Fox news should read this and give article to OReilly and most redneck bullies!

Stick up for yourself
by Debbi Marco

Do you wake up in the morning feeling sick because you have to go to school? Is school a nightmare because people in your class are horrible to you? If you're being bullied and you don't know what to do, read on.

Types of bullying
Bullying isn't always as straightforward as someone taking your lunch money or pushing you about in the playground - bullies can be very sneaky. Sometimes they make everyone turn against you and won't let you play with them, or they spread lies about you.

Even if bullies may not physically hurt you, it doesn't mean they're not bullying you. If they're making you feel sad and upset, you need to make them stopNow that a lot of people have mobile phones, they can even bully you by text message. Sending horrible messages this way is illegal. If it happens to you, keep a diary of when the messages are sent or calls are made, and then tell somebody, like an adult you can trust.

Tell somebody

Being bullied can make you feel depressed but it's important that you do something to try and stop the problem as soon as possible.

Even though it may not seem like it at times, there are lots of people you can go to for help. An obvious choice is your class teacher. He or she should listen to you and then be able to deal with the bullies. Your school may have an anti-bullying policy, which means that the head teacher will know exactly what to do when bullying is reported.

If you can't talk to your teacher, tell your parents or your grandparents, or an older brother or sister. Try talking to the school nurse, lollipop lady or dinner lady. Telling somebody can help you feel better, and then you can begin to make the bullying stop.

Jan Lea only found out her 9-year-old daughter Caroline was being bullied when she saw little marks all over her arm. At first, Caroline didn't want to talk about it - perhaps because she was worried that telling an adult would make the bullying worse. But in the end she told her mum that a girl in her class was sticking pencils into her, and it had been happening for almost a month.

'I went and spoke to the class teacher who hadn't got a clue what was going on,' says Jan. 'The teacher spoke to the bully and it all stopped.'

You're not alone
Oli Watts was bullied when he was 14 years old. He says: 'I don't know what triggered it - it just happened. One day everything was fine and the next day it was awful. It was a group of boys and girls and other people just joined in. Basically it wasn't cool to be my friend.'

After six months Oli decided to move schools. 'It was a complete change,' he says. 'I had a whole group of new friends. When I told them what had happened in my last school, they were horrified.'

Oli decided to set up his own website, which deals with issues faced by teenagers. His advice for anyone who's being bullied is to tell someone you trust. 'It's important to get it out in the open,' he says, 'and make sure your school knows what's happening.'

Where to go for help
18 out of every hundred calls that ChildLine receive are to do with bullying, but they'll listen to any problem you haveIf you feel you really can't tell anyone you know, you can call ChildLine on 0800 1111. ChildLine is an advice line that has people on hand who will listen to you and can give you advice if you want it.

The Bullying Online website is brilliant for loads of facts about bullying and also gives advice to your parents too. They have information about bullying by mobile phone, what to do if you are being bullied and even give legal advice. They get almost 3,000
e-mails a year, so they're experienced at dealing with every sort of bullying problem.

Standing up to a bully
If you knew someone who was bullying other people in your class or school, what would you do about it? Bethany Jacobs, 10, isn't big for her age and doesn't have a black belt in karate, but when she saw her friends picking on another girl she decided she had to do something about it.

'My friend said to this girl that she wasn't allowed to play with us, and told all my friends the same thing - that we weren't allowed to play with her,' says Bethany. 'I think she was worried that the new girl would split up our friendship group. I told my friend that if she didn't let this girl play with us, then I wasn't going to play either.'

It worked: even though the bully and the new girl may not be great friends now, they manage to get on because Bethany made it clear that she would not put up with bullying within her group of friends.

Don't be a bully, not even to your children...4
I believe that adults are the biggest
bullies and that children learn their bullying
techniques from adults. Some adults
bully all the time, some husbands bully
their wives and some employers bully
their employees. It's a vicious cycle, perpetrated
by insecure people who lack self-esteem
but want to feel a sense of power.
They believe that by belittling others they
empower themselves. Bullying is a way to
disguise one's cowardness. A bully is a
person that lives in constant fear. A bully
is a tortured person who demonstrates
gestures of hate. Bullies hide behind this
facade in the hope that they will not be
recognized as the whimpering cowards
that they are.
In martial arts you are taught about the
power of the art form, and the importance
of self discipline. A true student of martial
arts recognizes that even though life
may present combative challenges, he must
demonstrate self discipline,...


  1. Imagine giving that kind of advice to an adult who was being assaulted.

    Here's what they should be saying: Call a cop and file a lawsuit. They need to start demanding that under-age citizens be prosecuted for assault and racketeering just like they do grown-ups.

    I'd love for someone with legal expertise to put out a guide for kids who are being bullied on how to file a suit in court against the bully and his or her parents. Better yet, I'd like to see lawyers on TV saying, "Kids: Are you the victim of a bully? Then call the law offices of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe and find out how to get what's coming to you!"


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