Platonic post is funny!

While I am on this sabbatical/midlife crisis, I am enjoying the search for knowledge for the subject of love. I enjoy meeting my readers occasionally and think about if it was a mistake to bare my soul about love, vulnerabilities, career, organization of my life, embarrassment about mistakes that I continue to make. Right now it's Tuesday morning and it might as well be Sunday as the days drift by with self imposed guilt of not working. Is it me or society that puts this guilt when we don't work or doing something that is not continuing to make us grow as people? I've had a few hits (I sometimes censor myelf over society's views of shwag, especially by the fact that I'm honest to tell you that I'm a teacher and enjoy this sometimes magical herb) and so I'm in a sort of melancholic
relaxed creative state...Sometimes, I feel the magic too and then love to share the words like they are music....but then I censor myself as to how, I will communicate with you when Muffy might say it's bullshit or when Bubba says I'm crazy.... I hope sometime that past loves will read this and at least be able to laugh with me or at me...:(

This site is at the moment free (earning no $_), but If I want to be serious about this endeavor, I need to start looking for magazines, TV shows, reality shows, newspapers, and publishers, (wow!, now they are having drug tests with students, and anyone coaching with athletes. This is the Yukon schools. They are infringing on peoples' lives more and more. Under the guise of the patriots and this scary moral conservatism is invading our society like the Spanish Inquisition!)

I am going to post this now even though, I will continue to edit this little editorial, just to keep readers looking back to various essays that I have written. If there are grammar mistakes, feel free to correct me and I will do my best to not become defensive :).

I disagree with Joe's philosophy. If one approaches the "platonic" up front about their friendship, he/she will be at a much stronger position of strength.
Women are another species, but there is always something that they want from you, even if it is someone to listen to them. The fact that they enjoy your intelligence or your view from a male perspective, gives you the knowledge that they want something that makes you desirable. She will want to know how a man thinks when her male lover jilts her, rejects her, puts her down, etc. so that she will call you at 12:30 am when you are in deep rems (rapid eye movement while sleeping deeply). She will have you to cry on your shoulder and get some free therapy. If you help her realize that
that you are helping her, she should be grateful and at least buy you breakfast especially if she is earning more than you.
I know that I will get a lot of ire from angry women but that is the fuel for my website just as Bubbas are. I love the controversy as long I don't get physical harm or castration... probably stay anonymous! I worry about some folks reading this site especially Dad , my older brother, and ex principals that were power hungry and use the Karl Rove principal of political smears!

I do agree with this part of his philosophy as I have recently dicovered confirmation of this theory:

"They are obligated to pass on their knowledge to the Psychological Warfare Division of the Sisterhood to Destroy All Men."

Here is a cut and paste from

Do's and Don'ts of Cultivating and Maintaining a Platonic Friendship with a Woman You Would Otherwise Want To Have a Relationship With and Quite Possibly Marry.
DO play and replay scenarios in your mind where you come out and declare your true feelings to her, whereupon you proceed directly to frenzied yet sensitive, passionate, and completely fulfilling love-making.
DO NOT actually attempt this.

DO rehearse elaborate and impassioned declarations of your love
DO NOT ever let anyone hear you doing this.
DO NOT ever actually give her the speech. (Instead, drop little, enigmatic, self-deprecating hints to her, and then agonize over why she does not pick up on them.)

DO listen to all her problems with men:
No matter how many times you have heard her make these same mistakes (with other men), DO NOT get so entranced by her soft, full lips that you lean forward and kiss her. (Fantasize about it instead.)
DO feel the knife twisting and your insides tearing up as you listen to this
DO develop a gnawing enviousness that grows into an insane jealousy

DO commiserate with your close guy friends. See who can come up with the most heinously painful story about "The Treatment." Shudder in unison.

DO NOT confide in any of your female friends, because:
They won't understand.
They've done it themselves. In fact, they enjoy doing it.
They'll think you are talking about them.
They are obligated to pass on their knowledge to the Psychological Warfare Division of the Sisterhood to Destroy All Men.

DO get drunk and maudlin about her
DO NOT get drunk and confront her

If you do reveal your true feelings to her while drunk or in an otherwise abnormal or altered state of mind (incl. unwarranted happiness, ridiculously deep depression, brain fever, etc.), DO deny and disavow all statements the next day.
DO say how it would be such a big mistake if you were to get together with her.
DO joke about it afterwards.
DO NOT cry, break down, and admit that you have been carrying a torch for her for ___ weeks/months/years/aeons.
DO NOT consciously avoid her for the next two weeks (avoid her unconsciously).

DO curse yourself for being a miserable, spineless, pathetic, emotionally-stunted fool.
DO promise that you will change, that things will be different.
DO NOT actually change.

DO agonize about whether to sign letters to her "love" or "your friend"
DO NOT pretend you are kissing her when you lick the envelope.

DO vacillate between fearing that she will discover how you feel about her and hoping that she does.
DO seek out opportunities to hug, air/cheek kiss, and give/receive back rubs
DO NOT let things get out of hand (if this should happen, apologize profusely and disavow everything)

DO become trapped in a shallow, meaningless, lifeless relationship.
DO NOT actually seek out a secure, quality, lasting relationship, as this would interfere with your fantasizing about her
DO complain bitterly about this awful relationship to all your friends and to her.
DO create a web page that is vague enough to be relevant to the masses, yet specific enough so that the one, special platonic friend you've been carrying a torch for reads it, comes to her senses, and fulfills Fantasy #4
To add your comments, mail to

Do Not Overfeed Your New Platonic Friend
How Can They Do It? Reasons given by women on why they destroy men.
It can't be her fault. It must be my fault.
To be or not to be...that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to start over or just admit ignorance....
You are a sexist, misogynist pig. I'm checking your home page to see if you rate "babes," too.


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