To Catch a "Common Thief"

Verses an Aristocratic well educated white collar thief?

Or then there is the blond Caucasian crank head wearing a blue bandanna.
Garvald had arrived late about 3am at Muffy's after procrastinating and still forgetting most of his clothes and his electric toothbrush. :(
She wakes up to catch him piggin’ out on her enchilada mixture warmed up in the mwave,
Coming down the stairs, she greets him with,

"Don't Kiss me with your enchilada face!"

Garvald realizes she's in one of her moods :(.
The dejected man goes outside to get the rest of his baggage. He sees at what he first thinks is a very large raccoon and realizes what it is! A common crank head with a blue woolen cap over it's short blond hair.

Garvald goes into his cro-Magnon instinctive nature becoming the survivalistic werewolf/caveman where adrenaline is pumped throughout all of his limbs and his 6-4 frame. All he sees is prey that is stealing from his Muffy and it has something valuable in his hands. He has to take it from it and save her worldly possessions.

He grunts,

The animal takes off like a deer and Garvald is on the chase. He is about five feet from him and about to overtake him with wolf/man legs and tackles his 150 pound body.
Garvald sees the animal turn his head and sees the wild scared eyes of a redneck caveman losing his young teeth worn thin and missing by too much crank.

Garvald's human side takes over feeling sorry for the pathetic scoundrel. He also worries that it might have a knife or a gun(doubtful) hidden somewhere when coming down to close combat. The thief does not see a 6 foot deep storm gully with about a ten foot width partially filled with the water from rain. It is totally dark so all Garvald hears is a thud! He knows that the Gollum like animal is hurt but still crawling fast in instinctive fear for it's life.

Garvald's human side asks him,
"Give up the stuff, cousin!" (he remembers the bartender's term of endearment)

Garvald hears the animal stumbling up the creek. There are too many shrubs and trees for him to run after it in the gully. It wanders up the bush surrounded by suburban bush and forest for about 50 yards before the street.

He goes back to his abode for the evening to see his Muffy smiling like the way she did over a year ago when he had arrived to come work in Kansas City for a year.

"My hero!"

Garvald smiles and is happy to be her hero and basks in her occasional warmth and support. mi He momentarily feels that this will be a great week will be great!....


"I know you are going to really stretch this "hero" thing, aren’t swell your head"
His ego is deflated and he goes to sleep with lowered reality check and no dreams of fantasy.

Muffy rolls her eyes,
“You are no Walter Mitty!”


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