I/2 truths or should I say ignorant shrinks in glass houses

"Your neighbor isn't the one who wrote to you earlier. It sure seems you have issues. I'm just someone who happens on to your (website?) once in a while. You need to take a step back and not be so paranoid. No wonder you have issues."

Dear cowardly man or woman,
Thank you for telling me what I already know. Your syntax actually reminds me of my neighbor when she wrote a nasty comment. If you are not actually the neigbor, I am sorry for suggesting it when it is obvious from the comments that you are. If you are not why not at least tell me a little about yourself before your throw stones and try your best at being at an amateur shrink.

But thankyou for writing and if and when you gain the courage to tell me who you are (private email), I will send you a copy of this book with your sophomoric comments including the one where your friend blew his gasket! I certainly hope that you were telling me not to say chairman unless you might be his wife. She has already slung mud at me but gets upset if her dress gets mud on it too in the process.

I am really tired of all the ignorance and hatred with the folks down here. I'm sure you will be happy when I finally take off to Australia, contrary to your opinion, I have had the best time of my life with the happy people of OZ that are not materialistic and have no life other than get very fat and bitchy.
But please, you appear to be the type of person that enjoys inflicting their high moral judgement on others as long as you don't become angry with the replies.


  1. Hey freakshow, I don't care if you believe me or not. What book is it you're going to send? You really are from another world if you think anyone would publish you.

  2. The funny part about this obnoxious drivel that you spew across this site is how many times you mention the various people that would like to kick your ass. I would say there is approximately 30 to 40 percent of your postings mention a situation that you had gotten yourself into that cause people to react to you in a violent manner. My personal favorite is the point you make about being a pacifist. It seems to me that a pacifist wouldn’t provoke people as you are always doing, then stand back with some sort of indignation and proclaim to be nonphysical. Why can’t you just keep your opinion to yourself, especially when no one is interested in your political views and public bashing of all things conservative? There is no one side to any philosophical position and everyone is protected by the constitution to be allowed the freedom to express ones self. Whereas you are prone to stuff your far left wing political agenda down peoples throats to the point of physical violence against your person. You come into a heavily conservative setting and start fouling the air with your left wing liberal garbage when no one wants to hear it. What is it; do you actually think you are going to sway the public to vote Democratic? Hell, even if I was a Democrat I would be prone to tell you to shut the fuck up already. Why don’t you leave your political ramblings to this website instead of the left wing zealot that you portray in public, and leave people alone that don’t agree with your philosophy? Sooner or later someone is going to catch you unaware, such as in the men’s room or putting the key in your car to go home and put a serious hurt on you. I believe you would find the world a much friendlier place were you to heed this very good advice. But then again, maybe not.


  3. Dear Freakshow watcher,
    It is folks like yourself, Bubba, Martin, Niles, Bubbannette, etc that keep this dribble (?) alive!
    I am happy that my writing was inspiring enough for you to write and eventually draw threats of violence.
    Which of you blokes is Virgil. The name sounds familiar and because I am forgetful of names, you might have responded to me while you were doing your best to show your redneck strength when I might have shook your hand.
    Your friend, Martin, was not as brave as you to finally know the true source of what I always suspected.

    Let me know your last name so that I may post a court order in regards to several of me cornering me in a restroom or keying the car.

    If you are under 30 you still have time to enlist in the war. If your bubba gets reelected, the war will be going for years so you will have the chance to kill innocent people on the other side of the world and you won't have to go to jail for killing people.

    The fact that you have finally resorted to violence with your threats shows the rest of the cyberspace world how violent some of you underinformed Repukes are!

    Have a nice day and please think of peace as a choice.
    Your anger only breeds cancer in yourself and others.
    I am sorry that you have so many issues. Therapy and writing will help you get over your anger.


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