"Daily Disappointment"

Since the death of the owner of the Daily Oklahoman, EK Gaylord was about 97, there are occasional liberal letters allowed in this paper to the right of FOX News "unbalanced and unfair", and Rush. The only letter today was from a gay person saying that he was leaving this state because he wanted to be in a state where his opinion mattered and was not ostracized because he was born genetically with an attraction to males. 75 % disapproved of gay marriage by voting here in Oklahoma. So this wonderful paper puts it first and titles it "It's time to leave Oklahoma" and in another part of this paper they wrote "If they want to marry, gay Oklahomans will have to look elsewhere". This obviously tells gay people (most are professional)that they want them to leave. Besides hatred of liberals, this intolerance for folks different than themselves is the central theme of this state of close minded bigotry and fundamentalism.

"If you don't like it here, why don't you just leave?"

Oklahoma is part of what I thought was a democracy, not an empire or fascist state where people that disagree are put in prison and sent to concentration camps.

People have a right to disagree peacefully without violent threats.

It is not right that someone should be intimidated or harassed because they don't believe in guns or using coat hangers rather because they don't have the choice.

It is scary what fear has done to this country. People that are church going "Christians" want to take away our freedoms as much as possible. They are "pro life" until the child is born and then the children are sent off to a war that have no business to be in except for our addiction to oil.

When I first came to Oklahoma, a fellow logging geologist told me that the very few rich in this state want to keep the majority of the masses very poor and ignorant.
As long as they are, they will not question the status quo of government and will believe in the propaganda put out by the Gaylords and the very rich good ole boy oligarchy. They throw the word, liberal, around like its a dirty word, yet the economy always does better when there are democratic presidents.

Republicans will continue to preach "moral values" such as gays, guns and God in order to get the poor vote and the masses of closed minded religious bigots. As long as this intolerance continues to thrive, Oklahoma will continue to sink into poverty. We are one of the poorest states and are at the bottom as far as per capita spending on education. Congratulations, Oklahomans!


  1. Muffy says: Right ho! Garvald. It is amazing that Oklahoma, one of the poorest states in the union, where the average annual household income is around $25-35K, always votes RED. As if Republican policies have or ever will reflect and improve their pecuniary plight! God, gays, and guns. Here in Missouri, only the outlying rural areas voted RED. Tell the gays to come to Kansas City where diversity is acceptable and encouraged, we're secure enough to handle it.

  2. At any rate -- and perhaps, especially important due to the tipoff above, there are things you can do to take back America.


    We have a different list for lawyers, computer people, statisticians. But if you are a regular person like most of us, and want to help, here's what to do.

    Please distribute: If you have not done so already, sign up at Black Box Voting -- http://www.blackboxvoting.org -- to audit the election and deal with vote fraud.

    HELP AMERICA AUDIT: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reclaim Democracy

    You’re our greatest hope. If you choose to accept it, your job is to spread the word in order to build a fast-growing grass roots movement -- a voting integrity project so powerful that it cannot be mowed down.

    1. BE THE MEDIA -- See below.

    2. CRUNCH THE NUMBERS: Discrepancies please, and hurry. E-mail them to tips@blackboxvoting.org . Pass the word. Need source documents, too. ASAP. Follow your nose, or join the Black Box Scavenger Hunt: Pick a county. Look at small counties, as we are seeing many discrepancies in those. Look in any state. Get the official number of registered voters, Dem and Republican. Get the number of votes cast on Nov. 2, Republican and Dem. Make a grid like this, filling in the right numbers:

    # reg. voters % # votes cast %

    Rep 100 33% 150 50%

    Dem 200 67% 150 50%

    Totl 300 100% 300 100%

    We can find out a lot from this procedure, very hard data, that will make a real difference. As soon as you have finished a county, e-mail it to us. Do as many counties as you can.

    3. HAVE A HOUSE PARTY: Show the film “Votergate” (the real one, which you can download for free at www.Votergate.tv .) Organize “Be the media” actions and set up investigative teams to help dig up information like you have in #2. Timeline is NOW, to get action before seating the electoral college.

