"Cloudy weather, Machiavellian Melancholera and worse for the next few months or years?"

Predicts or prognosticates Garvald, November 29th, 2004.

I wish that my own computer was working or a laptop so that I would have access to the internets while on vacation in Joplin, Misery. It was nice to splurge with a little rest and relaxation in the Comfort Inn with Muffy and to get away from it all. The restful motel had a hot tub, miniature lap pool (Maybe in the teens for footage so I swam less than a stroke and I have to do a flip turn) and a workout room with bike, stair stepper and treadmill. We enjoyed these comforts while laughing at Hannity interviewing Donahue or an African American minister on Fox Snooze (I mean news). He was always wanting to interupt as loud mouth Repuke DJs of right wing propaganda love to do.

It is amazing how so many right wingers and especially religious fanatics love to spread their mandate because they think George the Crusader is on their side. I wished they saw the video of the Bush family partying it up with George Jr. in his cowboy hat passing the joint to his parents upset at first at all the lines of cocaine being done. It was hilarious. But imagine if it was true. It was obvious about George Jr. the cool frat leader heading a party sharing lines with other government good ole boys and gals.

No seriously, folks, it is getting scary with all these crusades the "inquisitors" are pushing down our narrowing throats. Pharmaceutical owners are not selling birth control because of their Bubbamentalist religion. Supporters of "intelligent design" are forcing schools to include creationism in the textbooks. God forbid, that our ancestors were little monkey like hominids let alone one celled amoebas deciding to mate when we all might have looked the same in this primordial soup. God, I would love for you to let me just have a visual trip back in time or better yet communicate with my cro-magnon ancestors when they decided to leave the beaches of Africa for Spain after the ice age receded! I would love to have chatted with the ape-persons about their beliefs in the Sun and the Moon before we became pagans and worshipped Heracles, Son of Zeus and a mortal woman, the way Christians worshipped Jesus couple of thousand years later. I would love to see the true evolution of religion and the various splits that caused more bloodshed or rationale for killing than any war. If we would realize that religion (some even think of Democracy as the Christian form of government) causes more warfare than anything else. Someone believes that God is on his or her side and they can rationalize genocide!

It was very interesting watching "Alexander" according to Oliver Stone and his desire to take over the world really believing that he was the son of God as his beautiful mother,Angelian Jolie, kept telling him. I saw it the other night with a good platonic friend and her out of the closet son.
Stone gave all the Macedonians an Irish accent and boldy exhibited the accepted homosexuality among the Greeks. The whole movie appeared to very historically and geographicaly accurate but dwelling into the Alexander's deep insecurities with wild abandon as he goes very deeply into a man's inner torments as he did in "The Doors". Right wingers hate Oliver Stone as much as Michael Moore especially when he delves into conspiracy theories! Wait till his movie comes out on Bush and Rove. He can go far deeper than he did on his movie about Nixon. Anthony Hopkins was great showing many of Nixon's deep psychological issues that we would be afraid to show with the McCarthy type of intimidation of the left wing press or Dan Rather being pushed into resigning when he was just wanting to answer the questions of what Bush actually did while avoiding Vietnam and just having a good time while others risked their necks or died there.


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