Is Laura Bush a killer?

If you are you going to get personal, refrain from cussing.
I know that Ill probably get on the Bublican hit list for printing this on my site.
Isnt this the tactics that George likes to use in his campaign?

Laura Welch Bush, driving east on Farm Road 868, was approaching the only highway in town on a clear night with a bright moon. She lived only a couple of miles away and had been through this particular intersection hundreds of times in the years her family had lived in Midland, Texas. On her left Laura Bush could see her boyfriend’s car approaching the intersection for the entire time he turned off of Solomon Lane, where he lived, and onto the highway. She knew it was her boyfriend’s car driving south, because of the unique headlight configuration of his 1962 Corvair Sedan. Laura Bush knew her boyfriend, she knew his home, and she knew his car--the headlights are low slung and a full 9-inches narrower than any other car on the road. The entire profile of the car is small and easy to distinguish anytime, day or night.

Michael Dutton Douglas, 17, had driven only half a mile before America’s Black Widow of the Night deliberately ran the stop sign at high speed, striking the small car with such ferocity that her boyfriend was ejected from the car and into the dirt. Laura Bush, “America’s First Murderess of the Land,” had literally ripped a hole in her boyfriend’s neck. Michael lay there for eight minutes staring at Laura and her once loving arms, while Laura stared back wondering, “Is the head dead yet?” “No child left behind,” unless it is Michael Dutton Douglas gasping in the dirt. To date, there has never been an adjudication of this wanton murder, even though there is no Statute of Limitations on murder. Laura and her girlfriend had conspired to murder Michael Dutton Douglas and been laying-in-wait for his car.


A premeditated, child torture butcher--who perpetrated her act during the commission of two other crimes--should not be permitted unsupervised access to the President of the United States.



Laura Bush has spent a lifetime lying about deliberately murdering her boyfriend with malice aforethought.

Laura’s Litany of Lies #1: Laura Bush for years insisted that she was not driving. No, Laura, we have the police report.

Laura’s Litany of Lies #2: Laura Bush said that it was raining and slick. No, Laura, the weather was dry and clear. We have the police report.

Laura’s Litany of Lies #3: Laura Bush said that her boyfriend was riding in an open jeep. No, Laura, it was a 1962 Corvair Sedan. We have the police report.

Laura’s Litany of Lies #4: Laura Bush said that Michael Douglas was not her boyfriend. No, Laura, the District Attorney said that Michael Dutton Douglas was your boyfriend when he released the police report!

Laura’s Litany of Lies #5: Laura Bush said that she did not know who her murder victim was until she got to the hospital. Michael Dutton Douglas’ father was following his car and was on the scene seconds after the “accident.” Laura Bush knew her boyfriend, she knew her boyfriend’s car, and she knew his father.

Laura’s Litany of Lies #6: Laura Bush said that she was sorry. While she did stay home from school for several weeks, it certainly hasn’t kept her from any of the class reunions! Was it murdering her boyfriend, or claiming to be sorry, that made her The Perfect Wife?


“Laura Bush thought that she was pregnant by her boyfriend Michael Dutton Douglas. When she told him, instead of agreeing to marry her, Douglas had instead broken up with her.” Perhaps she mulled over murder after reading this article in the local paper

Laura Bush, Midland’s Emissary of Death, had the means, the opportunity, AND the motive!


Dear Justice for Michael:

“What make you so sure it was murder?”


Dear Wondering:

When you are speeding and run a stop sign and someone in the other car is killed, that is an accident. When you are speeding and run a stop sign and that someone the other car is your boyfriend that is killed, that is not an accident. It is murder!

Dear Justice for Michael:

“Reader’s Digest (January 2004, pages 166-167) said that "Michael Douglas was only a good friend of Laura's, or ‘a boy in her crowd.’"


Dear Confused:

The District Attorney of Midland, Texas, at the time he released the police report, said Michael Douglas was Laura’s BOYFRIEND. He did not say, "A boy in her crowd."

And how about this revealing line from the spin doctors at Reader’s Digest, “Perhaps the local authorities regarded the whole episode the way Laura described it to me, as 'a tragic accident.'" Note that telling choice of the word “Perhaps.” They even hyphenated it, so it ran from one line to the next: Per – haps.

Dear Justice for Michael:

“The Republicans are always insisting that they are the “Rule Of Law Party,” yet I haven’t heard about the law being applied in this case. Also, they claim to be the “Right to Life Party,” yet nobody seems to care about Laura taking the life of her boyfriend.

Just Asking

Dear Just Asking:

Republicans even say, “No child should be left behind,” unless of course it is Michael Dutton Douglas twitching in the dirt.

As for the Republican Party’s claim to be the “Right to Life Party,” Michael Dutton Douglas would only have had such a “Right,” if he had been a fetus!