    4. HELP CONNECT THE WIRES: Hook Black Box Voting (.ORG) up with powerhitters you know, people who can make things happen.

    5. DONATE to any of 3 organizations: Black Box Voting (.ORG), the consumer protection group for elections; or the new recount fund (information upcoming, contact DU's Hedda_Foil), or send contribution to Votergate.tv (The REAL Votergate film, by Russell Michaels, Robert Carrillo Cohen, and Simon Ardizzone. There is another by someone else, make sure you get the right one.) The real VOTERGATE is the most powerful investigative film on this topic, and consequently it has been attacked and blocked repeatedly. They deserve your support.


    Don’t expect to see vote burglary on TV. To get the message out fast, you’re going to have to become the underground railroad. Do it now. Take pictures of each other doing it. Have house parties to show others how to do it. Here’s how to “be the media.”

    BE YOUR OWN REPORTER: We will send you new information as we get it. We need your e-mail to get you on the list, so if a friend sent this to you, please shoot an email to crew@blackboxvoting.org to sign up.

    Spread the information we send you to every blog, listserv, forum you know and throughout your personal network. Talk about it at work and to people you meet everywhere, lots, quickly, all the time.

    SELF SERVE SOUND BITES: Frequent, very short messages to immediately increase public awareness. Assume you won’t see it on TV.

    Put vote fraud related messages on:

    - Yard signs

    - Car windows

    - Write them on duct tape and wear them

    - Print REMOVABLE stickers and stick them on things:

    - Bathroom door at the gas station.

    - On telephone poles in the dead of night

    - At bus stops

    - On the back of bus seats

    - Stick them into your junk mail and send it back via return mail

    - Slip them into menus at restaurants

    - Leave them in books at the bookstore

    - Share new self serve sound bite ideas with us and we’ll send them out with new messages.

    ELECTION “TRUTH TOURETTES”. Please excuse the political incorrectness, as it is not meant to be hurtful. It is for a good purpose. This the antidote to “watch what you say.” It is a good icebreaker at a party. Have your guests make up truths, like those below, and mix them into the conversation at surprise times throughout the party. Unexpectedly and urgently blurt them out:


    Electile Dysfunction!

    Gotta audit-Gotta audit-Gotta audit


    --mathmatically impossible!--

    Count all the votes! Count all the votes! Count all the votes!


    Paperballots! Handcounts!

    --where’s my vote?--

    Where’s the paper?

    Feel free to interchange and mix it up, or even try a game where different people have to interject with different truths.


    Also, here are more ideas.

    - Magnetic signs for your car

    - If you know a trucker, have them put a message in the window as they drive across the county.

    - Make a patch and put it on the front of your baseball cap

    - Carry a sign and stand in the window outside the Today Show

    If we have to be our own media, so be it. We will not sacrifice democracy just because TV executive producers have a problem with this issue.

    # # # # #

  3. Pat Robertson is complaining about ACLU taking away our right to religion...wow. The church is so against science..Now there has to be a sticker in some school districts stressing that evolution is just a theory to appease the creationists who want that put in the science books like it is also part of science

  4. sometimes it is so scary that we are heading back to the early 20th century when a teacher was put on trial for teaching evolution, "The Scopes Monkey Trial"
    It was the same dealing with the children of the corn in Chickasha concerning 2 pages in the 8th grade science textbook about evolution and the big bang theory of the universe. The kids were ready to lynch me by the end of the day. It's amazing how young children can be brainwashed with religion.

    You are currently visiting the ACLU online archives. These pages are not updated. For the latest information from the ACLU, go to http://www.aclu.org.

    ACLU Urges Kansas Public Schools to Reject
    Religion-Based Evolution Teachings in Science Classes
    Friday, August 13, 1999

    TOPEKA -- In a letter it is sending to public school districts across the state, the American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas and Western Missouri today warned officials that the teaching of so-called "creation science" could lead to legal action on religious liberty grounds.

    The ACLU sent the letter after the state Board of Education on Wednesday voted 6-4 to approve new standards for K-12 instruction that remove virtually any mention of evolution from the state-mandated science curriculum and allow schools to substitute theories based on religious doctrine.

