"You have to be the biggest waste of oxygen around. Do the world a favor and take your ass back to Australia. You keep threating to go so go. Maybe they don't want you around either."

I enjoyed a really beautiful day other than leaving an angry emotionally disturbed neighbor screaming cuss words at me because I chose not to listen to him. I enjoyed sleeping till noon and decided to get out and enjoy the sun. The neighbor's dog started barking and the social chairman doing his rounds of visiting the local neighbors a few houses down started screaming epithets towards me for the benefit of the whole street.

Some people just enjoy war and want to go fight. I don't enjoy war or confrontation. When I have the benefit of having an assistant in the classroom and a student becomes verbally ballistic, I just tell the assistant that I'm getting a cup of coffee so as not to give the angry child any attention or positive reinforcement for his uncontrolled temper tantrum.

When I have the benefit of a good administration, the child will remain in time out until he has calmed down and can write 10 good senences about why he is so angry and what is the appropriate behavior for when he loses control of his emotions.

By the way, what does "threating" mean?


  1. I haven't been to this site in some time because frankly I don't care to. I was surprised to see how many times you've mention the chairman. Do you stand up and say these things to his face. I don't think so. You are no measure of a man. All of your problems are self generated. You're a common thief. Keeping things (TV and DVD player) that don't belong to you is stealing. You can't justify it by saying it's return for the tenant paying leaving a bill. That's illegal. You are not allowed by law to do that.

    I'd advise you to leave the chairman out of the mindless dribble you post on this site. You're making it personal and that's not smart.


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