The Republicans only care about the Rule of Law when it involves a Presidential cum stain. Republicans care nothing about the Rule of Law when it comes to a child’s blood stain. After all, what is a Republican, but a traitorous, cock-obsessed psychopath, specializing in being an apologist for their favorite child torture butcher, Laura “Threat to National Security” Bush. If George and Laura aren’t murdering children, they simply are not happy!


Midland Reporter Telegram

1963 articles


Michael D. Douglas, 17-year old Lee high School senior, was killed almost instantly Wednesday night when the automobile in which he was riding alone collided with another vehicle at the intersection of State Highway 349 and Farm Road 868.

The youth, described as one of the most popular students in his high school, was declared dead on arrival at Midland Memorial Hospital shortly after 8 p.m. Police said death was attributed to a broken neck.

Ninth 1963 Fatality
He became Midland’s ninth traffic fatality of the year---the city’s deadliest year for traffic death---and the second death this year at the same intersection.

Police said the Douglas youth, who lived on Solomon Lane with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Douglas, was headed south on State Highway 349, when the collision occurred.

The driver of the second car was identified as Laura Lane Welch, 17, of 2500 Humble Street, who suffered minor injuries along with a passenger in her car, Judy Dykes, 17, of 2409 Neely Street.

Both girls were released after treatment at Midland Memorial Hospital.

Funeral services for the youth will be held at 9:30 a.m., Saturday in St. Mark’s Methodist Church, with the Rev. O. A. McBrayer, pastor, officiating. The Rev. J. B. Sharp, pastor of the Aldersgate Methodist Church of Abilene and former pastor of St. Mark’s, will assist.

Internment will be Saturday afternoon in Memorial Park Cemetery in Austin, with the Newnie W. Ellis Chapel in charge of arrangements.

A native of Corpus Christi, the Douglas youth had moved to Midland in 1950 from San Benito, where the family had lived five years.

In his junior year at Lee, he was nominated for most popular boy. He was active in track and was presented with a sportsmanship trophy during the recent football game between San Angelo High School and Lee.

Survivors, in addition to the parents, are a sister, Mrs. J. W. Sims of Midland; a nice, Mindy Michelle Sims of Midland; a grandmother, Mrs. Myrtle Douglas of Shawnee, Oklahoma, and several aunts and uncles.

Midland Reporter Telegram, Friday, 8 November 1963, p. 3B


Funeral services will be held at 9:30 a.m. Saturday in St. Mark’s Methodist Church for Michael D. Douglas, 17, who was killed here Wednesday night in an automobile accident.

The Rev. O.A. McBrayer, pastor, will officiate. He will be assisted by the Rev. J.B. Sharp, pastor of the Aldersgate Methodist Church at Abilene. Interment is scheduled at 5 p.m. Saturday in Memorial Park Cemetery at Austin, under the direction of Newnie W. Ellis Chapel of Midland.

Survivors include the parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Douglas, a sister, a niece, a grandmother, and several aunts and uncles.

Pallbearers will be Mike Jones, Jackie Hanks, Kim Hammond, Dwayne Casbeer, Ben (Purty) Franklin, Harold Nelley, Mike Procor, John Tom Williams, Bill Shands, Bill Wood and Jimmy Olds.

Honorary pallbearers will be members of the Rebel Brigade, the Lee High School football and track teams, Benjamin Franklin, Albert S. Kelley, Charles R. Ervin, Clifford Baker, Don Stacy, Sam Volpe, G.P. Mueller, C.K. Word, L.H. Humphrey, Bill Wood, Charles Arnold and Bill Shepherd.

The family requests memoriam be directed to the Michael D. Douglas Memorial Fund for the Lee Rebel Brigade and the Lee Youth Center.


Will The Liberal Press Ever Get Over The Fact That Laura
"Ran A Stop Sign, Inadvertently Killing A Friend"?

..."This carefully managed image of Laura Bush begins with a core, undisputed narrative, related in nearly every media profile by the same set of family friends and White House insiders. The daughter of a homemaker and a homebuilder, Laura hails from "unpretentious folks" in Midland, Texas, where children ran in the street until twilight, when they returned home to unlocked doors. Laura's was a storybook upbringing marred only, as all have breathlessly reported, by an eerie brush with death not long after her seventeenth birthday. (She ran a stop sign, inadvertently killing a friend.) [more below] Not long after, Laura left Midland for Southern Methodist University, where she was part of the "cusp" generation whose rebellion went no further than smoking Winstons and wearing peasant blouses. She then spent ten years teaching, earning a graduate degree in library science, and ostensibly not caring if she married or not." --New Republic, 8/13/01

Note: I wonder why they failed to mention the "friend" was her fiance?