    "The law in this area is clear," the ACLU letter said. "States and school districts may not adopt religious theories as standards in school curricula, nor may they restructure their curricula for the purpose of omitting accepted scientific theories which may conflict with particular religious beliefs."

    Although the new policy does not explicitly prohibit the teaching of evolution, it does remove the topic from statewide assessment tests, a move that may discourage school districts from including evolution theory in classroom instruction, the ACLU said.

    "Our public schools bring together children reared in vastly different ways, even in the most homogeneous of communities," said Eddie M. Lorenzo, Legal Director of the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri. "When schools try to impose specific religious viewpoints, however, they undermine each family's right to control their own children's religious upbringing."

    In choosing to do away with mandatory teaching about Darwin's 140-year-old theory of evolution, the Board of Education rejected a plan to maintain accepted science education standards endorsed by all six Board of Regents universities, a 27-member statewide committee of scientists, and Governor Bill Graves, the ACLU noted in the letter.

    In addition, educators have pointed out that college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT include questions on Darwinism -- questions Kansas students won't be equipped to answer.

    Several other states, including Ohio and Tennessee (the site of the ACLU's original Scopes "Monkey Trial" case), have sought to force the teaching of creationism in the classroom. But those efforts have been struck down repeatedly by the U.S. Supreme Court as a violation of the separation between church and state.

    "Having failed to succeed at forcing their so-called "creation-science" on public school students, proponents of creationism are now resorting to the tactic of removing essential scientific instruction," Jay Barrish, president of the ACLU affiliate's board.

    "We think the courts will ultimately see this tactic for what it is - a blatantly unconstitutional attempt to introduce a specific religious viewpoint into the classroom."

    The ACLU's letter to school superintendents is printed below.

    The testimony of the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri before the School Board is available at: /library/ksevol.html. The ACLU's position statement on creation science can be found at /issues/religion/relig2.html.

    [letter follows]


    Dear Superintendent,

    On August 11, 1999, the Kansas Board of Education approved changes in the standards for teaching science in Kansas public schools. In short, the Board deleted any requirements that scientific macro-evolutionary theory be taught in Kansas schools. These changes effectively allow school districts to develop their own standards in this area of science curricula. The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas and Western Missouri is concerned that these changes permit school districts the latitude to now adopt religious theories of macro-evolution as science standards. Such theories include so-called “creation science” and theories of “intelligent design.”

    As you may know, public schools are prohibited from acting in any way which may tend to favor one religion over another, or favor religion over non-religion. Lee v. Wesiman, 505 U.S. 577, 587 (1992) citing County of Allegheny v. ACLU, 492 U.S. 573, 591 (1989). In Edwards v. Aguillard, 482 U.S. 578 (1987), the Supreme Court held unconstitutional a state requirement that schools teach creation science alongside traditional evolutionary theory. In reaching its conclusion, the court held that the Establishment Clause forbids “the preference of a particular religious doctrine or the prohibition of theory which is deemed antagonistic to a particular dogma.” Id. at 593; Epperson v. Arkansas, 393 U.S. 97, 106-07 (1968). The law in this area is clear. States and school districts may not adopt religious theories as standards in school curricula, nor may they restructure their curricula for the purpose of omitting accepted scientific theories which may conflict with particular religious beliefs.

    We write you today to ask that you reject tailoring the science curricula in your district to conform, promote, or advance theories of evolution based in religious doctrine. Adopting such religiously based standards would place the district at risk of facing legal action by district residents who are opposed to a religiously based science curricula. Additionally, however, we urge that your school district maintain the accepted science education standards recently deleted by the Kansas Board of Education. Those standards have the support of all six Board of Regents universities, a 27 member statewide committee of scientists, and Governor Bill Graves.

    Given the clear mandates of the Supreme Court and the current state of the law, we are confident that your district will review the recent changes in Board of Education policy, and act appropriately to maintain the science education standards that Kansas schools, and other school districts nationally, have long maintained.

    I.J. Barrish

    Dick Kurtenbach
    Executive Director

    Eddie M. Lorenzo, Esq.
    Legal Director


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