Dear Monica or Martin Bubbaneck

Some folks have no life and so they like to bother folks and do it in the chicken poop way of bothering others. Some like to stake out a corner of the pub spew verbal obscenties while filling their lungs with several pack of cigarettes after going to their dull mundane job kissing up to some corporation or a cushy gov. bureaucracy job where they get free car to use for their commute.

They keep making payments to the "general store" always in debt and have nothing better to do than enlarge their livers, bark out order to insecure bartenders, and interrupt conversations so they can have attention. When they go home to their 'puters, they love to fulfill their secret desires of being the bully in the school yard with their insecure need to put themselves higher on their own need for a pecking order and say to themselves, "I rule" as if God decided they were destined to be the alpha male/female. They loved to sit at the head table in the school cafeteria and make fun of the nerds, or the kids that did not fit into their rich upbringing having the benefit of good clothes, food, etc. They then have to sit at the head table at their neighborhood bar like a dog pisses in every corner to mark it's territory.

It is so interesting how some folks who want to be anonymous blowhards , resort to making acts of sex or defecating as part of their scatalogical vocabulary. They cannot think of anything but redundant profane remarks that only impress themselves. They have no lives and secretly envy the president getting a decent fellatio from a young intern. These repukes like Ken Starr, or Karl Rove never had that life or even any sex life so they wanted to punish the sinners since they couldn't get any.

No women will tolerate having a relationship with a closet 'pter nerd that likes to go back to his days of being a bully in the middle school cafeteria making fun of others that are not like themselves. They made fun of the children that did not have decent food, health care, or even a home to sleep. These bullies love to make fun of the kids with old clothes that would not fit properly. A rich spoiled Republican brat's feeling of superiority was enhanced by enjoying the misery of others (Supply side trickle down noveau riche repukes. Stepford Repukes have not much of a life and are brainwashed by Fox and Rush and take this simplified 6th grade one liners as gospel.)

They like to be internet bullies looking for sites to pick on others from the safety of their computers, just like the goats hiding on the roof taunting the wolf. They feel safe in the anonymity of the net.
Some like to act like a testosterone toughy pushing back fingers of their neighbors instead of having a civilized intelligent conversation. Their conversation is filled with the one liners of their mentors, ugly O'Reilly O'Hannity ranting and raving to show that they are the meanest ugliest mouths in show business. They think that if they are loud in the bar they acutally compete with the noise pollution of the loud mouths on Fox. They are proud of their neanderthal violence just right below their guise of civilization. They love to bark physical threats and then get sued for harassment by their female associates.

Insane rants from Mr. Blow me or whatever pseudonym he/she chooses to have only only helped this site getting about a hundred hits a day. Others with more civilized behavior see your sophomoric comment and see how ignorant many in this nation are. Are half of this country just proud to be stupid and just let these right wing ignoramusses dominate the air waves and government? Maybe in the next 4 years we will have a backlash against this testosterone fraternity pigheadedness! We will be motivated to do something about the government that sleep with this nation's corporate bullies, pharmacy companies and carpet baggers. What was the reason for Southern Democrats? I thought to stop these northern Republican carpet baggers from stealing from the poor and dwindling middle class. That is your assignment if you choose to continue to participate in my site instead of spewing redundant garbarge with your childish comment that remind me of a former aquaintance in administration.

You are the vocal majority on this site. You are so filled with hate that you want to bother others and intrude on other people's lives as your overbearing voice might be in a pub.

This type of bullying behavior is often the reason that the president, and Americans (they pretend that they are Canadian so they won't die) are not welcome in many places of the world . Many do not like bullies whether they are in or out of the closet. Monica, or whatever fecal matter, I am sorry that you are too ugly to have a gf and most of the time have to resort to having sex with yourself since you have scared away any relationship by beating your spouse or gfs. Yes I do enjoy abreviating words but then you resort to low iq remarks. Get a life man, woman or it, whatever you are!


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