Questions Still Surround Laura Bush's Midland Tragedy
from The Dallas Morning Whore, May 4, 2000

"Report Finds Fatal Crash Attributable to Mrs. Bush"

"The wife of Gov. George W. Bush was responsible for a traffic accident that killed a high school classmate in
Midland 37 years ago, according to a newly released accident report. Investigators said a 1963 Chevrolet driven
by Mrs. Bush - then Laura Welch, a high school senior - ran a stop sign and struck a Chevrolet Corvair driven by
Michael Douglas. Copies of the accident report - parts of which are illegible - were released Wednesday by
Midland City Attorney Keith Stretcher after state Attorney General John Cornyn held that the information
was public....Mr. Stretcher, the Midland city attorney, initially declined to release any information about the
accident on the grounds that it involved minors and therefore was exempt from disclosure under the Texas
Public Information Act. He also contended that disclosing the information would violate the parties' privacy rights.
Police listed two violations as contributing to the accident, both by Mrs. Bush. One checked box read
"disregard stop sign or light," and the other was illegible....Both drivers were Robert E. Lee High School students.
Neither was drinking, and no citations were issued, according to the report." (more from DMN)

Note: I'm not eager to see Pickles in prison, but "no citation was issued?"
She ran a stop sign and caused the death of her fiance and no citation was issued?
If you back into a car doing 5 MPH in a parking lot, you get cited for it.
Perhaps the police looked into her soul and saw she was guilt free?

GLOBE, August 8, 2000

"Bush's Wife Still Haunted by Death Crash Nightmare"

Presently available on newsstands, this story reviews material found in the DMN story documented above and an
AP story on the same day, as well as a relevant interchange from a Barbara Wolters interview with Laura Bush
on 20/20 the next day. A partial copy of the original Midland police report is included, along with photographs
of the crash scene. Judy Dykes, a friend of Laura Bush who was in the passanger's seat at the time of the accident,
was unnamed in the DMN story, but told the DMN reporter, "[The story] is not worth digging into. It was an accident, a horrible, horrible accident years ago, and it has no relevance." The GLOBE appears to believe relevance may possibly
be found in its reporting of comments made by two unnamed members of Texas' law enforcement community.
One wondered why no ticket was issued by the Midland police.
The other wondered why no grand jury was convened by the City or County of Midland. --Politex, 8/7/00

One damn sure does.

Almost all of this story came from

And we can't let this go without mentioning the certain media frenzy,
if this had been Hillary who killed her first fiancΓ©.

Barbara Olson would have a best seller on it.
Ann Coulter would have a best seller on it.
Peggy Noonan would have a best seller on it.
Laura Ingraham would have a best seller on it.
Laura Schlessinger would have a best seller on it.
David Limbaugh would have a best seller on it.
Christopher Hitchens would have a best seller on it.
Dick Morris would have a best seller on it.
Bob Woodward would have a best seller on it.
Christopher Ruddy would have a best seller on it.
Ben Stein would have a best seller on it.
Gail Sheehy would have a best seller on it
Neal Boortz would have a best seller on it.
David P. Schippers would have a best seller on it.
David Maraniss would have a best seller on it.
Mike Barnacle would claim he was in the car with Hillary.
Joe Klein would write a best seller on it, but swear he didn't
Judas Stephanopolous Maximus would have a best seller on it.
Joe Eszterhas would fabricate quotes from Hillary's vagina.
Michael Isikoff would swear the conversation was "off the record"
but then turn around and print every word (plus some he made up.)
Kenneth Starr would write an impeachment referral over it.
Susan McDougal would still have to do time in prison,
and Julie Hiatt Steele would still lose her house.

The vulgar Pigboy would pound on her 15 hours a week until 2009.
O'Reilly would pound on Hillary for months and years.
Hannity would pound on Hillary for months and years.
(and Colmes would remain silent while he did...)
Paula Zahn would pound on Hillary for months and years.
Brit Hume would have weekly "Special reports" called "Accident? You Decide!"
Juan Willaims and Mara Liason would agree Hillary belongs in prison.

CNN would create a spin off network to cover it 24/7.
Tim the Whore would mention it every Sunday until he died.
Chris the Screamer would pound on Hillary for months and years,
but no guest would ever get to answer any questions about it.
Cokie Roberts would mention it every week, then giggle.
Henry “Home wrecker” Hyde would scream, "The flag is falling."

Richard Mellon Scaife would pay David Brock $80,000 to talk to the cops who were
paid $80,000 to say "We thought we smelled liquor, but everyone in Arkansas
knows there'd be hell to pay if we wrote this up as a drunk driving accident."
The American Spectator would then run a front page story on it, and somehow Paula Jones would run into the spotlight screaming, "Hillary was trying to kill me--and missed," then the whore mainstream media would've made Paula a star on this story instead of the other one. Then every night, Larry King and his "panel of experts" would search for the connection between Hillary's accident and Clinton's cock--as he always does, but since it was Bush's wife, Karl Rove gave orders not to bring it up.


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Is this the reason Laura has this glazed over Stepford Wife look whenever she's in interviews??


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