My puter is almost as slow as the rednecks at Hudstoned

I am so happy that gentlemen (I use the term "liberal-ly")such as Virgil (Have you read Virgil's "Aneid" about all the angry Greeks that caused a lot of violence? a few thousand years before people knew that rednecks would evolve!)

I am so excited about getting access to a puter that works in the library. It is almost as frustrating as getting good service in a Rebublican bar. (I'll get into being banned for (not!)talking about politics. I was good enough to avoid the word and then got banned because I offered to spell the word "utopia" for the bartender.
The bandana redneck and his wife on the perpendicular corner were screaming at me to not "belittle" him and to "get the fuck out of the bar!". I wasn't doing that. My teacher mode kicks in sometimes on my sabbatical)...

I need to publish this just in case you might be close to your laptop Virg...(I think that you were one of those closet nerds in school that pretended that you didn't get good grades, because you were writing so well until so started getting angry and violent in your writing!)

let me cut and paste your inspiring comment:


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