Welcome back to the Okie Zone!

If you are you going to get personal, refrain from cussing.

Wow. It is so much of a change coming back to here. Thank God, that I have a friend like Charles in this sea of voluntary ignorance.
It is always great to have a friend to talk to where he won't want to dominate a conversation and keep interupting.

We were having a great conversation about gun control and the fear of terrorists getting access to uzzis. We often have a little chat in the middle of the day over a beer until the other neighborhood social chairman next door decides to interupt.(the whole family appeared to have taken off Tuesday or they must have a very long lunch hour). I won't go into details.

I had it all written down and the puter went down so maybe that was a sign. My horoscope was telling me that I had one chance to settle an issue or there would be an explosion. I guess I blew that chance by just standing ground. Muffy backs me up on this one!

Sometimes, I think it is just safer to just go south for the winter and work on my tan. That would make the social chairman of the neighborhood resentful of me going off to play in the middle of a career (what career?) Then he would be even more angry when I came back.

"when r u goin' to Australia. You've been talkin about it fer 2 years?"

Boy, that sure makes me feel welcome.!


  1. Because Muffy loves her Garvald, she hangs his hat on the bedpost above where he lays his beautiful head.

  2. wow! what a sweet comment to lift my spirits when life deals me so much bullshit :)

  3. Seem's you tend to bring things on yourself.

  4. DUH!...WOW...one nice comment and then an amateur anonymous shrink wants to leave a brilliant comment!
    Way to come up with this brilliant observations, Sherlock!

  5. I sure hope it isnt one of my friends that makes a comment that I've heard all my life. I obviously know that I make bad choices but I am putting a lot into thinking about where my life is going.
    I am honest and brave enough to put my life in front of total strangers that make thougthless comments and have no life themselves.
    For whomever was anonymous, I wonder what choices they had in their life to be in the situation that they might be in first before making such a cliched statement!
    Thank you for at least leaving a low iq comment.


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