Bad dreams and recurrent nightmares.

I procrastinated until I finally made it to the library so I could cut and paste my previous comment. The library puter doesn't have the problems mine does!...Maybe Karl Rove or one of his dirty tricksters sent me a virus for popups and slowness...(just kidding or not ?)

Sometimes writing is so cathartic...getting all your thoughts together and putting everything in perspective,,,
For some reason, fate??, I can't publish on my blog unless I just chat with you on the comments part instead of doing a regular post
...writing is an art...a way for a message to be communicated...
what you are now experiencing is stream of consciousness..

It's so weird to most unless you imbibe...
I feel sometimes such an urge to talk to you.,,,being in the world of cyberspace...this new creation where you think that you might be talking anonymously...its 320 am and then guess what it's 420...Now more than ever I feel that when I am writing there are a silent majority that read this and give me support through the cyber waves...I can just feel good energy easily outweighing the negative energy of hate and misunderstanding that causes so much ill health to our bodies and the world...

At some points, lately, I can be so happy and then at the other points very depressed...I wondered how to word it...

to the neighbors next door, Garvald is the evil eccentric that camps out or hibernates as he has the last 20 years in his home
along comes visions of Garvald's childhood trauma of 6th grade... He was afraid to look Skippy in the eye before he made fun of him or tried to pick on him when he was sitting behind him in Ms. Ostrander's class. He was well known as the popular school bully like his older brother with a gang of punks behind him. The girls thought he was really cute with his wavy blonde hair. Garvald wanted to pull his hair off after all the constant verbal and physical taunts from himat school.. He wanted to fight him but in the safety of his own neighborhood. He couldn't fight him in the classroom.. So he was continually the "nerd" or "geek" being the butt of Skippy's malicious taunts with the approval of his "homies"

Garvald is awakened by the doorbell to see the neighborhood bully waiting for him outside.
Garvald opens the window rather than the door because he despises the middle school taunts of this obese former military man
Garvald is tired of being intimidated by this kind of jerk just like he's tired of a cop stopping him for bullshit...but the chairman is still not happy ...he has to taunt him about the case number for the police report....and then act like he doesn't know anything about being robbed
"You better not have mentioned me or my brother's name to the police!"
"Or what, Flippy? Are you threatening me?"
Almost like he's is in a bad dream and just wants to turn over so he can find a dream more entertaining and less obnoxious.

They have the DVD and TV. What more does he want other than to just get on his former friend's nerves?
Garvald tells him to get off his property and he closes the window likes it's a bad dream. Now hopefully he won't have any more reoccurrences of the nightmares next door.
Please God, who thought of that bumper sticker?
"Shit Happens" and then it happens more and more like diareah!
:)..... four more years of repukes and oh my...lions and tigers and bears ...oh my!
I'm gonna take a melatonin and go to sleep ...knowing that they''ll be up bright and early reading this site....
the only problem is that I can't edit the comments but I can at least cut and paste this to a post later today when I visit the library :)
and have a great sleep, then I'll find out how I can put a harassment charge on the bully if he bothers me anymore with physcial threats or verbally abusive language ( get enough hate mail from Virgil and Bubba)
enough domestic bullshit, back to schwagland

... ...its amazing how negative vibes can really bother is so nice get the occasional comfort from Muffy, but then especially in Schwagatopia...I did not want to leave this paradise in the rain...I loved the comforting feeling of the rain...but then a nice hippy couple needed a ride to St. Louis...I was almost thinking we would stay and party...I could have enjoying the sweet nuggets sprinkled with poppies ....and then BACK TO REALITY...they needed a ride to the real world and away from this comforting home , this haven, this sanctuary from the evils of the dog eat rat jungle out there...Garvald had a sense of foreboding, driving at night through the rain on that windy road...he was only going 40 but the narcolepsy was beginning to come...He would ask to rotate driving at the next stop
But behind he sees the scary inevitable flashing lights that plague Garvald several times a year...the last couple times the Fraternal Order of Police sticker saved him from tickets...
this "officer of the peace" had other plans and an find contraband or some meth king.?? Who knows what score this rookie officer would get??
He looks Garvald in the eyes,
"Your eyes are blood shot".
The short man with the receding hairline stares intently at Garvald. Garvald returns his gaze. That sets off the little Napoleon instinct to dominate people larger than them!
"You will take a field sobriety test. Stand on one leg and count to 30 starting with 1 Mississippi. Start!"
Garvald counts to 10 and then asks if he has to count to 30?
"You were not listening! I did not say you could put your foot down!"
Garvald replies, "I have ADD. Sometimes you have to repeat things to me or I won't follow"


  1. Muffy says: Why doesn't the good neighbor respond to the charge of trespassing? Would they appreciate two people coming into THEIR home while they were away? I think it would be a different story then, and would probably result in violence of various sort.

  2. Thanks Muff...I will work on gettin the house fixed up...I know you disagree with the hassle of trying to find a good renter and 20/20 hindsight, I would have not rented it the last year becuase the excome and many repair will far outweigh the income ..
    but I know that houses are one of the few good investments in this state...Please God, help me find a good renter...maybe I'll take Charles' advice and pray

  3. Who knows why, Muff? It's easier to blame someone else instead of taking responsibility for their own behavior.



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