Freakshow watchers, join the circus and maybe you'll have more fun when you get a life!

Thanks Muff, for the way you put me in the third person and defending me, it gave these nolife freakshow watchers something else to add their obnoxious arsenal.

Yes, I know that in many ways my life is pathetic (thanks for the nagging and reality check, Muff)
but I am getting job offers and believe it or not for this "fictional material" so no worries about me mates!

The no life nasties will end up with a stroke in their fat red necks from their diet of chicken fried meat and processed crap. It ends up clogging their own pompous assholes while watching Ou football. I'm staying young with my herbal and vegetable diet with the ocassional sushi keeping my intestines clean so I won't get asshole cancer like some of you poor blokes might get.

I'm sure that a vocal minority of the audience loves to get anal probably because they might have been traumatized in prison after their DWI (Driving While Ignorant).
I feel sorry for their "pathetic" life with no knowledge of the fun that is outside of the confines of weekend football and Bob Stoops. How would you pathetic fat gluteus maximuses survive without football , baseball or basketball. Do you even have a life other than to make ignorant immature remarks on my site. These comments tickle the possible publishers and magazines.

Check out

Now back to a lighter note. It's amazing when you get a good sleep and somehow you are energized. Your survival instinct ala Bob Bresny (astrologer) and when you are trapped inside the jaws of the redneck alligator, you jam your middle fingers deep inside its eyes so it's never able to see again. The alligator goes into major depression until it finds the body of Karl Rove and stabizes it's blood sugar with the fat little dumpling digesting in its body for several weeks.
The gist of the horoscope was to go into the survival mode knowing the worst of evil, look deep into into the windows of it's soul and then break the windows, so it's own soul is destroyed by world seeing it for what it is. Poor Karl.

I broke down and called the locksmith today to come out and change the locks of the Redneckgate hotel after it's burglary by the white trash of the bubburban 'hood.
I'll have to hire a private eye to catch them in the act and watch! It will go all the way to Karl Rove in his dirty tricks campaign to subjugate folks that disagree with the Fuhrer. Sieg Redneck!

WOW. You are one bitter man. If you think you are so much better than the redneck bubbas in Oklahoma why are you making hateful comments. Isn't that one of things you don't like. I'm not sure does that make you as bad or worse than those you complain about? I know it doesn't make you any better. I would think that the point to things is to be the best person you can be regardless of those around you. It doesn't seem like you're doing that.

There is a point where someone will not tolerate certain things that rednecks, low lifes and scum resort such as leaving ignorant personal comments about my gf just as you are the type of people to rob, lie, steal, burglarize and then feel indignant when the "stage light" are directly shining into the metaphorical windows of your own soul. Get a life to and find someone else to bother when are going to show your animal instincts! Here are some more of the insane, immature quotes:

posted by Anonymous : 11/17/2004 10:53:47 AM
"this rant you've been on since the election was concluded has become hysterical. You have gone so far off the deep end that I have to wonder why you haven't run screaming like a little girl for your beloved Aus. Let me be the first one to offer your lazy, unemployed, pot smoking ass a hand in leaving this neoconservatine nazi police state that has become the Bush administration.

Definition of a dickhead, stoner, unemployed wad

Answer: Democrat"

Definition of a supply side Repuklican....thief, corporate robber, unconvicted criminal, fortunate son/daughter so they can be bailed out of jail,Sunday Christian,
chicken hawk, bark is louder than the bark

Dear natural gas Repuklican (Fartin),
Your writing Bubbanon, sound very familiar like then previous rantings of a yankee Repuklican from a pink state. I have made a choice to be on sabbatical and have saved my $ (I am fiscally conservative with progressive ideals). You have nothing better to do early in the am or everyother day than to leave your anonmymous stepford repuked, regurtitated responses (that sound like the Fox soundbites) to my journal.
Go think for yourself for a change and rot your esophagus with cheap ok beer.
quit being a redundant repuke and find another website or buy the book when it comes out!

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