urging people to call us immediately if they feel depressed or know anyone who is seriously stressed out.”
    Also in Boca, at least one counseling center and an emotional support group were preparing for an influx of Kerry supporters at their first post-election meetings today.
    “We’ll let the Kerry voters talk about it and let off some steam, and by listening to other people’s stories, we’ll help them refocus and surrender to the things in their life which they can’t possibly change,” said a spokeswoman for Emotions Anonymous, a recovery group meeting tonight at Glades Presbyterian Church.
    “We’re referring people with election-related stress to the Democratic National Committee,” said Karen Jacobs of the Center for Group Counseling. “We’ll do what we can for anyone who shows up for our support group programs this week, but we haven’t implemented a specific program for Kerry-related trauma.”
    Schooler, practicing in Boca since 1984, said he treated his 15 patients last week with hypnosis-based rapid response trauma therapy. This week, he is charging a sliding fee to non-clients who feel they need the one-time “election therapy” session. South Floridians can contact him at 561-395-3033.
    “A lot of Kerry voters don’t know what to do with their anger, because there was no recount, so they’ve kept it bottled up,” said Schooler, who also is a certified sex therapist. “I help them transform the anger into more positive emotions.”
    Asked to describe symptoms of the post-election trauma, Schooler said, “They include feelings of extreme anger, despair, hopelessness, powerlessness, a failure to function behaviorally, a sense of disillusionment, of not wanting to vote anymore – that sort of thing. We’re talking about a deep, unhealthy personal suffering that can best be remedied by intensive short-term therapy.”

  3. Take a look of a map of the USA after the elections (the map where they show either a Bush majority or a Kerry majority) and tell me what you see. I saw that 95% of the country was painted red with a few specks of blue here and there. The specks of blue were all around the big east coast cities, Chicago, Detroit, LA, San Fran, and so on. The funny state to look at is NY. The entire state is Republican except for this small part in the south called NYC. Look at Illinois. It is the same as NY. Only Chicago fell to Kerry. Look at CA, FL, OH, and any other state that you want to look at. You will see the same thing. All the Dumbocrats can control are the cities where there is, and always was, a crime, bum, tax, and poverty problem. You can not control areas outside of the cities untill you reform your party so that the extreem left minority is not in power. That will not happen soon because the leadership of the Dumbocratic party are not going to give up their power. They know that they are the problem. The people in power think like you. The problem with that is that most people including Dumbocrats do not think as far left as you do. People vote independant because they do not want to vote for Bush, but there is no way on God's green earth that they are going to vote for the extreem leftist Kerry. Maybe bald, dope smoking, condecending, egotistical, self centered, self diagnosing, angry, excuse making, conspiracy theorist, paranoid, barred (hee,hee), self indulged hippies would, but belive me, people like you (contrary to what you believe) are a minority. Get used to it.
    Magorita Sanchez

  4. Thanks for the compliments ms. Sanchez...thats funny calling all that from your alcoholic glass house


    Magurita Sanchez
    FYI. let me spell it out for you. adj: excessively critical. adj: the false assumption of an appearance of virtue.


    Magurita Sanchez
    FYI. let me spell it out for you. adj: excessively critical. adj: the false assumption of an appearance of virtue.


    Magurita Sanchez
    FYI. let me spell it out for you. adj: excessively critical. adj: the false assumption of an appearance of virtue.

  8. You sound pretty hypercritical, hypersensitive, hyperactive and a hypersmoker... u just enjoy bothering men at pubs

    from gluteus maximus...but it's about a third the size of yours......

    its funny "glass house"

    a nasty note sent from a big ass to a much smaller ass

  9. why do u want to be so redundant repeatin urself 3 times??...but I'm flattered that u are consumed (or obsessed) with this website so as to stay up till 4:15 in the am!

  10. and if u continue to be loud and rude as you are in real life, u'll be the first to be censored just like your favorite Fox rednetwork


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