The Second Dream

This magical soul mate would often haunt his conscious and his subconscious. She would enter into his magical world of dreams where he was often more in control of his own life and happiness.

This world was often by the beach . Most of the time, he was in his early twenties, just out of college and free from the worries that his real world has now.

"Is this the story that goes into your ex/scwhagmaiden?"

"How dare you answer a question with a question!"
Garvald replies in his grumpy middle aged teacher mode.

"Ha! Ha!"
the Bohemian audience responds with canned laughter!
but they are too lazy to look up the word!

"What does "bohemian" mean?"

Garvald hands her the dictionary and she walks off in disgust to go have the cigarette!

"I got too many problems to go look up the word. I am a mother and don't have time to go look up words like a little girl in school!"
she says defensively.

Garvald has quite the imagination to create such characters or are they real???

He remembers as much of the dream as he can trying to decipher her words that her entity spoke to him before the interuption would let her finish...
She was so beautiful and calm but still very angry...
she had accepted her tarnished views of what she thought was her hero and saviour from another life..
the Civil War? (she had wondered if his back problems were from being shot in the back while trying to escape the rebel prison of death and disease)

Garvald had been waiting for the chance to speak to her throughout this garbled dream of a community that was often by the beach...
from what he could remember, she was sitting on the grass like they were at shwagstock listening to the music that wafted through the forest...
she was aware of him but would not look him in the eyes...
He could feel her power and knowledge almost as if her real energy force was trying to communicate to him....
He tried to go back to sleep to talk to her but she was gone...


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